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If you enter "Apple" into a known international search engine, you will get about 500,000,000
hits. The Californian corporation has evolved into one of the most important motors of the IT
industry and, by this time, it is more valuable at the stock exchange than Google or Microsoft.
No company gets around Apple products.

The editorial staff provides daily news from the Apple world, informs not just about new Mac
models, iPhones, and iPads but also about apps and accessories. The live tickers accompanying
important events are widely admired. Experienced editors classify trends while seeing the bigger
picture. They compare new products and concepts critically to those of other vendors. They
search the vast amount of information and rumours to filter out what is important for Apple users.

Moreover, the forum invites to discuss with other Mac, iPhone and iPad owners; a product database
allows to directly compare the devices' power, features, and prices.

Target group

  • Ambitious amateurs and pros
  • Technology enthusiasts


  • News from the world of Apple
  • Latest products
  • Test reports (individual tests, tests in comparison)
  • Workshops on new software
  • New U2U forum
Price CPM
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Medium Rectangle (300x250) 29,- Euro
Wallpaper (728x90 + 200x600) 45,- Euro
Half Page Ad (300x600) 36,- Euro
Billboard (max. 970x250) 36,- Euro
Sitebar (dynamic) 45,- Euro

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