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Topcis in issue 24/17 of Nov 11, 2017

  • Virtual Reality, hassle-free
  • Alternative Desktops for Linux-Universum
  • IT Myths under Scrutiny
  • Graphics Card Buyers Guide
  • Internet - right here and right now
Topics are subject to change

Space close: Oct 10, 2017

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Next Issue: 25/17 on sale 25 Nov, space close on 07 Nov , 2017

The big discount special c't digital deals starts again with issue 25/2017 and sends our readers for Christmas shopping in partner shops.

Space close is on 27 October
On sale: 25 November 2017

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The supplement for your perfect image campaign: Show our readers details about your portfolio, your USP, what your current casestudies are and what characterizes you as an employer.
The special goes with the subscribed circulation of c’t 26/17, iX 12/17 and Technology Review 13/17.

NEW: Space close is on 26 October
On sale: 09 December 2017

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As the only magazine, c’t increases its coverage in the computer press segment


again c't is a the top: the core facts show how - 247,828 sold copies with paid subscriptions and newsstand sales.


New facts about the readers of c't

Take a closer look at the numbers and facts about our Top-readership. c’t is and remains the ultimate medium for your advertisements and promotional inserts among German-language IT magazines.

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54% decision-makers read heise online in any decision-making stage, closely followed by 32% c't readers. Nearly every 5th decider reads iX. This tells the exciting study of Agency Hotwire! Click here for the overview.Flyer

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Quality wins - As the only magazine, c’t increases its coverage in the computer press segment