Heise Medien Portal



To implement a programmatic campaign,
please send us the following information:

  • Customer name *: For which customer is the deal requested and implemented?
  • BuyerSeat * (DSP): What is the name of your purchasing account / BuyerSeat (Seat ID)?
  • Advertising format *: Which banner sizes should be used (special formats require consultation)?
  • Runtime: (if the campaign is to run in a certain period of time)
  • Channel: (in case you only want to access certain channels on heise.de)
  • Targeting: (if you want to use Heise targeting)

    * necessary information

Processing mode

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For direct deals we mainly use Yieldlab as our SSP partner. In addition, we can also rely on the Google AdExchange for certain requirements.

In general, we base our list prices on the agreed CMP, particularly if it is a targeting on specific channels or a guaranteed deal. With rotation campaigns over the entire Heise network, we are ready to accept discounts with appropriate acceptance.

In the case of a guaranteed deal, please let us know about your targeting settings, so that we can reliably calculate the available traffic.

Upon request, we can also rely on user data from various providers.