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Uri Geller gesteht iPhone-Biegen


Exklusiv-Interview mit dem legendären Löffelbieger

Seit der Auslieferung des iPhone 6 plus rätselt die Welt über mysteriös verbogene iPhones. Der Schuldige war schnell gefunden und gab freundlicherweise TELEPOLIS ein Exklusivinterview.

TELEPOLIS: Mr Geller, shortly after the release of the new iPhone6 you started bending them. What's the reason?

Uri Geller: I had a secret deal with a competitor of Apple.

TELEPOLIS: There is a rumor that Luigi Colani hired you to give the item an ergonomic shape. True?

Uri Geller: Luigi is a great designer. He doesn't need my help.

TELEPOLIS: You are known to be an passionate user of BlackBerry. Did they pay you for damaging Apple?

Uri Geller: I have a great deal with Samsung but I am still a huge admirer of Blackberry as a matter of fact I got one from Obama as a gift.

TELEPOLIS: The skeptics dispute the use of your special powers. Some people managed to bend the iPhone6 by using their hands. There is a video on YouTube ... There is a video on YouTube ...

Uri Geller: My answer to the skeptics is this: I don't need to use the power of my fingers to bend metal because I only use the power of my mind, and I am doing very well with that. As a matter of fact please go to my website urigeller.com and please see how I can also bend footballs! And by the way, while you are on my website, please also watch the documentary by the BBC called The Secret Life of Uri Geller there you can see how I also bent the CIA!

TELEPOLIS: Some people claim you have used a magnet, did you?

Uri Geller: Ahh that's a great question! I will reveal to you my secret which I kept for 40 years! In 1973 I had secret plastic surgery in Sao Paulo where a Brazilian plastic surgeon implanted magnets in all my ten fingers! This allows me to eat better with spoons and forks! The utensils stick to my hands, also the magnets help my blood circulation, this is why I still have hair on my head despite being almost 68.
This kind of makes me a Bionic man!

TELEPOLIS: In the 70ies a pregnant woman sued you in Sweden because of bending her diaphragma with your special powers. Don't you fear new law suits because of the iPhone-thing?

Uri Geller: Yes a beautiful Swedish lady claimed that her IUD bent inside her while watching me on tv, but she couldn't prove it in court, I'm told that there are hundreds of little Uri Gellers around the world who's mothers all watched my tv shows.
Concerning all the bent iPhones this just proves that we all posses mind powers, I used to hammer out keys that bent to people so they could get home, but with the Iphone I don't suggest you use a hammer just simply go to your closest Apple store and see what they have to say.

Disclosure: Der Fragesteller ist deutscher Rechtsanwalt von Uri Geller.

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