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Issue 05/19 of April 25, 2019

Space close Apr 08, 2019

Focus: Ways to multi-factor authentication

It is well known that the traditional username-password combination is not the last word in security. The alternatives are there, you just have to use them. An overview of the current possibilities to make access to the corporate network more secure.

Storage: A new dashboard for Ceph

With the new Nautilus, many everyday tasks in the operation of the distributed storage system can be done quickly and easily.

Administration: Network management with Salt

The so-called sneaker administration is probably only familiar to younger IT specialists from the stories of the ancestors – and that's a good thing. iX describes how automated and manufacturer-independent network configuration management with Salt, Netbox and Napalm is operated today.

Office communication: Office 365 in the corporate network

Microsoft's widespread relocation of its office suite to the cloud was more successful than many skeptics had predicted. iX shows how to operate Office 365 efficiently and, above all, safely.

iX extra Cloud Computing: Data security

In addition to securing the data center and infrastructure, the focus is on protecting data and applications. iX provides an overview of recognized security standards, control mechanisms and policies.

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