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Heise homepage for mobile end devices

Around 14 mio. visits*/month:

Channel-Targeting possible on request

  • End device targeting possible
  • According to ACTA, 837,000 people use heise online on a mobile device per month and 368,000 people per week**
  • According to AGOF digital facts the total mobile sites reach including apps 3.89 million unique mobile user/month***
Mobile Options

Prices for the layout of landing pages, lead generation pages and
registration pages as well as mobile microsites and partner zones on demand.

CPMs Mobile Ad 2:1 Mobile Rectangle 300x250 Interstitial 300x250, 320x416 Reveal Ad 300x50 > 300x250
Run of MEW 30 euro 40 euro 55 euro 55 euro
Run of MEW Channel or Keyword Targeting 40 euro 50 euro 65 euro 65 euro
Run of iOS App 40 euro
Run of Android App 40 euro

Format examples: iOS; may be more expensive for retina displays

Further formats on request

*Source: IVW October 2018, mobile Visits completed
**ACTA 2016, NpM/NpW
***AGOF daily digital facts 2018-10 (August - October (mf))