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Cover page versions

Here, you will find a summary of all possible cover page versions and the corresponding rates. We would be pleased to produce your advertising material.
Should you require more detailed information on the precise specifications and costs, do not hesitate to contact us.

Please, click on the desired supplement version for more detailed information.

  • Frenchdoor


    The French door is a supplement which allows unfolding one half page to the left and one to the right.

    Thus, a double-page format is formed. This double gate fold is fixed by point gluing or perforation.

    Rate: 55,000 Euros incl. front or back inside cover and production

  • Gatefolder/Backfolder


    The gatefolder is an advertisement which can be folded once or several times to the left (front cover) or to the right (back cover). Foldout pages inside the magazine can be realised as well. The gatefolder can be unfolded once, the rolling gate several times (letterfold).

    Rate: 56,000 Euros, 3 pages, incl. production, more pages on request

  • Belly Band

    Belly Band

    The belly band envelops the magazine and is fixed to the back cover by point gluing. The reader can open the magazine only after having removed the belly band. This form of advertising can be booked only for the subscription circulation.

    Rate: 89,000 Euros, incl. production

  • Envelope/foil


    c’t magazine is shrink-wrapped into a printed foil and delivered to the subscribers. The printed ad can

    cover three quarters of the foil. Only the header including the logo must be clearly visible. Please note:

    This form of advertising can be booked only for the subscription circulation.

    Rate: 93,000 Euros, incl. production

  • Cover flap

    Cover flap

    You present your advertising message on the cover flap. Flap ad space front 3/4, back space 1/1

    Rate: 44,000 Euros, incl. production