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Internet & Mobile

Here, you will find information on the internet and mobile department and learn which subjects take centre stage. Moreover, you will find the editors summarized including their respective main focuses.

The team

    • Jörg Wirtgen
    • Head of Department

      Topics: Mobile devices,

      Android programming,

      colour profiles

    • jow@ct.de
    • Hannes A. Czerulla
    • Topics: Smartphones, rooting, mobile gaming

    • hcz@ct.de
    • Hartmut Gieselmann
    • Topics: Games, music themes

    • hag@ct.de
    • Sven Hansen
    • Topics: DAB-T, DAB, IPTV,
      music systems, Smart Home

    • sha@ct.de
    • Ulrich Hilgefort
    • Topics: Video, video editing,

    • uh@ct.de
    • Jan-Keno Jansen
    • Senior Editor
      Topics: VR, AR, Gadgets,
      mobile Payment

    • jkj@ct.de
    • Michael Link
    • Topics: navigation,

    • mil@ct.de
    • Urs Mansmann
    • Topics: DSL, internet tariffs, data protection, Instant Messaging,
      Internet per TV cable, mobile

    • uma@ct.de
    • Stephan Portek
    • Topics: Android, drones,

    • spo@ct.de
    • Alexander Spier
    • Topics: Tablet, smartphone, Android, Android Apps,

    • asp@ct.de