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Supplement versions

Here, you will find a summary of all possible supplement versions and the corresponding rates. We would be pleased to produce your advertising material. Should you require more detailed information on the precise specifications and costs, do not hesitate to contact us.

Please, click on the desired supplement version for more detailed information.

  • Double gate fold supplement

    Double gate fold supplement

    Double gate fold supplement
    The double gate fold supplement is a double page supplement which can be unfolded to the left and to the right to show two more pages. More complex foldout options can be realized as well.

    Rate: 194 Euro per 1000, 8 pages

  • Sealed supplement

    Sealed supplement

    The sealed supplement is a 4-page supplement sealed up at the outer edge which can be opened by the reader.

    Rate: 113 Euro per 1000, 4 pages

  • Stepped supplement

    Stepped supplement

    The stepped supplement is a multi-page supplement having stepped page formats.

    Rate: 197 Euros per 1000, 8 pages

  • Poster supplement

    Poster supplement

    The folded poster can be presented in the form of a supplement, an insert or a sticker.

    Rate: 207 Euro per 1000, 8 pages

  • Letterfold supplements

    Letterfold supplements

    The pages/sheets of a letterfold supplement are folded inwardly. It is made up of at least six pages.

    Rate: 193 Euro per 1000, 8 pages