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Comprehensive filtering options, editorially edited products, numerous test reports, as well as
vendor and product ratings enable unique and extensive price comparisons.

heise Preisvergleich compares neutrally and independently reaches a high-quality active target group with regard to purchase decisions.

Moreover, it is possible to target the following regular features:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Games
  • Video/Photo/TV
  • Telephone
  • Audio/Hi-fi
  • Films
  • Household
  • Sports & Leisure Time
  • Chemist's
  • car & motocycle
  • toy & modellmaking
  • DIY market & garden

Subfeatures can be chosen as well (depending on the format).

Placement ROS (Sub-)category
Medium Rectangle (300x250) 30,- Euro 35,- Euro
Leaderboard (728x90) 25,- Euro 30,- Euro
Skyscraper (max. 160X600) 25,- Euro 30,- Euro
Half Page Ad (300x600) 35,- Euro 45,- Euro
Billboard (max. 970x250) 35,- Euro 45,- Euro
Wallpaper 45,- Euro 55,- Euro
Featured Product (60x60) -- 15,- Euro*
Button (180x150) ** 25,- Euro 25,- Euro
Sitebar (dynamic) 45,- Euro

*Delivering only on the deepest category

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