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CeBIT special

The brand-new CeBIT awakens the curiosity and interest of visitors with several changes. The editorial team will pay attention to the new concept, current topics and IT trends for the world’s largest IT trade fair with the proven CEBIT Guide by c’t and iX.

More than 90,000 subscribers will receive this special edition together with the editions c’t 13/18 and iX 13/18 in June of 2018. Another 20,000 copies will be placed at Heise booths and directly distributed to CEBIT visitors by promotion teams. A presence in this special edition will help you reach c’t and iX readers before the start of the CEBIT to call attention to your offers and your trade fair presence.

Furthermore, this active distribution will help you reach specialist visitors in a highly stimulating, editorial environment.

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iX 13/18 - June 04, 2018
c't 13/18 - June 09, 2018

Space close: May 07, 2018
Materials: May 09, 2018

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