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Issue 01/19 December 20, 2018

Space close Dec 03, 2018

Market Overview: Departmental server - computing power for the office

Where a rack server is not practical, towers play out their strengths. iX has reviewed 12 current servers and two NAS systems for their suitability as departmental servers and has investigated the question of when an on-premises solution is preferable to the cloud.

E-Commerce: The future of shop systems

The Dortmund Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML) has taken a close look at 19 e-commerce systems. In addition to the range of functions, the institute also evaluated the degree of innovation of the providers with regard to digital transformation.

Security: Hospital IT on the test bench

Hospitals have neglected IT security for too long - the latest attacks underline the acute need for action. First of all, an inventory with risk assessment and the implementation of some basic security measures are necessary.

Data protection: The E-GDPR in a European comparison

After the first excitement about the data protection regulation has subsided, it is time to look beyond the box. What about the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation outside Germany?

Supplement "Data Centres and Infrastructure IV"

Focus: What the market for pre-assembled cable systems has to offer
Data Mobility: When Backup & Recovery for Hybrid Clouds Works
Industry 4.0: What an Edge Datacenter for Steelmakers Has to Withstand
Encryption: Where encryption starts at the RZ network path
Business as a Service: What outsourcing options do banks have today?
Onion Principle: How colocation data centers provide physical security
Automation: Who gets their IT infrastructure from workspace platforms

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