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Although we are not able to bring your favourite applicant over for an interview in person, we can support you in your search for qualified employees. Utilise our high calibre media in the search for qualified employees or find them during a personal meeting at one of our IT Job days.


    c't appears every 14 days with a high calibre job market for professionals. With 212,632 subscribers (IVW Q II/2017) and 326,000 IT professionals (LAC 2011), c't is an experienced partner in the personnel recruitment of IT professionals, specialists and executives in the IT sector.

    The iX-Magazine is the leading trade magazine for IT specialists. Be it software specialists, security experts or systems administrators - if you are looking for IT specialists to reinforce your company, you can present yourself to a specific readership in the iX Magazine without any loss due to non-selective advertising.

    Special insert IT & CAREER
    Present yourself to the IT professionals ready for a change as an attractive employee.

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    For example:
    1/1 page in c't: b/w 8,200 Euro incl. App
    1/1 page in iX: b/w 3,785 Euro
    1/1 page in special insert: 4,300 Euro


    'heise jobs' is the IT job market under the roof of heise online.
    Companies looking for personnel are able to specifically address highly qualified specialists and executives from the IT industry as well as highly trained newcomers to the industry in the sectors IT, telecommunication and E-business.

    Our readership analyses confirm to heise a target group with a high component of experts and executives from the IT industry, upper end school education and a high affinity to the internet. With heise jobs, the IT job market at heise online, you thus reach first-class applicants to fill your vacant IT positions quickly and directly.

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    Classic advertisement: 580 Euro (running period 4 weeks)
    Professional advertisement: 660 Euro (running period 4 weeks)
    Job advertisement: 99 Euro (running period 4 weeks)


    Reach 200 to 300 job seeking ITC specialists and present your company as an attractive employer. Applicants and employers can meet and get acquainted in direct dialogue.

    This is what we offer:

    • Direct access and meetings with ITC job seekers
    • Info stand with bistro table, 2 stools/chairs and room for your info documentation
    • Extensive advertising of the event in the heise media
    • Mentioning the name of your company and corporate image in an advertising campaign at heise online and heise jobs as well as the registration site
    • Advertisement of the event through our excellent contacts with universities and university of applied sciences
    • Catering, parking spots, WLAN, laboratory tours and much more included.

    Your personal contact

    Package: 3,500 Euro (in Hanover 2,990 Euro)