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Space close Mar 05, 2018

The Internet of Things also needs monitoring tools. Developer of Software and appliances build first tools. In addition, providers offer installations of their Icinga and Nagios systems tailored to IoT.

Cover story Machine Learning

AI hardware. Not only for Bitcoin mining there are nowadays special hardware, but also for artificial intelligence. Why you need special hardware and who offers what.

ZUGFeRD 2.0 authorities and administrations, as well as their suppliers, must send and process electronic invoices. The next iX explains the EU directive-compliant formats with regard to the upcoming ZUGFeRD 2.0 standard.

Stress-free service provider management. For many IT organizations, it is difficult, the many results of external service providers make sense to join them together. A lean procedure model can help.

  • Focus: Data center modernization - what data center operators now have in their hands
  • should take
  • IT Refresh: Which solution elements make a data center future-proof?
  • EU-GDPR: How Software-defined data centers provide security
  • Beyond 5G: What the nets of the day after tomorrow have to endure
  • Internet of Things: Why Analytics Need a Learning Network
  • 100GbE: How multi-fiber cables stay clean with MTP/MPO
  • Decision: When Colocation and Cloud take advantage of their advantages
  • Industry 4.0: Who builds data centers for manufacturing robots

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