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Communication and networks

ICT – products and solutions
In 2014, the new subject-oriented insert on communication and networks will be published biannually and is dedicated completely to the world of unified communications (UC), voice over IP (VoIP), and telecommunications (TC) in companies.

The topics:
UC systems, VoIP solutions, TC installations, Integration, Reachability, Convergence, Connectivity, Mobility, Broadband deployment, Infrastructures, System architectures, Platforms, Interoperability, Fibre optics and the like, Mobile technologies, Radio networks, LTE • Security aspects, Payment, M2M, NFC, Mobile services, Mobility management, Collaboration, Mobile business automation, Performance controlling, Legal, Business solutions

Target group: You will reach without wastage the decision-makers, IT managers, and project managers from the fields of digital communication and networksmore information

  • Target-group-affine ad placement
  • By one issue, you will reach about 25,000 decision-makers for ICT investments in the field of telecommunication
  • About 64,000 readers definitely plan to buy telecommunication products (acc. to LAC 2011)
  • Additional online presence at www.kommunikation-netze.de

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On sale:

in iX 07/17 - 29 June 2017, space close 12 June 2017
in iX 01/18 - 21 Dec 2017, space close 04 Dec 2017

Editorial contact:

Thomas Jannot, Phone: +49 [0]8061 348 111 00; E-Mail: tj@just4business.de

Supplement Rates and formats

  • 2/1 page

    Price: 11,850 Euro 4c

  • 1/1 page

    Price: 5,990 Euro 4c

  • 1/2 page

    90mm x 260mm

    94mm x 280mm

    Price: 3,415 Euro 4c

  • 1/3 page

    58mm x 260mm

    70mm x 280mm

    Price: 2,560 Euro 4c

  • 1/4 page

    90mm x 128mm
    43mm x 260mm

    54mm x 280mm

    Price: 2,060 Euro 4c