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Rate Card Developer Conferences 2019

parallel, Print Media Academy, Heidelberg - 19 to 21 February 2019

Seven successful editions of the conference for the programming for Multicore systems are reason enough to present the "parallel 2019" in Heidelberg once again. The event organised by iX, heise Developer and dpunkt.verlag has furthermore become established as the centre for people interested in parallel programming and HPC topics. Here, developers, software architects, project managers and IT strategists find out more about the direction for Parallel Computing.

JavaLand, Phantasialand, Brühl - 19 to 21 March 2019

With approx. nine million developers, Java is one of the most popular programming languages. Even now, after more than 20 years after their first public appearance, the future of the language is secure for many years to come: on one hand, it contains substantial, non-dwindling backing from the industry, it has also been teaching language no. 1 for quite some time. This means continued interest to develop around Java.

JavaLand is substantially different from other Java conferences. The event considers itself "the Event of the Java Community for the Java Community". Hidden behind this is the idea that the community can be actively involved in designing JavaLand. JavaLand is also travelling on unconventional paths with respect to the location of the event. The fun park Phatasialand is exclusively available to the Java Community in the accessible areas during both main conference days.

building IoT, KOMED, Cologne - 1 to 3 April 2019

The Internet of Things promises much: a multitude of new product ideas and business models as well as far-reaching changes in the private and professional life. While there is no lack of creative ideas, the technical implementation is not trivial, and many software developers are facing great challenges. The building IoT begins here and helps to face up to the jungle of new tasks in and around the Internet of Things.

The conference sheds a light on the full spectrum of topics connected to the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0, focusing on the technical implementations in an enterprise environment. It covers basics and central aspects, while giving room to present the most important theories, tools and experiences to tap the full potential of existing infrastructures.

Continuous Lifecycle London, QEII Centre, London - 14 to 16 May, 2019

With the Continuous Lifecycle London, the most successful DevOps conference expanded into the English-speaking area. The event, which addresses developers, software architects, administrators, project managers and IT strategists, brings together the leading heads of the DevOps Community. Its participants receive the opportunity to find out more about the most important tools, techniques and strategies to the topics DevOps, Continuous Delivery and Containerisation. Continuous Lifecycle London consists of two main conference days with three parallel tracks as well as a subsequent workshop day to intensify selected topics.

Minds Mastering Machines, Rosengarten, Mannheim, 14 to 16 May 2019

Big Data and new hardware have brought AI technology and Machine Learning from fiction to reality. Many industries are using partly autonomous systems already or are planning to do so in the near future. The sheer amount of data coming from IoT devices demand for learning systems.
Minds Mastering Machines (M³) sheds a light on ML frameworks, AI algorithms, and dedicated haredware. Software developers, data scientists and other IT experts get the opportunity to learn about the latest development and share their experiences with each other.

enterJS, Darmstadtium, Darmstadt - 25 to 28 June 2019

JavaScript, as the only language, allows the consistent and continuous development of web applications, from the graphic user interface, the web server up to the database. This increases the efficiency of developers and administrators, whereby the companies are often still lacking the necessary experience in the professional handling of contemporary technologies.

enterJS discusses the ensuing corporate-wide challenges in presentations and workshops. It is designed for web designers, administrators, team or project managers and technology decision makers. The conference discusses the ensuing corporate-wide challenges and opens the door into a JavaScript-supported enterprise world.

Herbstcampus, Technische Hochschule Georg Simon Ohm, Nuremberg - 03 to 05 September 2019

The easiest way to more efficient software development is an ever-growing wealth of knowledge. For this reason, the Herbstcampus as a conference for software developers and architects as well as project managers from the sectors Java and .NET offers a comprehensive program. It not only allows participants to obtain an overview of the current developments, it also imparts detailed knowledge. The Herbstcampus furthermore provides plenty of space to exchange experiences and establish new contacts.

heise devSec, Print Media Academy, Heidelberg - 24 to 27 September 2019

The challenges for developers to design their programs secure are numerous. They not only have to keep in mind their own code and thoroughly check to find deficits of any type. In order to supply secure software, they also have to consider possible attack scenarios and develop concepts to handle defects in advance. In addition, they should anticipate external error sources: an insecure connection, a deficit in the database or a compromised external module can open unnoticed backdoors for attackers.

Security experts, developers and architects with their mind on the topic of security meet at the heise devSec. You get to know the tricks of the hackers and get a feeling on how to prevent the unexpected.

Minds Mastering Machines (M³), London, QE II, 30 September to 2 October 2019

Computer based systems capable of making decisions, even thinking, are streaming out of the realm of utopia – or dystopia – and into today’s worlds of business and science. What were recently just tantalising theories about machine learning and AI are erupting out of the world of academia, and being marketed – as-a-service, promising to make your home-grown applications smart.

The conference gives developers and data scientists insight into neural networks and deep learning. There are plenty of open source frameworks available by companies such as Google, IBM, Facebook, and Microsoft. Developers will also learn about how to efficiently write code for special AI-hardware using frameworks such as CUDA or OpenCL.

data2day, Print Media Academy, Heidelberg - 22 to 24 October 2019

Today, classic approaches from the world of Data Warehouse and Business Analytics can quickly reach their limits: The data volume today reaches far greater magnitudes than only a few years ago, interesting data is often restructured and the speed of their evaluation is to become faster and faster. Here, the theories, processes and tools associated with Big Data are supposed to provide assistance.

The data2day provides information on the profitable use of databases and the high-performance application of modern techniques and tools for mass data processing. It also shows applications far more useful than the spying on internet users. The conference provides a contemporary overview on the most important concepts, methods and tools. Examples from specific application areas and scenarios from the daily routine, in turn, demonstrate the opportunities and limits of these approaches and tools.

Serverless Computing, London, QE II - 6 to 8 November 2019

The prospect of not relying on your own servers, not even a dedicated cloud platform, sounds compelling. Nevertheless, serverless architecture raises a set of new questions: How secure are my serverless applications? How scaleable are they? Do I need to set up containers? How can I test my software? Which platform do I use and how do I avoid vendor lock-in?

Serverless Computing London will answer those questions by focusing on the potential of serverless architecture for developers, system architects, administrators, CIOs and project owners and the practicalities of implementing them in organisations. The conference will address the concepts, processes and tools essential to serverless architecture, cloud computing, and distributed systems. It will put industry experts centre stage to share their practical experience with you, and answer your challenging questions.

Continuous Lifecycle, Rosengarten, Mannheim - 12 to 15 November 2019

The previous four editions of Continuous Lifecycle enjoyed the full attention of the industry. The keywords Continuous Delivery and DevOps have arrived in practice – not only in Web 2.0 and Cloud companies, but also in companies producing classic corporate or embedded applications. Keywords such as containerisation with Docker and Co., but also DevOpsBiz, have been added as new trends and occupy experts from software development and operations.

But how does one sensibly apply the concepts in one's own project? Where is the greatest potential, what are the pitfalls? Answers to these questions will be provided at the Continuous Lifecycle 2018. It is entirely devoted to the concepts, processes and tools behind Continuous Delivery, DevOps and Co. and provides experiences, which help in practical life.

(parallel to ContainerConf )

ContainerConf, Rosengarten, Mannheim - 12 to 15 November 2019

Docker, its alternatives and the Container-ecosystem are currently changing the world of virtualisation and are becoming an integral component of software development. They revolutionise the methodology of software teams with new options of building, distributing and operating. But, to which extent can the promises associated with Docker & Co. really be kept?

The ContainerConf 2018 provides answers to this pivotal question: It illuminates the internal technical issues as well as the most important tools and methods, but also the social and cultural aspects (keyword "DevOps") of this revolutionary way of software delivery. Experienced software developers and administrators share their knowledge and experiences in all important aspects of the Container ecosystem. Participants in the ContainerConf learn how to produce applications scalable, reliable, quickly and reproducible with Docker & Co.

(parallel to Continuous Lifecycle

Scala Days, Frankfurt am Main - May 2020

Scala Days Europe 2018 is the meeting place for all software developers and other IT experts who deal with coding language Scala as well as with libraries, frameworks, tools and applications. They will find out everything important from the realms of Scala, Akka, Play, Type level and other tools and libraries. For the 2018 edition, the organizers - Heise serving as one for the first time - are expecting a similar number of visitors as in 2017 when 800 participants came to Copenhagen. Furthermore, Martin Odersky, inventor of Scala, has been confirmed as keynote speaker to open the European conference.