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TR Online

Digital user data
total 1,156,108
Online 807,022
MEW 258,635
App 90,451
Coverage Unique User
heise Technology Review 70,000

Here, you will find a summary of all possible formats and the corresponding rates.

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  • Leaderboard

    Web: 728x90 px

    CPM 71 Euro

  • Skyscraper

    Web: max. 160x600 px

    CPM 71 Euro

  • Medium Rectangle

    Web: 300x250 px

    CPM 93 Euro

  • Wallpaper

    Web: 728x90 + 200x600px

    CPM 116 Euro

  • Half Page Ad

    Web: 300x600 px

    CPM 111 Euro

  • Billboard

    Web: max. 970x250 px

    CPM 111 Euro

  • Sitebar



    CPM 116 Euro

Source: IVW January 2018; AGOF daily digital facts 2018-03 (Jan-March)