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Special Issue on webdesign

Despite Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest, the operation of one's own website is still an attractive option. One has full control over contents, can run riot with the layout and the presentation of contents and change the hosting service at any time.

The operation of a website is as easy as never before due to content-management and modular homepage systems. However, only those appearing at the very front of Google get more visitors - and new customers. Even simple optimisation measures improve the ranking of a website. Those controlling the basics shine over the competition. c't Webdesign explains what really matters in terms of search engines optimisation, why a responsive design plays an important role and what makes visitors happy; e.g. fast loading times, well formatted content and HTTPS-encrypted connections.

With c't Webdesign, site operators receive the necessary expertise to bring a website online quickly and operate it successfully in the long run. A praxis guide also explains the step-by-step optimisation of a website for Google and Facebook.

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