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Ad specials

Ad specials are special forms of advertising in print media contrasting with normal, printed ads in one way or another and thus attracting more attention.

Here you will find a selection of special ads which can be placed in c't magazine.
Should you have other ideas, special wishes, or questions, do not hesitate to contact our media consultant !

  • Inserts

    • Loosely enclosed printed matters
    • Inserted into the entire circulation, the subscription circulation, or the retail circulation by postal code or Nielsen area.
    • Minimum quantity 20,000 copies
    • Maximum size 195 mm x 280 mm (W x H)
    • Minimum size 95 mm x 148 mm (W x H)
    • Paper weight 1 sheet at least 135g/m2
    • 109 Euro per 1000 up to 25g / 10% extra charge for partial allocation
    • Other weights/rates on demand
  • Supplements

    • Firmly enclosed printed matters/samples (CDs, booklets)
    • Partial allocation by Nielsen areas or postal codes possible
    • Minimum quantity 20,000 copies
    • Provision: folded (multi-page), 4 mm top bleed, 4 mm inner bleed, 3 mm outer bleed and 3 mm bottom bleed
    • Maximum size 210 mm x 297 mm (W x H)
    • Minimum size 140 mm x 140 mm (W x H)
    • Paper weight 1 sheet at least 150g/m2
    Supplement versions
    • 2 pages 52 Euro per 1000 / 4 pages 95 Euro per 1000
    • More than 4 pages on demand / 10% extra charge for partial allocation
  • Stickers

    • Possible only in connection with a 1/1-page advertisement
    • Partial allocation by subscription circulation or retail circulation possible
    • Position: Outer/inner edge at least 25 mm, top/bottom edge at least 15 mm, glued towards the inner edge
    • Maximum size 180 mm x 250 mm (W x H)
    • Minimum size 60 mm x 80 mm (W x H)
    • Paper weight 1 sheet at least 150g/m2
    • Post cards or reply cards 52 Euro per 1000
    • More versions on demand
  • Cover page versions

    • French door
    • Gate folder/back folder
    • Sleeve
    • Envelope/foil
    • Address label
    Cover page versions

    Please note that the rates may vary. Do not hesitate to ask your media consultant for further information.