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Expandable Ads

Restrictions for all formats:

  • expanding by rollover or click (not automatic!)
  • close button needed
  • Maximum file size: 40 KB

expandable Leaderboard:

  • max. size: 728x90 - 728x300

expandable Skyscraper:

  • max. size: 160x600 - 420x600

expandable Rectangle:
placement on the right hand of the webpage (examples: Homepage, News, c't):

  • expanding to the left recommended
  • max. size: 336x280 - 600x280

Further formats on request.

In case of delivering swf-files
If you deliver a swf file please be aware of our Tech.Specs for swf-files Furthermore please implement the following in the swf-file:

FSCommand for expanding function
FSCommand "expand" is necessary to expand the ad to the whole size. Please inform us about the size to which it should expand.

on(release) {

FSCommand "collapse"
FSCommand "collapse" is necessary to retract banner back to standard size.

on(rollOut) {

Security note
Since Flash 7 Macromedia has changed their security options. If a flash film starts over JS functions or if external files will be loaded, please release Domain with command "System.security.allowDomain".