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iX Readership Anaylsis 2015 / 2016

For more than 25 years, the Special Interest Magazine iX reaches readers at all levels of IT – across all industries:

  • 76% of the respondents are highly specialized computer professionals.
  • They are CIOs or belong to the managing board.
  • They have an executive function and position in the IT – in the area of data center, organization, data processing up to telecommunications.
  • iX has a cuttind-edge position among programmers, application developers, system and network administrators.

    The base of IT breathes “iX”. We hope you enjoy discovering many surprising and convincing facts!

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LAC - Readership Analysis German Computer Press
The data from our point of view still have relevance - the results of the latest reader survey confirm the core statements. The LAC draws timelessly a comprehensive picture of the iX reader.

Source: LAC 2011