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heise online is one of the leading providers of German high-tech news. The bundled expertise of c’t and iX, Technology Review and the online magazine Telepolis offers comprehensive services and the latest news. The editorial teams report seven days a week about current events in the IT industry, science
and politics, general high tech issues, and research and science. The users cannot only comment and discuss each specific news item in the numerous forums, but also discuss subjects like operating systems, hardware issues, Internet and programming, mobile communications, Green IT and legal issues. In selected areas, specialized channels provide additional in-depth information about the subjects being addressed in the
editorial contents. These include heise Security for all aspects of IT and Internet security and heise Open Source for all Open Source issues. heise Netze provides information for those being responsible for networks and IT at companies and Internet providers and all those who have a personal or professional interest in networks. heise Developer is a special subject channel for software developers. The Mac & i subject site covers the Apple world comprehensively and at c’t Hacks, interested readers find information of all kind on creative do-it-yourself projects using electronics and hardware. TechStage is our latest project providing mobile subjects from smartphones via tablets up to apps.


  • News
  • background information

Target group

  • IT professionals
  • Decision-makers
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