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Flash specifications

  • The ad as an SWF file (Flash version 10.1 or lower)
  • NOT supported is Flash 10.2, Flash 11, Flash 12
  • A graphics file as an alternative (gif, jpg, or png),
    with the same dimensions (width x height) as the SWF file, maximum 15 Kb. This file can be provided if no Flash plug-in is available and/or JavaScript is disabled.
  • The URL or the redirect to be used
  • Delivery: 3 working days before campaign starts (5 working days for rich media)


  • Flash movies should not be reproduced as endless loops (maximum 2 loops)
  • maximum animation lenght of both loop should be 20 seconds.


  • No automatic multimedia features such as sound or video streaming (heise online only admits sounds and movies that users have to launch manually)
  • The processor load is an important factor for the implementation of Flash creative and must be considered within the creation process (heise online reserves the right not to implement a creative if the processor load would be too high).

clickTag variable
In order to register the clicks on Flash advertising and list them in the report, the (Flash) action script cannot contain the target URL as a permanent feature!
Rather, heise online's campaign management enters it into the user interface of the ad server. Instead, do not forget to use the "clickTag" variable:

// Action script
on (release)
getURL (clickTag , "_blank")

The "action script" is programmed in a .fla file where the clickable field defined as the "button" is specified.
Remember to use "on(release)" (the target URL is addressed after the user has clicked and released the mouse key). The function "on(press)" can also be used here; after the interactive button has been clicked on, surfers are directly sent to the target URL, and the "clickTag" variable is no longer applicable...
Use "_blank" to make sure that the advertiser's target site opens in a new browser window.
The variable "clickTag" is case-sensitive; in other words, it only works when capitalization is identical within the .SWF file and the ad server script. If the capitalization in the "clickTag" differs, please let us know!

Implementation clickTag Actionscript 3.0:

function(event: MouseEvent): void {
var sURL1: String;
if ((sURL1 = root.loaderInfo.parameters.clickTag)) {
void ExternalInterface.call('open', sURL1, '_blank');}});

Concluding tips
The "clickTag" parameter should only be used to transmit the click tracking information, and NOT to transmit scripts!
If possible, only use fscommands and do not directly call JavaScript functions from Flash.
The customer must insure that the SWF files are completely functional. We recommend that you test the SWF files on various browsers before you send them in.