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Mac&i – the “Apple Magazine by c’t” is dedicated to all products decorated with the apple, primarily of course to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, but to Apple TV, Apple watch, accessories, operating systems, and software a well. Mac&i is in no way merely reporting on Apple‘s world. The editorial team keeps a critical eye on the company, points out security gaps, draws attention to abuses, finds mistakes.

As experts they prefer to solve the problems themselves, in practice articles or in the „Questions and answers“ section. The reviews, also on third party products, are appreciated by the readers for their criticism and fairness. In addition to that there are exciting interviews, lively reports, and analyses by well-known authors. The members of the editorial team have been following Apple’s destiny for decades.

The magazine is a must-read for professionals and programmers, takes up difficult and complex topics for advanced-level professionals, but never excludes beginners.

Mac&i has six issues a year. Its website, available at www.mac-and-i.de informs daily about everything that is important.


  • Mac upgrades from the dealer
    Apple offers optional hardware usually much more expensive than the free market. In addition, current Macs are poorly upgraded by the user and there is a threat of loss of warranty. An alternative is free vendors who install standard components such as RAM modules or SSDs in new Macs. Mac & i explains how to save money here.
  • Bicycle accessories and apps
    Mac & i introduces helpful iPhone accessories such as mounts, cases, sensors, batteries, power adapters, headlights, locks or helmets for the cyclist. In addition, successful apps that can be used sensibly or in a fun way when biking are presented.
  • Virtual Reality on the Mac
    For a long time Virtual Reality seemed to be reserved for Windows PCs. Current iMacs and older Macs with Thunderbolt 3 and external graphics cards now have enough power for VR. That's why more and more developers are adapting their programs for macOS. Mac & i gives an overview of the required techniques, products and apps.

  • More Monitors on the Mac
    Between a few hundred and several thousand euros you will find a number of monitors in different sizes, from simple office screens to color-fast professional display. While demanding users work with razor-sharp 5K resolutions, owners of weaker Macs are looking for a model with good image quality that works on their computer. Mac & i provides an overview of the disparate display market and introduces recommended screens for every purpose.

  • Modular music systems
    The already dead believed synthesizers are currently undergoing a renaissance, especially modular systems in which functional groups are connected by cable. Even non-musicians are increasingly succumbing to the charm of creating new sounds. Mac & i shows how to experience the fascination of sound-editing on a Mac with software and how to use hardware synthesizers.

Space close: July 11, 2018

Next Issue: 05/18 on sale 04 October, space close on 12 Sept, 2018

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