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Data centres & infrastructure

Components, cables, networks

The subject-oriented supplement on computing centres and infrastructure reports regularly and reliably plannable on all subjects concerning computing centres and the corresponding infrastructure. We write for both technical and business decision-makers. Apart from profound background articles, we always provide user reports, up-to-date news messages, and a visionary glance into the future. more infomation

Some selected recurring subjects
Energy efficiency, network management, CC cabling
network analysis, security in computing centres
cloud computing, power management, legal aspects regarding the operation of computing centres, failure safety

Target-group-affine placement of ads • Direct addressing of your target group without wastage • about 42,000 distributed copies • you will reach 18,000 heads of computing centres or heads of networks (according to LAC 2011) additional online presence at www.rechenzentren-infrastruktur.de

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Thomas Jannot, Phone: +49 [0]8061 348 111 00; E-Mail: tj@just4business.de

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