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Here, you will find information on the hardware department, which shows which subjects take centre stage. Moreover, you will find the editors summarized including their respective main focuses.

The team

    • Christof Windeck
    • Head of Department
      Topics: Complete PCs, processors, storage, multi-processor, data centers, server

    • ciw@ct.de
    • Ernst Ahlers
    • Topics: Networks, WLAN, wireless network, router, power supply, power supply packs, ethernet

    • ea@ct.de
    • Tim Gerber
    • Topics: Printers, law, electrical engineering, arduiono, 3D printing

    • tig@ct.de
    • Christian Hirsch
    • Topics: Cooler, casing, mainboards, complete PCs, Windows drivers, processors

    • chh@ct.de
    • Ulrike Kuhlmann
    • Senior Editor
      Topics: c't website, display techniques: TVs video glasses, 3D

    • uk@ct.de
    • Benjamin Kraft
    • Topics: Complete PCs, apple and iMacs, Mac Pro, monitors

    • bkr@ct.de
    • Lutz Labs
    • Topics: mass storage: hard disks, SSDs, USB sticks, storage

    • ll@ct.de
    • Florian Müssig
    • Topics: notebooks

    • mue@ct.de
    • Rudolf Opitz
    • Topics: Printer, scanner

    • rop@ct.de
    • Andreas Stiller
    • Senior Editor
      Topics: Design, processors, hardware-specific programming, super computer

    • as@ct.de
    • Dusan Zivadinovic
    • Senior Editor
      Topics: ISDN, mobile service, wireless, router, LTE, UMTS, mail-server

    • dz@ct.de