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Space close Sept 10, 2018

If the need for IT computing power fluctuates, backup servers quickly become too expensive. Dynamic private VMs - or baremetal servers that providers charge by operating hours - can help.

HPE Xeon on the ISS. Space travel must remain affordable. That's why NASA has opted for standard instead of special systems: HPE computers with Linux.

Use of the Testing Maturity Model (TMM). Maturity models such as TMM are not intended to improve the quality of the software, but that of the test process. How the VW developers work with it.

With TensorFlow Serving, machine learning models can be deployed quickly, flexibly and, above all, at high performance in production environments. How this works, shows the next iX.

The trade fair for IT security, which takes place every year in Nuremberg, has meanwhile gained significance beyond Germany. Here, too, the EU GDPR is a central topic, in particular tools for data leakage prevention and data discovery.

Focus: what edge data centers must endure
Data Center Trends: Why Data Centers Move Closer to the Data Sources
Critical Infrastructures: what attackers are after today
Academic Cloud: Where Lower Saxony's Universities Reach
Liquid cooling: Which RZ standards apply to coolants
Predictive Maintenance: how smart RZ deal with application data

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