1.3.1 - 2008-06-06 08:24
  - New extension: InputBlocker
  - New extension: CronJobs by David Hilberath
  - T9Keys has been renamed to TypeWith9Keys. 
    (Thanks go to Stefan Burkert #1497)
  - b10: Accidentally there was a duplicate LeoToolTip script. This will be 
    deleted while updating. (Thanks go to Mathias Kalb #1510)
  - b10: After an update the settings folder sometimes changed to "All Users".
    (Thanks go to Eric Werner #1469)
  - b6: The apply button was sometimes activated when changing the 
    configuration page. (Thanks go to Mathias Kalb #1453)
  - b6: The search function in the help is working again.
    (Thanks go to Matthias Büttner #1492)
  - b5: The display of description in the extension manager was sometimes 
    empty. (Thanks go to Lars Hupel #1475)
  - b5: Middle mouse button on the tray icon works again.
    (Thanks go to Eric Werner #1468)
  - b5: The context menu with all functions does not block the configuration
  - b4: The tray menu icons are now on the correct position if there is no 
    extension visible in the tray menu (Thanks go to Tronje Bäßler #1477)
  - b2: The changelog is now available in English
    (Many thanks go to Michael Janszen)
  - b2: func_ChangeDir can now open directories with a colon in the path name
    (Thanks go to Harald Brennecke #1474)
  - b2: The last selected extension will now be remebered even if ac'tivAid 
    is quitted manually. (Thanks go to Tronje Bäßler #1476)

  - b11: Speeded up the list building, so the windows shows up faster
    (Danke an The man who loves the Eifel #1487)
  - b7: Automatic column width will be applied while building the list

  - b2: Wrong characters corrected. (Thanks go to Sven Knurr #1481)

  - b8: It's now possible to use characters like { and }.
    (Thanks go to Max Kottwitz #1496)

  - b11: As moving sidebar gadgets in Vista destroyed their appearance
    they're now ignored by the temporary desktop 
    (Thanks go to Kristof Eschberger #1511)

  - b6: Syntax checking works again in multi-user mode.
    (Thanks go to Kristof Eschberger #1488)
  - b3: The next update won't deactivate HotStrings anymore.
    (Thanks go to Henning Völlm #1438)
  - b2: Clicking onto the HotStrings configuration has changed the 
    configuration page (Thanks go to Eric Werner #1478)
  - b2: HotStrings have been deactivated after a reload.
    (Thanks go to Holger #1438)

  - b7: The cursor does not jump to the wrong field anymore.
    (Thanks go to Eric Werner #1493)

  - b11: pda.leo.org is working again (Thanks go to Sebastian #1507)
  - b10: The result cache is disabled if the option to show forum topics is
    enabled. (Thanks go to Mathias Kalb #1507)
  - b10: The tooltip won't hide anymore if lots of extensions are activated.
  - b9: A menu with orthographically similar words is presentet if there is 
    no search result. Previously LeoToolTip automatically used the first 
    Orthographically similar word. (Thanks go to Kongo #1507)
  - b9: It's now possible to show matching forum topics in the menu.
    (Thanks go to Kongo #1507)

  - b10: New option: "Automatically limit to primary montior when ac'tivAid 
    starts" (Thanks go to Jascha Hilz)
  - b8: The mouse can now be limited to the client area of the active window.
    (Thanks go to Simon Musall #1494)
  - b8: The mouse can now be temporary limited horizontally or vertically.
    (Thanks go to Dirk Schwarzmann #1454)

  - b11: New hotkeys for Shuffle and Repeat

  - b3: Indexing of paths with a % character is working again.
    (Thanks to Henning Völlm #1461)

    b10: When "Look for modifications to the note file" is enabled, sometimes
    the cursor jumped to the home position while typing.
    (Thanks for many tips #1337)
  - b4: Double click is working again (Thanks go to Juerg Sommer #1486)

  - b6: New option „use special quotation marks”

  - b2: Very long commands could cause to crash ac'tivAid on loading
    (Thanks go to Sebastian Hütter #1479)
1.3.0 - 2008-05-23 14:04
  - We now have a complete help file in English.
    (Many thanks to Michael Telgkamp for major work)
  - b120: Turning off extensions is directly displayed in the list
  - b120: After an update the settings should not be expected under
    All Users any more (Thanks go to Eric Werner #1469)
  - b120: DebugView is started minimized en doesn't cause ac'tivAid to crash
  - b119: When cleaning up the settings file, updates from some extensions
    were started. This let do corrupt settings. (Thanks go to Mathias 
    Kalb #1452)
  - b117: Fixed numerous typos and grammar errors   
    (Thanks go to Stephan Ehrmann)
  - b117: When cleaning up the settings file, many settings were lost 
    (Thanks go to Mathias Kalb #1452)
  - b117: In in a deactivated ac'tivAid, clicking 'Cancel' in the
    config windows caused some extensions to turn on again.
    (Thanks go to Michael #1456)
  - b116: You can now turn off the confirmation for checking for updates    
    through 'Additional Settings' (Thanks go to Thomas Maibaum #1450)
  - b116: Alert sound in search now is optional 
    (Thanks go to Thomas Maibaum # 1449)
  - b115: New extension 'FileHandle', split off off RemoveDriveHotkey 
  - b113: New option in settings file: DelayedUpdateCheck 
    (see readme)
  - b113: The list of all installed extensions can now display icons
  - b107: You can now place your own icons.ini in the settings-map to define
    your own icon set (see emptyIcons.ini)
  - b107: Fit templates to icons 
  - b107: New extension by David Hilberath: SpeechAction. Needs to have
    MS Speech SDK 5.1 installed (d/l free of charge from Microsoft).
    With this you can assign actions to voice commandos. Not quite 
    Star Trek, but still fun.
  - b106: Right click in configuration sometimes caused error messages
    (Thanks go to Leopold Schabel #1414)
  - b106: You can now define what action should be taken when the tray icon
    is left-, right- or middleclicked.
  - b106: RemoveDriveHotkey-menu can be defines sa TrayClick-menu
  - b106: Extensions can now define their own menu icons
  - b104: Removed all progress bars from configuration, they aren't necessary
    after the streamlining.
  - b102: Fixed the automatic update so it doesn't fail any more when you 
    use TypeWith9Keys. (Thanks go to Leopold Schabel #1326)
  - b102: You can now press Ctrl-A in the hotkey overview to highlight the 
    complete text.
  - b102: The configration window is creted much faster
  - b102: The extension MusicControl was split into the two extensions
    MusicPlayerControl and VolumeControl 
    (Thanks go to Michael for great work)
  - b100: New extension by Eric Werner: Surrounder. Inserts typical surrouder-
    characters context sensitive.
    (Quotes, brackets ...).
  - b99: When cleaning settings, occasionally settings were forgotten
    (Thanks go to Tronje Bäßler #1384)
  - b94: ac'tivAid turns itself off automatically as soon as the installer    
    is in the foreground. Tist guarantees that loaded help-DLLs (e.g.,
    sqlite) don't prevent the installation. (Thanks go to Tom #1351)
  - b93: If extensions are installed twice (unknown reasons) ac'tivAid doesn't
    crash anmyore but fixes itself after a warning 
    (Thanks go to Jürgen Meurer #F14647049)
  - b93: Managing extensions is now more logical
    (Thanks go to Michael)
  - b92: Error "Max window number is 99" fixed (Thanks go to Sven Knurr #1360 
    and Udo Nesshoever #1356)
  - b89: With the entry DebugToFile = C:\logdatei.txt in the ini-file you can
    create a log file (you also have to set DebugLevel = ALL and Debug = 1)
  - b89: New extension by David Hilberath: JoyControl 
  - b89: New extension by David Hilberath: RealExpose 
  - b88: The two-column tray menu (on small screens) always hid the first 
    menu optin in the second column
  - b85: The configuration window showed the green AutoHotkey icon on 
    first call. (Thanks go to Michael #1313)
  - b83: Using "Additional Settings" you can set the doubleclick-action of
    the tray icon to a single click.
  - b82: "Dump Variables" now always is visible in the help menu
  - b82: When a new version is available, you can use "What's new" to view
    the change log in the browser.
    (Thanks go to Ingo Freitag #1309)
  - b80: New extension MinimizeToTray by David Hilberath
  - b80: New extension TypeWith9Keys by David Hilberath
  - b76: extensions like EditWith or FileRenamer now work more reliably       
    when called through the context menu
    (Thanks go to Bastian #1277)
  - b74: Conflict check of Windows hotkeys showed an error message
    (Thanks go to R. Seidl #1292)
  - b73: Conflicts with default Windows hotkeys are displayed
    (Only when defining new hotkeys)
  - b69: If the working directory wasn't set, the button "check for updates"
    showed no error messages at all anymore. (Thanks go to Mark Gerber #1279)
  - b68: If the working directory wasn't set, the button "check for updates"
    showed an error message. (Thanks go to Mark Gerber #1279)
  - b68: On update the wrong settings were loaded.
    (Thanks go to Sven Knurr #1280)
  - b67: Some special keys which were displayed in ac'tivAid as SC112 or
    similar now are displayed with names. This uses the names Microsoft
    defined, so it is possible these names don't fit e.g. on a Logitech
    keyboard. (Thanks go to Maic Pippig)
  - b65: Double extensions and not displayed in extension management, but a
    warning is displayed.
    (Thanks go to Michael #1278)
  - b63: Ctrl+, can be used as a hotkey
    (Thanks go to Dirk Schwarzmann #1276)
  - b60: You can select the working directory in the configuration
  - b57: Manual update under Vista now loads the correct settings after the
    installer starts ac'tivAid. (Thanks go to Stephan Ehrmann)
  - b54: In extension management the description wasn't always updated 
    cprrectly (Thanks go to Sven Knurr #1261)
  - b52: When updateing through the menu the menu all emnu options were 
    unselected (Thanks go to Sebastian #1262)
  - b50: New extension KeyboardLayout, can be used to swap the keyboard 
  - b49: The tray menu is split in vertical columns if the screen is
    too small for it. (Thanks go to Tom Krumpschmid #1227)
  - b48: If a hotkey for changing the lay-out is selected, ac'tivAid warns
    about potential problems.
  - b48: Messages during loading now are displayed one after the other, 
    not simultaneously anymore.
  - b44: New extension: EditWith (Thanks go to Jens Rossbach #1236)
  - b42: New extension: MouseWheel (Thanks go to Matt Drayton #F14113299)
  - b41: Win+Shift+Q can now be used as hotkey
    (Thanks go to Markus Müller #1240)
  - b37: If Portable_ac'tivAid is not started from a USB stick and there are
    no write permissions in the map of ac'tivAid, the user profile is used
    to save the settings.
    (Thanks go to Christoph #F14160531)
  - b34: In most extensions variables now can be used in paths
    (Thanks go to Sebastian #1218)
  - b32: Multilevel hotkeys auch as in Calendar aren't detected as doubles
    anymore if the master hotkey is set.
    (Thanks go to Igor Sweet #1216)
  - b29: New extension LimitMouse: 
    traps the mouse in a window or application
    (Thanks go to Jack Tissen)
  - b24: InfoScreen() down't collide with ReadingRuler any more
    (Thanks go to Markus Mueller #1204)
  - b21: when removing a hotkey conflict ac'tivAid is reloaded so that the
    hotkeys work correctly (Thanks go to Stephan Ehrmann)
  - b16: Dump Variables doesn't show error messages on invalid characters
    (Thanks go to Lars Hupel #1181)
  - b16: Under Vista 64 bit the settings map is now created correctly
    (Thanks go to Bastian Schulz #1183)
  - b16: The horkey overview can be copied to the clipboard worh CTRL-C when
    the cursor is in the list.
    (Thanks go to Albert Winter)
  - b8: If some installed extensions cannot be loaded, these are automatically
    reinstalled after an error message
    (Thanks go to Stephan Ehrmann)
  - b6: "Portable ac'tivAid.exe" renamed to "Portable_ac'tivAid.exe" to
    prevent problems with an autorun.inf (Thanks go to S. Leuther #1167)
  - b2: In extension management the languages were swapped around
    (Thanks go to Michael Janszen #1135)
  - b1: The English descriptions of non-installes extensions are displayed, 
    too (Thanks go to Michael Janszen #1135)

  - b118: You can now copy entries to UserHotkeys straight from AppLauncher   
    (Thanks go to Jossekin Beilharz #881)
  - b115: If Enter is pressed during the start, AppLauncher doesn't crash.
    (Thanks go to Leopold Schabel #1375)
  - b103: Using the context menu you can vioew the properties of links
    (Thanks go to Michael)
  - b103: You can now also exclude directories using ExcludedFiles.dat 
    (Thanks go to Leopold Schabel #1411)
  - b102: Windows height is saved again. (Thanks go to Manuel Kappelhoff)
  - b101: Icons of programs that aren't indexed but called through the 
    PATHvariable (explorer.exe, cmd.exe)are now determined correctly 
    (Thanks go to Michael und Mathias #1387)
  - b91: Copying paths to clipboard now also works in simplified view 
    (Thanks go to Michael #1330)
  - b73: You can add special entries to CustomNames.dat that make certain
    that during indexing programs in a directory are provided with a link
    (see readme) (Thanks go to Ingo Freitag #1151)
  - b72: The index is recreated afte an update only if necessary
    (Thanks go to Michael)
  - b72: Closing the indexer window now can stop indexing.
    (Thanks go to Michael)
  - b64: The simplified view that only displays the search field in the start,
    now wiorks in all circumstances (Thanks go to Jens Rossbach #1157)
  - b64: Words in brackets and between other envelopers are found
  - b62: ac'tivAid functions without hotkey were displayed wrongly
  - b61: If the index has to be updated after a program update, this is now
    suggested automatically. (Thanks go to Andreas Brikalin #1271)
  - b55: If the configuration window was visible, calling another 
    configuration with AppLauncher caused a crash.
    (Thanks go to Mark Gerber #1263)
  - b54: If RunAsHelper crashes, no error message is displayed
    (Thanks go to Klaus #1253)
  - b53: Creating the history can be stopped by entering more characters.   
    (Thanks go to Stephan Ehrmann)
  - b52: Several minor bugfixes (Thanks go to Sebastian #1258)
  - b51: You can rename entries with F2 and assign your own names. The new
    name is visible only in AppLauncher, the opriginal file isn't changed.
    (Thanks go to Sebastian #1258)
  - b51: The icons of MSC files (e.g. devige manager, devmgmt.msc) are now
    displayed correctly (Thanks go to Michael)
  - b51: Links without target can now be indexed
    (e.g. the link to Software in the control panel)
    (Thanks go to Michael)
  - b48: New option 'Alternative method for "Run as ..."' te fix crash
    problem for some users. (Thanks go to Klaus und Michael #1253)
  - b47: Fixed some bugs related to Portable ac'tiAid 
    (Thanks go to Thomas Maibaum #1251)
  - b46: In Portable ac'tivAid twi index files are maintained. One is
    independent from the computer and always refers to the drive where 
    ac'tivAid is running- Thus indexing doesn't reindex the stick when 
    the computer is changed. This works only if one of the paths contains
    the variable %drive%
    (Thanks go to Sebastian #1219)
  - b45: Automatic reindeing on changnig computers now is optional
  - b45: Index files for Portable ac'tivAid are separate for each computer  
    Thanks go to Sebastian #1219)
  - b44: When directly entering commands, variables are now supported
    (Thanks go to Michael)
  - b42: Problems with %-character in paths fixed (Thanks go to Klaus #1244)
  - b41: New option green/grey check box forcommands and functions of
    (Thanks go to Michael)
  - b40: Improved icon display. In the list the correct 16x16 icons are
    displayed, not downscaled 32x32 icons. (Thanks go to Michael)
  - b38: If Portable ac'tivAid is run on a different computer from last time,
    the indexer starts automatically in the background (about 8 seconds after
    the start) (Thanks go to Sebastian #1219)
  - b38: There is a sort of phonetic search that rtries to find similar 
    terms if no direct hit was made
    (Thanks go to Sebastian #1219)
  - b37: The options in %Drive% was expanded so that variables such as
    A_Desktop or A_Programs can be used
    (Thanks go to Sebastian #1219)
  - b37: An entry in the ExcludedFiles.dat that was entered unding Ctrl-Del 
    also is removed from the history so it doesn't show up after being run
    (Thanks go to Markus Müller #1229)
  - b36: New extended setting "use path variable in index", this is handy
    to have on USB sticks. (Thanks go to Sebastian #1219)
  - b35: If dynamic indexing lasts more than 1 second, a message is displayed.
  - b34: A message in the configuration reminds that ExcludedFiles.dat exists.
  - b27: Once a command from the context menu was selected, it is reused
    on normal Run'.
    (Thanks go to Mark Gerber #1211)
  - b26: The contextmenu doesn't show up only aftermoving the mouse
    if the right mouse button has been assigned.
    (Thanks go to Mark Gerber #1212)
  - b25: In AppLauncher.ini you can enter applications that are listed in
    the context menu as "Run with %program%" 
    This is interesting e.g. for MachMichAdmin (also see help file)
    (Thanks go to Mark Gerber #1212)
  - b21: Link parameters are displayed and copied with Ctrl-Shift-C. 
    That way you can determine e.g. the complete call path for Jedit.
  - b19: Added context menu (Thanks go to Stephan Ehrmann)
  - b16: Ctrl+C/Ctrl+Shift+C can copy the path of the selected entry to
    the clipboard (Thanks go to Stephan Ehrmann)
  - b10: Entries can be run while the list is being built.
    (Thanks go to Stephan Ehrmann)
  - b4: Fixed problems with high system load
    (Thanks for many tips #1157)
  - b2: Manually (with Ctrl+Del) removed entries are removed from index
    permanently (Thanks go to Ingo Freitag #1150)
  - b1: Commands are added to history that are not in the index.
   (Thanks go to E. Hahn #1077)
  - b1: Search terms that don't hit still showed a path
    (Thanks go to Lars Hupel #1132)

  - b113: Applications can be added by searching for the file
  - b113: In the list the icons for extensions are displayed if the 
    option "Show icons in the extension list" under "ac'tivAid" is turned on.
  - b89: You can select not to regularly ask the current window but let
    Windows send a message to AutoDeactivate when a new windows is 
    activated (or: ShellHook is integrated). (Thanks go to David Hilberath)
  - b17: You can sleect whether to auto-deactivate all of ac'tivAid or single
    (Thanks go to David Obernöder)

  - b82: There is a new option so that programs that are supposed to run 
    before shutdown are also run on stand-by / sleep. 
    (Thanks go to Grosser Manitu #464)
  - b51: In the window the focus is on "Shutdown options", even when several
    operating systems can be elected (Boot.ini)
    (Thanks go to Patrick #F14204475)
  - b47: The option "Take a screenshot before shutting down the computer" 
    was moved to the extension ScreenShots so that the function also 
    works with the extension PowerControl.

  - b5: Changing the view with tab now also works on larger sytsem fonts.
    (Thanks go to H. U. Leibundgut)

  - b33: On the master hotkey ac'tivAid is shut off temporarily, so that the
    further keys don't collide with other hotkeys.
    (Thanks go to Igor Sweet #1216)
  - b19: Some options were moved to "Extended settings". 
    Added option for window transparency Option and always-on-top.
    If the option Wenn die Option "close window if it gets inactive" is turned
    off, the calendar doesn't close if a date is inserted.
    (Thanks go to Peter Musch #1197)
  - b2: On a minimized calendar the wrong poaition was ssaved.
    (Thanks go to Michael Aly)
  - b1: You can select whether to copy the date additionally or exclusively 
    to the clipboard (Thanks go to Horst Gössel)
  - b1: Default values for the month view have been changed to account for 
    readability on smaller resolutions. (Thanks go to Lars Hupel #1131)

  - b106: Characters 21-30, are now replaced again as indicated in the ini file
    (Thanks go to Matthias Büttner #1420)
  - b89: Checking for invalid characters in de letter lists.
    (Thanks go to Josef Hinteregger #1349)
  - b25: Letters are again used in the correct order for replacement.
    (Thanks go to Tom Krumpschmid #1213)
  - b19: You can set the number of keystrokes before replacement.
    (Thanks for the anonymous tip #1063)

  - b37: Removed default key assignment to prevent conflicts and
    involuntary deletion of files. (Thanks go to Tom Krumpschmid #1224)
  - b17: Corrected prefix in ClipboardFilesManager. (Thanks go to Jack Tissen)

  - b114: Interactive selection by ScreenShots is ignored now.
    (Thanks go to Eric)
  - b12: You can swap behaviour of "right and left mouse button" in the
    INI file (Thanks go to Günther Kaul)
  - b9: New hotkey: right and left mouse button.
    (Thanks go to Ludwig Kusch #1172)

  - b100: You can now also set the command line parameters
    (Thanks go to Wolfgang Wahlhütter #1397)

  - b4: You can set the window size manually

  - b108: On deinstallation the icons are now deleted again
    (Thanks go to Daniel Merbecks #1412)
  - b99: You can set several places simultaneously for the icons to appear.
    (Thanks go to hsli #F14741192)
  - b99: The drive icons can no be added to the favorite links in Vista.
    (Thanks go to hsli #F14741192)
  - b42: Improved determining the drive name of network drives. 
    (Thanks go to Peter Schauder #1243)
  - b37: The variable FileBrowserWithTree (ac'tivAid.ini) is now followed.
    (Thanks go to Peter Schauder #1234)

  - b37: Changed default hotkey from Ctrl+Alt+E (€ on German keyboards) to
    Alt+Shift+E (Thanks go to Tom Krumpschmid #1224)

  - b2: Next / previous in history now also works in file dialogues
    (Thanks go to Eric Werner)

  - b105: In search and replace strings leading and trailing spaces are
    not removed anymore.  (Thanks go to Udo Nesshoever #1419)
  - b101: There are a couple of sample RegEx (Thanks go to Mathias #1186)
  - b99: Replace now also accepts regular expressions if you prefix "Replace"
    with 'RegEx:' 
    (Thanks go to Jossekin Beilharz #1383)
  - b89: The renaming window always is moved to the visible area.
    (Thanks go to Udo Nesshoever #1348)
  - b84: Hotkeys are now ignored in special file managers (Total Commander 
    etc.) so that the same hotkeys can be set for those programs.
    (Thanks go to Jens Rossbach #1323)
  - b77: Workaround for 64 bit systems (Thanks go to Bastian #1277)
  - b71: You can rename desktop icons located under All Users that are also
    diplayed on the user's desktop.
  - b71: File names over several lines weren't selected completely.
    (Thanks go to Christian #1287)
  - b71: You can now delete an entry through the context menu
    (Thanks go to Mathias Kalb #1186)
  - b70: A message appears if no file was selected.
  - b70: The context menu doesn't appear twice if the right mouse button
    has been assigned extra funcntions.
  - b70: You can sort the file list on date using the context menu
    (Thanks go to Mathias Kalb #1186)
  - b37: The cursor is placed at the end of the highlight again
    (Thanks go to Christian #1231)
  - b29: You can use the current date when renaming
  - b29: New option to always show the large Rename-window, even if only one
    file is selected.
  - b17: The dialog for single files works again.(#1193)
  - b16: New option so that the name isn't highlighted when renaming single
    files. (Thanks go to Mathias Kalb #1186)
  - b16: New Option "Allow slashes", thus you can create subfolders.
    (Thanks go to Franz-Richard Kunze #1184)
  - b16: New option "Overwrite existing files".
    (Thanks go to Mathias Kalb #1186)
  - b16: New option "Increase numbering staring after renaming"
  - b15: You can now also use the date from Exif data. This is experimental.
    The first date is used that can be found in the first 1024 bytes of the
    file. (Thanks go to Ludwig Kusch #1174)
  - b14: There is no default setting for counter, time and date format.
    (Thanks go to Ludwig Kusch #1174)
  - b13: Date of creation and change were swapped around.
    (Thanks go to Ludwig Kusch #1174)
  - b11: ll values are saved an on next rename reset into the dialog if no
    defaults are set.
    (Thanks go to Ludwig Kusch #1174)
  - b11: Repeating the last renaming now works correctly.

  - b79: The option "Format numbers with local user preferences" uses the 
    number format of the real country and not only that of the main language.
    (Thanks go to Markus Bubendorf #1295)

  - b115: You can use ac'tivAid functions as AutoHotkey without alerting
    the syntax checker (e.g. performAction() )
  - b1: When clicking OK HotStrings now remembers the last selected HotString.

  - b6: You can select the ICL file using the INI file.
    (Thanks go to Andreas Wirth)
  - b4: Status display in the tray is correctly reset
    (Thanks go to Andreas Wirth)

  - b118: When pasting translations, not only the text in front of the comma 
    is inserted (Danke Leopold Schabel #1464)
  - b102: Added Italian-German to translations
    (Thanks go to Tony Modica #1407)
  - b95: Adapted LeoToolTips to the changes on dict.leo.org so that 
    correct results are displayed again.
    (Thanks go to Andreas Brikalin #1373)
  - b91: The last search term is displayed in the window "Enter search item"
    again (Thanks go to Michael #1359)
  - b79: The tooltip sometimes worked only once.
    (Thanks go to Günther Kaul)
  - b78: Now hotkeys like the right mouse button also work.
    (Thanks go to Günther Kaul)
  - b62: New option tries to auto-select the word under the cursor if no
    text is selected. (Thanks go to Ingo Freitag #1274)
  - b47: New option in the INI file: HistoryFileOnMenuCall
    This selects whether to add to the history only on selecting a menu item, 
    more in the help (Thanks go to Grosser Manitu and Denik from the 
    AutoHotkey forum)
  - b36: Error messages aren't placed in the cache and the last search item
    isn't cached by default.
    (Thanks go to Sven Knurr #1220

  - b13: When LikeDirkeyMenu was installed, no settings could be saved
    (Thanks go to Eric Lavarde #1171)
  - b6: Double hotkey assignment is now displayed
    (Thanks go to Günther Kaul)

  - b102: When minimizing the last window, a window was restored that
    was already minimized. (Thanks go to Manuel Kappelhoff)

  - b116: There is now also access to the copy function using
    performAction("MultiClipboard_Copy1") (e.g. from HotStrings)
  - b1130: Fixed error message on first use of MultiClipboard 
    (Thanks go to Jack Thissen)
  - b95: If the copy options aren't displayed in the menu, the keys 1 through 
    9 can be used for the separate menu entries.
  - b95: Added ClearClipboard as Additional Setting so that the option   
    also is avaiable in the menu.
  - b16: After insertion via hotkey no more clipboards could be added.
    (Thanks go to Hayo für den Bugfix #1192)
  - b14: Not all changes in the clipboard were passed through to 
    MutliCliptboard (Thanks go to Jack Tissen for the Bugfix #1178)
  - b5: New option to generally use the clipboards as pure text without
    formatting (Thanks go to Alex #1165)
  - b5: Fixed wrong display and processing of "Additional Settings"
  - b2: Improved handling of binary data, now screenshots are added
    to the menu correctly. (Thanks go to Frank Pawlak #1145)

  - b100: maxMonitors is saved to hopefully fix #1392 and #1393 

  - b115: Replaces the extension MusicControl, which was split into 
    MusicPlayerControl and VolumeControl 
  - MC b41: In Foobar 0.9.5 all commandos work again
    (Thanks go to Thomas Kutzner #1242)
  - MC b37: Foobar2000 v0.9.5 is now supported, the class name was changed
    (Thanks go to Thomas Kutzner #1223)
  - MC b25: Changed Play/Pause behavior for Winamp (Was Pause/Unpause) 
    (Thanks go to Michael)
  - MC b25: Turning off media keys is observed if no player was found
    (Thanks go to Michael)
  - MC b2: Windows Media Player is now supported directly
    (Thanks go to Simon #1141)
  - MC b1: Media keys now can also be simulated. Thus many more music
    players, such as Windows Music Player or JetAudio are supported
    (Thanks for the tips #1140, #1141)

  - b67: If no map (no file) could be created, an error message appears.

  - b67: If no map (no file) could be created, an error message appears.

  - b30: In the "strings to rmove before pasting" you can now user regular
    expressions to replace strings.
    (Thanks go to Igor Sweet #1214)
  - b26: AutoTrim still removed newlines in the option "Copy instead of
    Paste". (Thanks go to Igor Sweet #1214)
  - b20: AutoTrim removed newlines 
    (Thanks go to Ingo Gabriel #1201)

  - b95: You can select like with AutoShutdown that one OnShutDown-action 
    is to be run before stand-by / sleep. 
    (Thanks go to R. Seidl #1342)
  - b1: New hotkey for "Lock workstation" (Thanks go to Knarf #1139)

  - b115: There is now an option to support variable paths like in AppLauncher
    (%Drive%) (Thanks go to Manuel Kappelhoff)
  - b115: The index looked for the icon in the wrong place in multi-user mode.
    (Thanks go to Kristof Eschberger #1434)
  - b98: The indexer now doesn't use the icon of the task manager any more,
    this led to problems on a terminal. (Thanks go to Harald Brennecke)
  - b28: The length of the history can be set using the entry HistoryLength in 
    QuickChangeDir.ini (Thanks go to Henning Völlm #1202)

  - b102: Run selection (Ctrl+R) now automatically selects the word or URL 
    under the cursor if nothis has been selected
  - b100: The date (Ctrl+D) is now entered I local format
    (Thanks go to Michael)
  - b100: New option to automatically paste selected text to the end position
    (Thanks go to Sascha Larscheid #1388)
  - b89: New option: window title displays the file name
    (Thanks go to Ronny Jaekel)
  - b89: the maximum number of undo steps can be configured using the entry
    MaxUndos = 50 in the INI file. (Thanks go to Michael)
  - b89: Writing the undo file now needs considerably fewer hard disk
    accesses. (Thanks go to Michael)
  - b89: You can now swap between QuickNotes using Ctrl+Tab 
    (Thanks go to Michael)  
  - b84: Made mute cancelling optional.
    (Thanks go to Andreas Wirth #1316)
  - b56: New option to select whether quickNote always runs on top
    (Thanks go to Kristof Eschberger #1267)
  - b49: Improved variable handling in the path to the note file
  - b48: New option so that QuickNote is only shut on pressing the hotkey
    if the window way active, otherwise it is activated
    (Thanks go to Carlos #F14187231)
  - b21: QuickNote can now also be displayed in the task bar, thus it is
    also visible when swapping tasks with Alt-Tab
    (Thanks go to Dirk Schwarzmann #1203)
  - b12: New option "Show note window for 10 seconds at shutdown"
    (Thanks go to Andreas Brikalin #1177)

  - b53: If you press Ctrl twice quickly while ReadingRules is visible with
    startind end end position, the startposition is reset.
    (Thanks go to Hermann Ruckerbauer #1143)
  - b3: Screenshot function was removed. The extension ScreenShots now 
    automatically uses the area marked in Reading Ruler as selection.
    (Thanks go to Mathias #1155)

  - b96: Changes in the submenu "Additional settings" didn't cause the 
    "Apply" button to activate. (Thanks go to M. Kalb #1376)
  - b95: You can fold open the content of the directories in a submenu.
  - b95: Added "Clear all recent documents" to "Additional settings".
  - b24: Menu entries can be numbered (Thanks go to David Obernöder)

  - b120: NumLock kan now de turned off / on permanently 
    (checkbox gray / green) (Thanks go to Michael)
  - b119: New options to also automatically reset NumLock status
    (Thanks go to Tom Krumpschmid #1448)
  - b72: Added information about real change of keyboard lay-out to help 
  - b16: ScrollLock key can now also be reassigned.
    (Thanks go to Holger Moltrecht)

  - b115: Moved FileHandling part to separate extension 'FileHandle'
  - b89: ac'tivAid context menu extended (can use icons)
  - b89: Option to replace "Safely Remove Hardware" 
  - b89: If SysInternals's handle.exe is available on failed ejects the 
    responsible processes and handles are displayed.
    (3 times thanks go to David Hilberath)
  - b70: No wrong information any more if a CD drive is addressed
    (Thanks go to Michael)
  - b9: On some systems the CD eject message wasn't displayed correctly.
  - b9: Removed rhe check whether a drive is readable because it needed 
    to spin au the drive if a CD was in the drive.
  - b9: The CD tray can also be closed with RemoveDriveHotkey 
    (Thanks go to Andreas Wirth)

  - b117: Double click works again (Thanks go to Bernhard Sturm #1465)
  - b107: Further improvements for interactive selection.
  - b107: Tools palette can be reduced in size (black arrow over the buttons)
  - b106: Reworked interactive selection. You can now insert a tool palette 
    where you can insert measures numerically and other parameters such 
    as file names before the screen shot is taken. (Hasn't been extensively   
  - b106: New option to improve performance of interactive selection
  - b91: Conetxt menus from Firefox are detected
  - b90: You can select JPG quality
    (Thanks go to Susanne Gritsch #F14626843)
  - b89: The map with the screen shot can now be opened correctly, even if 
    there are commas in the file name.
  - b89: The function 'Active window' accepts contextmenus stretching beyond
    the window. (Thanks go to  Tom Krumpschmid #1351)
  - b89: Changed ScreenShots so that it can start .ahk-files automatically
    (for FTP upload) (Thanks go to David Hilberath)
  - b50: If the option "Filename of screenshot in clipboard" and in 
    MultiClipboard grau grün/grau aktiviert, dann kann über MultiClipboard 
    neben dem ScreenShot auch auf den Dateinamen zurückgegriffen werden
    (Thanks go to Hermann Ruckerbauer #1143)
  - b47: New option "Take a screenshot before shutting down the computer".
    This only works when shutting down with AutoShutDown of PowerControl.
  - b11: Leading zeroes are now applied correctly again.
  - b7: The target map for the screen shots is automatically appended with a
    \ if it is missing. (Thanks go to Mathias Kalb #1156)
  - b6: If the map for the file doesn't exist, it is created.
    (Thanks go to Christian #1156)
  - b5: Java Swing dialogues are also detected as problematic in interactive
    selection and the checkbox for shooting hidden windows is automatically
    (Thanks go to Dirk Schwarzmann #1133)
  - b5: Fixed problems with Ctrl+C and Open files automatically
  - b4: 3-layer checkbox "Save to file"
  - b4: Pipe symbol and " are replaced by underscores in file names. (#1160)
  - b3: If an area is highlighted in ReadingRuler, that is automatically used
    as a selection. (Thanks go to Mathias #1155)
  - b1: New option to generally turn off support for hidden windows.
    (Thanks go to Holger #1129)
  - b1: Message if GdiPlus.dll isn't available (Thanks go to Holger #1129)
  - b1: The crosshairs are now visible on all backgrounds
    (Thanks for the many messages #1133)
  - b1: Some users encountered the problem that on interactive selection
    the release of the left mouse button wasn't detected.
    (Thanks for the many messages #1133)
  - b1: Java windows are detected as problematic on interactive selection 
    and the checkbos for shooting hidden windows is deactivated 
    automatically. (Thanks go to Dirk Schwarzmann #1133)
  - b1: The transparency value of the dimming can be set using the variable 
    DimTransparency in the INI file.
  - b1: New option to let ScreenShots forget the selection.
    (Thanks go to Juerg Sommer)
  - b1: image files now can be opened automatically in an editor.
    (Thanks go to Frank Pawlak #1078)
  - b1: New option to confirm selection by releasing the left mouse button.

  - b118: The option "Keep multiple linebreaks" can be selected again.
    (Thanks go to Michael #1460)
  - b95: Added application of regular expressions to selection.
    (Thanks go to Carsten #1367)
  - b65: "Edit text with an external text editor" now recognizes HTML and
    adds .html to the temporary files so that the editor's syntax highlighting
    is applied correctly.
  - b63: If no line length or a length of 0 is supplied, the text is not
    wrapped, but depending on the settings newlines are removed from 
  - b63: Reworked "Reformat selection" (was Rewrap) and placed the options for
    this on a separate button ("More...")
  - b57: Added 4 new options to wrapping. It now supports paragraphs, quotes 
    from e-mails and lists. (Thanks go to Maic Pippig #1270)
  - b21: New command: edit text with a text editor, more about this in the
    readme. (Thanks go to Stephan Ehrmann)

  - b79: The tooltip sometimes worked only once.
    (Thanks go to Günther Kaul)
  - b78: Hotkeys such als Ctrl-right mouse button now work, too
    (Thanks go to Günther Kaul)
  - b76: Improved handling of umlauts
    (Thanks go to Sebastian #1273)
  - b75: Change to use OpenThesaurus.de, because querying the university
    Leipzig doesn't work any more. (Thanks go to Ingo Freitag)
  - b62: New option to automatically try the word under the cursor if no
    text is selected. (Thanks go to Ingo Freitag #1274)

  - b18: Automatic transparfency for Windows under the mouse can be turned 
    off. (Thanks go to Tom Krumpschmid #1062)

  - b121: <getControlText> can now copy text from ListViews, ComboBoxes, 
    DropDown-lists and the window title. (see readme).
    (Thanks go to Michael)
  - b116: MouseMoveTo/By support multiple monitors, but lose the option 
    to select the speed.
    (Thanks go to Dirk Schwarzmann #1439)
  - b100: On the menu option for the command <Config> all extensions are 
    now listed.
  - b96: Can now run Actions. Parameters can be handed over separated by ",", 
    e.g..: <PerformAction>ChangeProfile,Standard causesd JoyControl 
    to change the profile to "Standard".
  - b89: After you clicked on the delete button when no entry was available, 
    you got an error message if you then tried to create a new entry.
    (Thanks go to Michael #1331)
  - b82: <OnShutDown> npow runs programs so that the system waits for them
    to finish.
  - b73: The button "Insert special command" now shows on <ShowExtensionMenu>
    a submenu with all extensions.
  - b52: New variables %SelectionURL% and %SelectionURLPaste%, they pass the 
    selected text with URL-coding (space = %20 etc.).
    (Thanks go to Jens #F14205916)
  - b47: New special command <OnShutDown>
  - b22: Changing the window title can be turned on in <AOT> with 
    AOTModifyTitle in the INI file.
  - b14: Added special command <ControlClick> to enable virtual mouse clicks 
    on a control or a GUI co-ordinate.
    (Thanks go to Dirk Schwarzmann)
  - b7: In the <send>-commando spaced between HTML tags were removed
    (Thanks go to Stephan Ehrmann)

  - b108: Removed double horkeys. (Thanks go to Manuel Kappelhoff)
  - b107: Created full comatibility with Windows Vista.
  - b107: You can handle two devices / controllers indepentently with
    separate hotkey sets.

  - b119: The option 'Reset volume to "Volume 1" when ac'tivAid is launched"
    ius now saved correctly. (Thanks go to Günther Kaul)
  - b111: New option that returns the volume to Volume 1 on launching 
  - b107: Created full compatibility to Windows Vista.
  - b57: VolumeSwitcher now recalls the control settings.
    (Thanks go to Günther Kaul)
  - b41: The two hotkeys can be provided with a specific volume by turning off
    the second volume control.(Thanks go to Tom Krumpschmid #1225)

  - b89: The WebSearch window is split into several columns if the screen
    is too small. (Thanks go to Christian Riehl #1346)
  - b37: Direct hotkeys start the search window and run the search 
    immediately so you can see the hotkey was pressed. 
    (Thanks go to Tom Krumpschmid #1226)

  - b22: The function "Window always on top" can now change the window title
    again. (Thanks go to Sebastian #1205)
  - b20: New function to minimize Windows to the title bar. (WindowShade)
    (Thanks go to error00)
  - b18: New option to turn transparent Windows into click-through Windows.
    (Thanks go to Andreas Wirth #1085)

1.2.1 - 2007-11-09 07:39
  - Behaviour for changing to admin-mode was changed:
    ac'tivAid doesn't change the user rioghts of the current user, because 
    it doesn't apply the methods from machMichAdmin anymore, but uses the 
    system functions again.
    (Thanks go to Jens Meißner #888 and Mark Gerber #1105)
  - b73: On a failed update the old version is recovered automatically.
    (Thanks go to Mark Gerber #1011)
  - b72: Further reworking of the update function (#1011, #1117)
  - b68: Update nor correctly reloads ac'tivAid
    (Thanks go to Mark Gerber #1011)
  - b68: More debug-messages (für DbgView.exe) on applying the changes
  - b67: Extended FAQ with tips how to speed up configuration
    (Thanks go to Stephan Ehrmann)
  - b67: Removing an extension from the configuration doesn't remove it
    from the tray menu
  - b66: DevEject wasn't correctly moved to Library/Tools 
    (Thanks go to Mathias Kalb #1090)
  - b65: Trial: change to admin-mode is done with system functions to bypass
    the drawbacks of MachMichAdmin (#1105)
  - b65: Corrected newlines in the statistics
  - b64: madse statistic Windows more compact
  - b64: removed small bugs in statistics
  - b63: Statistics now display load time and generation time for the
    configuration window.
  - b57: Fixed problems with InfoScreen(), this  affected especially 
    RemoveDriveHotkey (Thanks go to Michael)
  - b56: Fixed bug with continuous reloading (can be stopped with Ctrl-+)
  - b54: InfoScreen now keeps the monitor in mind where the active program 
    runs (Thanks go to Dirk Schwarzmann #1100)
  - b54: Message explaining the cleanup function
    (Thanks go to Stephan Ehrmann)
  - b54: Vista-message that seetings map is moved only appears if it makes 
  - b53: The parameter "nosplash" to suppress the load symbol of ac'tivAid 
    works again (Thanks go to Mark Gerber #1102)

  - b66: If the extension ScreenShots isn't installed, no error message 
    appears (Thanks go to Steffen Sauter #1115)
  - b61: Indeexing state doesn't mix with the status bar of the configuration
  - b61: When indexing the proces priority is turned even further down to 
    cause less load for the system
  - b60: The option whether ac'tivAid functions should be indexed is now 
    applied correctly (Thanks go to maibaum1)
  - b60: You can now include maps in the index
    (Thanks go to maibaum1)
  - b60: Searching always starts at the beginning of the words, so the list 
    to remove words from the search string is unnecessary.
    (Thanks go to maibaum1)
  - b53: Entries in history now display the correct icon again.
    (Thanks for the messages under #1094)
  - b51: In links the file extensions aren't detected wrongly any more
    (Thanks go to Tronje Bäßler #1094)
  - b51: The configuration Windows of ac'tivAid extensions are now indexed

  - b63: Before chutdown a screenshot can be made.
    (Thanks go to Waldemar Litke)
  - b63: You can edit the time or delay for the shutdown if you click on wait.

  - b63: Fixed possible cause for double minimizing with right mouse
    button (Thanks go to Mark Gerber #1113)

  - b63: Occasionally no info window was displayed
    (Thanks go to Dirk Schwarzmann #1100)
  - b52: Transparency setting now is applied.
    (Danke Stephan Ehrmann)

  - b61: Keeps Vista SideBar now in mind, even if it isn't always on top.
    (Thanks for the anonymous tip #1109)

  - b53: Ejecting now works again through desktop / computer
    Thanks for the anonymous tip #1098)

  - b53: #Include doesn't cause situation any more that no HotStrings cannot
    be edited.

  - b65: Error messages aren't cached any more.
    (Thanks go to Eric Werner # 1114)

  - b62: Can now be called from AppLauncher 

  - b62: A tooltip remained on screen (Thanks go to Andres Kohlbach #1110)
  - b57: AutoHotkey Windows from other scripts are correctly rebuilt.
  - b55: The original window form cannot be changed any more, you can
    set the corner radius of the hole, up to a circular hole.

  - b63: Monitoring the clipboard works again
    (Thanks go to Andres Kohlbach #921)

  - b52: Changed behaviour of the password protected screen saver so that 
    it works more reliably and under Vista.
    (Thanks go to Stephan Ehrmann)

  - b63: Ocaasionally, no info window was displayed.
    (Thanks go to Dirk Schwarzmann #1100)

  - b52: New hotkey "Directly last interactive selection"
  - b51: Support for multimonitor use.

  - b51: corrected FlipSlashes (Thanks go to Mathias Kalb #1092)

  - AHK scripts now van also be called with parameters
    (Thanks go to complx85)
  - b67: New special commando <Config>
  - b62: New special commando <ShowExtensionMenu>

  - b54: using a value in the INI file (see readme) a delay between multiple
    requests can be set. (Thanks go to Karsten Paulini #1103)
  - b54: Added tip for IE to the readme. (Thanks go to Karsten Paulini #1103)