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TechStage is the online offer on mobile subjects.The modern online presence addresses a young target group who gets into mobile trends and wants to exchange views in the community.

The readers' entertainment plays an important role apart from the classical coverage on news, guides, tests, and apps. The aim is not just to provide the readers with information. On top, they should get a kick out of the issues. Here, the focus is on videos as well as personal opinions of the authors inspiring discussions – and encouraging the readers to join in.

Target group

Beginners, advanced users, and pros in mobile environments who

  • require information on a new smartphone / tablet
  • need support with a purchase decision
  • own a smartphone / tablet already but have a problem with it
  • want to get more out of their smartphones / tablets
Price CPM
Leaderboard (728x90) 19,- Euro
Skyscraper (max. 160X600) 19,- Euro
Medium Rectangle (300x250) 29,- Euro
Wallpaper (728x90 + 200x600) 45,- Euro
Half Page Ad (300x600) 36,- Euro
Billboard (max. 970x250) 36,- Euro
Sitebar (dynamic) 45,- Euro

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