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c’t issue 08/19 - issue of Mar 30, 2019

Space close Mar 12, 2019

Mean and cheap: Hacking gadgets

Spying, sabotaging, manipulating: Complex attacks on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, USB & Co. are child's play with hacking gadgets. So they are popular with both good and bad hackers and are available to everyone via the Internet. c't has let the most dangerous equipment in the lab off the leash.

Small servers with Xeon E-2100

Whether from HPE, Lenovo, Supermicro or the local middle class: Finally servers are available for small groups with Intel's new Xeon generation. We examine a cross-section of the new models and their special features such as remote maintenance functions or support for VMware ESXi.

Language Learning Apps

Use the coming months to refresh your language skills before you go on holiday! You can learn English, Spanish or French on the train, in the waiting room and in bed. Some apps only train vocabulary and common phrases, others get a complete language course on your mobile phone.

Five Smart-Home Centres under Test

What do Philips Hue, the Netatmo weather station and a Fibaro socket have in common? No common radio standard, anyway. Smart-Home boxes, which know several protocols, combine the most diverse components into a single intelligent system.

Take off with 5G

The 5G net is in the starting blocks. We report on what the new technology will bring to industry and mobile phone users and whether it is worth waiting for them to buy a smartphone. We also clarify whether 5G increases radiation exposure because it requires more base stations than UMTS and LTE.

c’t issue 09/19 - issue of Apr 13, 2019

Space close Mar 26, 2019

Budget PCs

Hardware prices are falling. Thanks to that you can now buy an off-the-shelf PC with a quad core CPU, solid state disk and Windows 10 pre-installed starting at 400 Euros. We check out you if they can handle more than plain office tasks.

Smart Lighting

They are smart, they look nice and they save energy: intelligent lighting systems give your home a whole new look and are really easy to manage. They also increase your home's security.

From Windows 7 to Linux

In 2020 Microsoft will stop patching Windows 7. If you feel uncomfortable with Windows 10, you should give Linux Mint a chance. Without any risks you can try it out to see if your hardware is fully supported. And if you like what you see you simpley install it beside Windows 7 and move your data to the new system at your own pace.

Programming for Google Assitant

Skills for Alexa and actions for Google Assistant should guide users by a lively dialog that gets to the point quickly. We explain how to achieve this and show you how to develop a complete action for Google Assistant.

Dating Apps

Nowadays almost everybody uses apps that help you find friends or a date. The differences in functionality are already huge. The discrepancies between promise and reality regarding the protection of your privacy can be even bigger.

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CES, Las Vegas
Jan 08-11, 2019 02/19 Dec 17, 2018
c't webdev Feb 06-07, 2019 04/19 Jan 17, 2019
embedded world, Nuremberg
Feb 27-27, 2019 05/19 Jan 31, 2019
secIT by Heise, Hanover
Mar 13-14, 2019 06/19 Feb 14, 2019
Industrial IT Hannover Messe
April 01-05, 2019 08/19 Mar 14, 2019
Computex, Taipei
May 28 - June 01, 2019 12/19 May 09, 2019
gamescom, Cologne Aug 20-24, 2019
18/19 Aug 01, 2019
IFA, Berlin
Sept 06-11, 2019 19/19 Aug 15, 2019
it-sa, Nuremberg Oct 09810, 2019 21/19 Sept 12, 2019