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Space close Nov 11, 2018

There are plenty of choices for PC screwdrivers: AMD's Vega graphics cards compete with Nvidia's GeForce RTX 2000s, AMD's Ryzen CPUs battle Intel's Core i. Based on our four proposals you can build attractive all-rounder, awesome gaming PCs and potent professional machines.

The c't editors give tips, so that on Christmas Eve the appropriate technology lies under the nerd tree. From a small-bag craft kit to a high-end ceiling light, we've put together tips for every donator's-budget, all handpicked and approved.

Inkjet printers with large tanks or cartridges with long range are a bit more expensive - but multiple printers save on ink costs afterwards. Some devices produce high-quality photos on paper; for the office, there is an alternative to black-and-white laser printers in the form of a device that uses only black ink.

Trend profession "Influencer": Time and again one reads about bloggers, instagrammers and podcasters who live well from their activities. However, the amount of strategy and energy required for success - and the fact that legal tightrope acts are often necessary - is often concealed.

Forced apps are a nuisance: They create clutter, slow down the smartphone and transfer data to the network, even though they are not used at all. In many cases, one gets rid of the ballast in a few simple steps - even if Android thinks that it can not be uninstalled.

Space close Dec 04, 2018

Virtual PCs from the cloud for private users. From Amazon to Microsoft. We dive into the new generation and draw a first balance sheet.

If you don't want to disclose your notebook's data to the public in case of loss, you encrypt the SSD. This is especially easy with Microsoft's Bitlocker. If Bitlocker encounters an OPAL-SSD, it takes over the encryption, the processor doesn't have to worry about it anymore. We test current OPAL-SSDs and give tips for their integration into Bitlocker.

A big player and his clones. We let well-known names from the world of 3D printing compete against each other and show their strengths and still existing weaknesses.

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CES, Las Vegas
Jan 09-12, 2018 02/18 Dec 14, 2017
embedded world, Nuremberg
Feb 27 - Mar 01, 2018 05/18 Jan 30, 2018
secIT by Heise, Hanover
Mar 06-07, 2018 06/18 Feb 13, 2018
Industrial IT Hannover Messe
April 23-27, 2018 09/18 Mar 26, 2018
Computex, Taipei
June 05-09, 2018 12/18 May 07, 2018
CeBIT, Hanover
June 11-15, 2018 13/18 May 22, 2018
gamescom, Cologne Aug 21-25, 2018
18/18 July 30, 2018
IFA, Berlin
Aug 31 - Sept 05, 2018 19/18 Aug 14. 2018
it-sa, Nuremberg Oct 09-11, 2018 21/18 Sept 11, 2018
electronica, Munich
Nov 13-16, 2018 24/18 Oct 22, 2018

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