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Just released:iX rate card 2019

iX issue 05/19

  • Focus: Ways to multi-factor authentication
  • Storage: A new dashboard for Ceph
  • Administration: Network management with Salt
  • Office communication: Office 365 in the corporate network
  • iX extra "Cloud Computing": Data security

Space close: Apr 08, 2019

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Website: www.ix.de

"IT- and Technology companies I" in issue 10/19

Go for Content Marketing! The supplement „IT-and Technology companies: corporate profiles“ is distributed twice a year with the subcribed circulation of c't, iX und Technology Review.
Invite our readers - about 240,000 subscibers - to know more about your business, your goals and bring a new passion for your brands to life!

On sale: 27 April 2019
Space close: 22 March 2019
Further information

iX extra "Cloud Computing" in issue 05/19

On sale: 25 April 2019
Space close: 08 April 2019
Further information

Special edition ix kompakt "IT security today"

With increasing digitalization, the dependency of business processes on functioning IT systems increases
and hacker attacks become more successful. The special issue clarifies the current attack scenarios from
A like Advanced Persistent Threats to Z like zero-day exploit and shows how to protect against it.

On sale: 10 May 2019
Space close: 10 April 2019
Further information

"Security & Data Protection I" in issue 06/19

„Security & Data Protection“ is published twice a year in cooperation with the Tele-TrusT-German Association of IT Security and deals with current trends and developments in IT security for enterprises, public institutions and organizations.

On sale: 23 May 2019
Space close: 06 May 2019
More information

"Data Centers and Infrastructure I" in issue 07/19

The iX supplement „Data centres and infrastructure“ reports quarterly on topics that keep heads of
computing centres and their colleagues busy within their daily routine.

On sale: 20 June, 2019
Space close: 03 June, 2019

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