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Print is effective

3x3 good reasons for print

1. Print works intensely
Namely twice. How often is promotion viewed?
TV spot: 1x | Radio spot: 1x | Banner: 1x | Advertisement: 1.8x
And print is durable. On average, magazines are being read for 90 minutes. This is equivalent to watching a film.
They are always at hand. And digital: 2/3 of all users read magazines on their iPads.

2. Print works precisely
Print clicks. Advertisements take one out of three persons onto the internet.
And everybody does it. 94% of all Germans read magazines.
Because they have found their periodicals.

3. Print works enduringly
On average, an ad is remembered by 1/4 of all Germans.
For a one year period.
Only 3 contacts are required to make ads stay in mind.

Please, download the entire “3x3 good reasons“ presentation here.

Source: www.print-wirkt.de