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IT and technology companies: corporate profiles

The special supplement supports your communication - talk to our readers!

„IT and technology companies: Corporate profiles II“ is the first supplement of its kind and has been released for the first time this June - with tremendous success. It calls for a follow up. Our new platform can support you to increase awareness, to strengthen your image among this target group and help with well-directed product placement and attract potential new customers.

Our readers use print media as a source of information and that‘s where you have the option to anchor
your message.

The special reaches currently more than 260,000 subscribers of c‘t, iX and Technology Review and is published two times a year.

Issue 1

On sale:
Technology Review 7/2017 - 22.06.2017
c’t-Magazin 14/2017 - 24.06.2017
iX-Magazin 7/2017 - 29.06.2017

Space close: 11.05.2017
Materials: 15.05.2017

Issue 2

On sale:
iX-Magazin 12/2017 - 23.11.2017
Technology Review 13/2017 - 07.12.2017
c’t-Magazin 26/2017 - 09.12.2017

NEW Space close: 26.10.2017
NEW Materials: 27.10.2017

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The Top 3 Heise Media offer:

  • High coverage in IT, telecommunications & technology target groups
  • High-quality and editorially demanding environments - Heise magazines are positive image carriers
  • A comprehensive overview of IT, telecommunication and technologies
  • Provides guidance in structuring and classification of important information
  • Readers are IT and technology-multipliers in their profession as well as in their private sphere