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iX special issues

Hardly any industry changes as fast as the professional software development. Know-how on topics such as machine learning or microservices are just as much a topic as the latest trends in web development and innovations in proven languages such as Java and C ++.

Target group: Software developers, Software architects, project managers, IT consultants

Thanks to big data and high-performance hardware self-acting and thinking machines are now reality in many areas. The special lecture helps developers get started. It examines, among other things, the function of artificial neural networks and shows possible applications of AI techniques in projects.

Target group: Software developers and architects, data scientists, project managers

  • 2/1 page

    Price: 6,540 Euro

  • 1/1 page

    Price: 3,475 Euro

  • 1/2 page

    90mm x 260mm

    103mm x 297mm

    Price: 2,050 Euro

  • 1/3 page

    Price: 1,540 Euro

  • 1/4 page

    90mm x 128mm

    Price: 1,180 Euro