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Space close Jan 08, 2018

Anyone who regularly has to process inquiries from customers or notices of software errors, quickly says goodbye to the "organization" via e-mail folder and accesses a ticket system. Which free and commercial tools are there and which of them are specialized in the support of software development, shows the market overview in the next iX.

If servers and clients are to benefit from the performance increase of current magnetic disks or SSDs, systems and software must also play along. Software-defined storage such as Ceph is playing an increasingly important role in this.

If the digital transformation in your own company is too slow, cooperation with start-ups can have a tremendously accelerating effect.

Some cryptographic problems have occupied science for centuries. But with current technology, however, a solution is also in sight for tasks that have hitherto been regarded as unsolvable.

D-Wave is one of the first commercial manufacturers of quantum computers. In cooperation with Germany's largest automobile manufacturer, we explored how this revolutionary technology can be used to improve routing in metropolises.

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