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Never before it has been so easy to create images: Thanks to the digital revolution, one of our most important communication media is available with lightning speed, easier to handle, and even less expensive. c't Fotografie reports comprehensively on all topics around digital photography. Technology trends and also current cameras, lenses and accessories come up as well as photo art, presentations of important photographers, and image processing.

According to current ISO standards, the editorial staff tests cameras and lenses in our in-house photo lab and also accessories such as flash units, memory cards, and tripods as well as output devices and photo printers.

Forums invite to discuss with other photo enthusiasts; in the popular photo gallery, users can show their photos and ask for advice. And when a new camera is waiting to be bought, the regularly updated camera database informs reliably on the most important specifications and the lowest prices. Finally, the comprehensive software index provides digital photographers with a cross-system offer around topics such as image processing, photo presentation, and databases – freeware, shareware, open-source projects, and demo programs.

Target group

  • Professionals and advanced users
  • Dedicated amateurs who take photos at work and in their free time
  • Amateur photographers who want to take better photos
  • Particularly committed media users, frequent Internet users
  • High-earning early adopters
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