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Other ad options

Ad specials are special forms of advertising in print media contrasting with normal, printed ads in one way or another and thus attracting more attention. Here you will find a selection of special ads which can be placed in c't magazine. Should you have other ideas, special wishes, or questions, do not hesitate to contact our media consultant !

  • Loose inserts

    • In the entire circulation, subscribed circulation or individually sold quantity according to postcode areas

    • Minimum quantity 10,000 copies

    • Maximum format 200 x 280 mm

    • Minimum format 105 x 148 mm

    170 Euro per 1,000 up to 25 g
    Extra charge for partial coverage 10 %

    Other options on demand

  • Inserts (bound in)

    • Printed matter, free samples (CDs or DVDs)

    • Delivery: folded, 5 mm upper trimming edge 5 mm trimming edge to gutter and at least 3 mm outer and lower trimming edge.

    2 pages: 120 Euro per 1,000
    4 pages: 160 Euro per 1,000
    CD/DVD: 195 Euro per 1,000

    Extra charge for partial coverage 10 %

  • Stickers

    • Postcard, CD etc.

    • in conjunction with basis advert

    Postcards: 75 Euro per 1,000
    CD/DVD: 150 Euro per 1,000

    Extra charge for partial coverage 10 %