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heise online optimizing campaigns with targeting

"Targeting" stands for the best possible utilization of the technical possibilities that online
advertising offers at heise online.

Share of Voice (SoV)
The term "Share of Voice" is becoming a buzzword in targeting campaigns. Here, the goals of
the ads are the focal points, such as a wide reach or a great contact rate within the defined
target group. "Share of Voice" (SoV) indicates the share of advertising contacts within the
possible total number of contacts in the area targeted (such as heise online news/business).
Example: The heise online homepage rolls out more than 2.5 million AdImpressions per
week. With a "SoV 20% booking" this means 500,000 AdImpressions per week.

Affinity Targeting
heise online has a mixed readership ranging from IT and telecommunications experts to ambitious,
experienced technology users, and technology consumers – from scientists to politicians, cultural aficionados, training managers, and media personnel. With affinity targeting, advertisers know that they are addressing their target group with the greatest affinity at heise online. To do so, the ads are placed in the proper channels and in appropriate areas within these channels.

Geographical- & regional Targeting
A special technology allows advertisers to address users not only within a particular country, but also within a particular state, region or city.

Time & Date Targeting
Here, campaigns are only displayed in specified time windows or on specified dates – for instance, between 9 a.m. and 6 p.m. on workdays for professional target groups at heise online or only on weekends for consumer campaigns.

System Targeting
It is also possible to base advertising on browser types and/or operating systems. This approach is especially useful if the advertising was developed especially for a particular technical environment.

Frequency Capping
It is also possible to limit the number of advertising contacts per user. Example: a campaign has a frequency cap of three. This means that users see the banner three times at most, with the length of each display
period having to be defined. For example you can set daily delivery, delivery up to the end of the campaign or once per browser session.