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Exciting projects. Proven and tested. A brand keeps growing.

Make: - formerly c't Hacks - lives in the world of micro think tanks. Creativity is the engine, the enthusiasm executor. Newborn ideas have found their platform. Readers of make: are exceptional - they are seldom encountered in agglomerated gatherings. The print magazine, Make online and the Maker Faire are the places to meet them.

In our media portal of make: you will get all information about the print version, the online portal, the digital magazine app and our Maker Faires. You have direct access to publication dates, the current preview and effective special forms of advertising, up to the latest and surprising readership information and deadlines around the Maker Faires.

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Make 01/18 on sale Feb 22, 2018
In the upcoming make-edition:

  • Make a very good device from a cheap 3D printer
  • Bring light objects in slow motion to dance
  • Prepare circuit boards for electronic circuits and build circuits on breadboard
  • Build a reaction timer (not only) for kids

    and more:
  • How to find robots out of a labyrinth
  • Connect Arduino to a VGA monitor: simple retro games
  • Shoot old disk disks in the air
  • Intensively play a cheap MIDI chip
  • Build an optical theremin

Next Issue: 02/18 on sale 19 April, space close on 22 March, 2018


See how fascinating and potential these modern readers are. Start your product campaign in Make!

Splendid perspective: The financial situation. 30 % of the readers have a net income of € 2,000 to 3,000 per household,
38 % of the readers have a net income of € 3,000 and more per household
Keepers of know-how: 80% of the readers collect their magazine copies. The readers like the current mix of DIY work and background information.
Polyglot: 77 % of the readers are familiar with reading German and English online webpages/magazines
Web-savy: 96% of the readers use Make: online – one fifth several times per week,
60% go to „www.make-magazin.de“ several times a month
Adventurous: 55 % of the readers replicate the construction proposals at home!



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Possible categories:
3D-print • 3D-scan • CNC • Microcontroller • Arduino • Raspberry Pi • Electronics • Tools • Quadrocopter • Robotics • Software • Media• Education • Accessories • and many more ...

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