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Mac&i – the “Apple Magazine by c’t” is dedicated to all products decorated with the apple, primarily of course to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, but to Apple TV, Apple watch, accessories, operating systems, and software a well. Mac&i is in no way merely reporting on Apple‘s world. The editorial team keeps a critical eye on the company, points out security gaps, draws attention to abuses, finds mistakes.

As experts they prefer to solve the problems themselves, in practice articles or in the „Questions and answers“ section. The reviews, also on third party products, are appreciated by the readers for their criticism and fairness. In addition to that there are exciting interviews, lively reports, and analyses by well-known authors. The members of the editorial team have been following Apple’s destiny for decades.

The magazine is a must-read for professionals and programmers, takes up difficult and complex topics for advanced-level professionals, but never excludes beginners.

Mac&i has six issues a year. Its website, available at www.mac-and-i.de informs daily about everything that is important.


  • Mac-Docks
  • SSD-Adapter
  • iOS-keyboards
  • Photo-extensions

Space close: Sept 13, 2017

NEW: Mac & i Special "Creative-Software" of 9 November 2017

The new Mac & i special is primarily a practice book with specific instructions and tips for the buyers of this edition, including the full version of QuarkXPress 2015 as a download free of charge. Theme selection: Optimize and edit pictures / Video capture with Premiere Pro: / One's own song ... and much more!

Print run: 50,000 copies
Space close on 18 Oct 2017
On sale: 09 Nov 2017

Christmas Special

No matter how early you start collecting presents for your beloved ones, there's certainly a little stress involved every year. Luckily There's our Christmas Special for finding the right present.

Take the chance and show off your gift idea in the Mac & i Christmas Market.

Christmas Special 2017

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