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Display Ads

name format size (Kb)
Full Banner 468 x 60 px max. 30 Kb
Leaderboard 728 x 90 px max. 40 Kb
Billboard max. 970 x 250 px max. 60 Kb
Skyscraper max. 160 x 600 px max. 40 Kb
Rectangle 300 x 250 px max. 40 Kb
Half Page Ad 300 x 600 px max. 40 Kb
usAd 300 x 250 px (static, no redirect) max. 40 Kb
Maxi Ad 640 x 480 px max. 60 Kb
Featured Product 225 x 70 px max. 40 Kb
Textad 695 x 110 px max. 40 Kb
Textlink max. 50 characters
Video 640 x 360 px (mp4, max. 30 seconds) max. 2 MB

If an advertisement is not SSL-enabled, we can not guarantee delivery on all channels.

Maximum z-index for 3rd party ads: 9.999 (!)

Ads should not be reproduced as endless loops (maximum 2 loops). Maximum animation lenght of 1 loop should be: 15 seconds.

Mailing ad material
Advertising material for banners and redirects must be provided at least three working days before the campaign is launched and at least five working days for Rich media format.

Delivery address for advertising material
E-Mail to ads@heise.de

Rich media and targeting
All commonly used data and Rich Media formats (except for sound) are used at heise online. heise online uses dfp by Google as an ad server. Targeting is based on the time of day, the day of the week, operating system, browser, and "frequency campaign" at no extra charge.