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Software & Media

Here, you will find information on the software and media department, which shows which subjects take centre stage. Moreover, you will find the editors summarized including their respective main focuses.

The team

    • Dorothee Wiegand
    • Head of Department
      Topics: Language recognition, translation, language edition, children software

    • dwi@ct.de
    • Holger Bleich
    • Topics: webhosting, mail programms, internet software, politic, law

    • hob@ct.de
    • Jo Bager
    • Topics: Web, Browser, Social Media

    • jo@ct.de
    • Dieter Brors
    • Topics: Office packages,
      PDF, VBA, Word processing, spreadsheet calculation

    • db@ct.de
    • André Kramer
    • Topics: apps for Android and iOS

    • akr@ct.de
    • Lea Lang
    • Topics: Browser-Apps,
      social networks, CMS

    • lel@ct.de
    • Anke Poimann
    • Topics: Web-Apps, Outlook, language software

    • apoi@ct.de
    • Martin Reche
    • Topics: DTP software, music production, 3D printer software, music apps, topics for kids

    • mre@ct.de
    • Peter Schmitz
    • Topics: Legal issues,

      computer games, books

    • psz@ct.de
    • Dr. Hans-Peter Schüler
    • Topics: Geographical data, commercial software

    • hps@ct.de