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Ad specials

  • Loose inserts

    Loose inserts can be included with the magazine for the entire circulation, only in copies for subscribers, or for individual quantities according to postal code.
    The inserts must be suitable for mechanical processing of the magazine and delivered loose in boxes.

    • Largest format possible: 190 x 270 mm
    • sample copies: 5 due opon placement of order
    • a maximum of 2x3 inserts at two locations are technically possible
    • maximum loose insert thickness is 2.5 mm
    • minimumquantity 10,000 copies
    • inserts in concertina fold (accordion fold) are not technically possible
    • please request information sheet for mechanical processing


    170,00 Euro per thousand up to 25 g.
    Over 25 g, price upon request.
    Additional charge for split run 10 %.

  • Bound inserts

    Printed materials attached to the magazine binding.
    Bound inserts must be pre-folded and submitted with 10 mm trim at the top, 3 mm gutter safety and at least 3 mm trim for the outer edges and gutter.
    Five sample copies due upon placement of order
    • Magazine format: 210 x 280 mm (W x H) plus safety all owances mentioned above.


    2-page inserts 120,00 Euro per thousand copies (min. 150 g/m2)
    4-pages 160,00 Euro per thousand copies
    over 4 pages based on sample template

  • Glued inserts

    • Post cards for instance (min. 150 g/m2), booklets, product samples, CDs in connection with a main advertisement (at least a full page) in the entire corculation.
    • Product samples, booklets, and CDs cannot be placed on the first page of the magazine content.
    • Product samples are possible only after prior consultation and submission of samples.
    • Delivered loose in boxes (finished CDs/DVDs in jackets).
    • Other glued inserts upon request.

    Prices Postcards or reply cards 75,00 Euro per thousand.
    Prices do not include VAT Bound, loose, and glued inserts all subject to 5% processing fee