TechEd IT Forum: Folien und Demos zum Vortrag "Windows Scripting in the Secure Way"

Der Dotnet-Doktor Holger Schwichtenberg  –  0 Kommentare

Die Folien und Demos zu meinem TechEd Europe 2006-Vortrag "Windows Scripting in the Secure Way" sind jetzt für jedermann verfügbar.

SEC307 Windows Scripting in the Secure Way

1. Security Models, Identity, Impersonation
2. Getting secrets (e.g. passwords) from the user
3. Hiding script content with script encoding and packaging
4. Impersonation and Authentication using Script Components and COM+
5. Database Access / SQL Injections / Input Validation using Regular Expressions
6. Password Hashing using CAPICOM
7. Encrypting and Decrypting Data using CAPICOM
8. Restrict Scripts, Script Signing, Software Restriction Policies 9. Scripting Security in Windows Vista
10. Security in the Microsoft PowerShell