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Mac&i – the “Apple Magazine by c’t” is dedicated to all products decorated with the apple, primarily of course to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, but to Apple TV, Apple watch, accessories, operating systems, and software a well. Mac&i is in no way merely reporting on Apple‘s world. The editorial team keeps a critical eye on the company, points out security gaps, draws attention to abuses, finds mistakes.

As experts they prefer to solve the problems themselves, in practice articles or in the „Questions and answers“ section. The reviews, also on third party products, are appreciated by the readers for their criticism and fairness. In addition to that there are exciting interviews, lively reports, and analyses by well-known authors. The members of the editorial team have been following Apple’s destiny for decades.

The magazine is a must-read for professionals and programmers, takes up difficult and complex topics for advanced-level professionals, but never excludes beginners.

Mac&i has six issues a year. Its website, available at www.mac-and-i.de informs daily about everything that is important.

  • Gift tips from the editorial staff
    Every year the question arises how to make your loved ones happy. Our editors reveal what makes the hearts of Apple fans beat faster for the occasion.
    As a partner of our Mac & i Advent calendar, we will also be raffling off your product in a Facebook competition and you will be represented with an advertisement in issue 6 and with an online banner on www.mac-and-i.de . All information can be found here.

  • Better streaming
    With AirPlay 2, iOS devices play music over WLAN on multiple HomePods or Apple TVs. Manufacturers of other speakers also support Apple's revised streaming protocol. Mac & i tests suitable products, gives practical tips on AirPlay 2 and explains how it all works.

  • Mobile charging stations
    The batteries of Apple's mobile devices barely last a day, which is why external batteries are now standard equipment on every digital nomad. Mac & i has tested Powerbanks of all kinds and reveals which one is right for whom.

  • Bound memories
    Photo books don't just show pictures, they tell stories, wait unobtrusively for viewers and sometimes outlast decades. The bound shape also protects against creasing and maintains the correct order. Mac & i has tested the most popular photo book services with a particular focus on integrating with Apple's photo app.

  • HomeKit on the go
    Apple's home automation platform is gaining momentum. The certification process has been simplified and more and more devices are coming onto the market. We give an overview of the available products and show possibilities of intelligent home automation with HomeKit.

Space close: Nov 14, 2018

Next Issue: 01/19 on sale 02 February, space close on 16 Jan, 2019

It's time again and we are slowly approaching the Christmas Season! This year, Mac & i wants to give away Apple products to all participants of our Christmas special. Let your company join in and use the Mac & i channels to bring a happy gift.
During the Christmas Special period, the products you provide will be raffled off in a sweepstake via the Facebook Channel of Mac & i.

Period of action: 01 – 24 Dec 2018
Space close: 14 Nov 18

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Users of Apple products are considered early adopters, willing to invest and demanding when it comes to quality and design.

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