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Mac&i – the “Apple Magazine by c’t” is dedicated to all products decorated with the apple, primarily of course to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, but to Apple TV, Apple watch, accessories, operating systems, and software a well. Mac&i is in no way merely reporting on Apple‘s world. The editorial team keeps a critical eye on the company, points out security gaps, draws attention to abuses, finds mistakes.

As experts they prefer to solve the problems themselves, in practice articles or in the „Questions and answers“ section. The reviews, also on third party products, are appreciated by the readers for their criticism and fairness. In addition to that there are exciting interviews, lively reports, and analyses by well-known authors. The members of the editorial team have been following Apple’s destiny for decades.

The magazine is a must-read for professionals and programmers, takes up difficult and complex topics for advanced-level professionals, but never excludes beginners.

Mac&i has six issues a year. Its website, available at www.mac-and-i.de informs daily about everything that is important.


  • Cloud services for data
    With ever-faster Internet connections and growing, affordable data, cloud storage services are becoming more interesting. We looked at what Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive & Co. are all about, how data security is organized, and what they do in comparison to iCloud Drive - such as viewing and editing office documents or teamwork.
  • Spare batteries
    The lifespan of any battery from iPhone to MacBook is limited, at some point an exchange is necessary. Apple offers this at a fairly high fixed price, but not for older devices. On the other hand, original spare parts are hard to come by on the open market. Mac & i informs, who offers and installs batteries for Apple devices under what conditions.
  • Wireless in-ears
    Current iPhones have no jack socket. With Bluetooth and compact, completely wireless in-ear earphones you save cable clutter and annoying adapter plug. Mac & i tests current models for comfort and sound quality.
  • Language assistants
    With Siri, iPhone owners can not only dictate messages, ask about the weather or manage appointments, but also control the smart home in their own home. Amazon, Google and Co. also address Apple users with their smart language assistants in the form of smart speakers and iOS apps. Mac & i shows what the assistants can do, in what areas they complement each other and where their strengths lie.
  • E-mail programs
    Apple already delivers its Macs and iOS devices with an email client. But this is far from satisfying all the requirements of users. Alternative clients such as Unibox, Airmail, Spark, Outlook or Canary Mail also bring fresh operating concepts and promise to reduce the burden of dealing with many mails. Mac & i looks at popular clients more closely and shows in a test the pros and cons.

Space close: Jan 10, 2018

Next Issue: 02/18 on sale 05 Apr, space close on 07 Mar, 2018

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