JavaLand-Speaker V: Interview mit Simon Ritter

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Das JavaLand rückt immer näher. Also der Termin, an dem die neue Java Konferenz erstmalig im Phantasialand in Brühl stattfindet. Ich habe schon ein wenig in den vergangenen Wochen darüber berichtet und möchte die Chance nutzen, nach und nach ein Paar der Speaker vorzustellen, die sich mit ihren Vorträgen an dem vielfältigen Programm beteiligen. Heute ist es Simon Ritter.

Simon Ritter (@speakjava) (Bild: Markus Eisele)

Simon leitet das Evangelisten-Team bei Oracle und beschäftigt sich mit dem Internet der Dinge. Er startete 1996 bei Sun mit Java und war auch als Berater im Einsatz. Bei Oracle beschäftigt er sich mit emerging technologies inklusive cloud computing, wireless sensor networks, and gestural interfaces. Auf Twitter findet man ihn als @speakjava.

Have you ever been to Germany before and where? What did you takeaway as best/worst memory?

Ritter: Yes, I have been to Germany many times and to many places; just the ones I can remember are Cologne, Munich, Hamburg, Dusseldorf, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Berlin, Bremen and Frankfurt, as well as a school trip along the Rhine, which was great fun. I don't think I have a worst memory, but for best memeories I do remember a wonderful evening in a beer garden one summer and driving at 150mph (240kmh) on the Autobahn.

If you'd be asked to describe the conference atmosphere in Germany generally what would you say?

Ritter: In a word, great! I find the attendees in Germany really know their stuff and are very well educated, technically. The level of questions I get when I present in Germany is always very high.

What was the most uncommon location for a developer conference you've been to in the past? How does the theme park idea of JavaLand compares to it for you.

There are a couple of places that stick in my memory: one was the aquarium in Barcelona where the screen drops down in front of a huge fish tank. It was great fun for the audience to watch me and the fish at the same time! The other was on the first level of the Eiffel Tower. There is a small conference centre and I gave a presentation there many years ago. I think presenting at a theme park will definitely be in my top three venues!

Thank you Simon for answering my questions! It's a pleasure to have you in JavaLand!

Simon wird die "55 New Features in Java SE 8" und seinen legendären "Is It a Car? Is It a Computer? No, It’s a Raspberry Pi Java Carputer" vorstellen.