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+++BREAKING NEWS+++ BUK missile manufacturer on MH17 shooting over Ukraine LIVE


10:44 GMT:
We can not explain Ukraine air traffic control activity at time of crash, black box should reveal

10:38 GMT:
A lot of absolutely contradictory information in Western media about circumstances of MH17 tragedy

10:35 GMT:'We do not rule out other versions, but we stand by our analysis that BUK M1 hit MH17'

10:34 GMT:
The Ukrainian General Staff says that Ukraine possesses BUK M-1 missile systems, but that on the day of the MH17 crash Ukraine was not in control of the area where it is suspected the missile was fired.

10:34 GMT:
We do technical analysis, do not speculate on whether Kiev or self-defence side to blame:

10:34 GMT:
Almaz-Antey is still entertaining the possibility that another aircraft may have been involved in the downing of flight MH17.

10:32 GMT:
The country that possessed the missile that hit flight MH17 remains unknown

10:29 GMT:
"If necessary, we can carry out a field test... with the participation of independent experts," Malyshev says. "We are willing to carry out a demolition of a 9M38M1 missile at a specified angle and aimed at the same model aircraft."

10:19 GMT:
The missile could not have been fired from Snezhny, as the survey findings are consistent with it being fired from the Zaroschshenskoe village. If it were fired from Snezhny, "the entire front end of the cabin would have been blown off"

10:16 GMT:
The missile that struck the Boeing aircraft was a very specific type - one not produced in the Russian Federation since 1999

10:14 GMT:
Almaz-Antey has evidence that the BUK-M1 air defense missile system and accompanying missiles have been still deployed with the Ukrainian Armed Forces in
2005. According to their evidence, they had a total of 991 9M38M1 missiles at the time

10:08 GMT:
“During the first stage of our investigation, the type of system was established. It was a Buk-M1 system -NATO reporting name SA-11-, a 9M38-M1 rocket and a 9M314 warhead,”

10:02 GMT:
The damage caused to the aircraft appears consistent with the 9M38-M1 missile, which has a specific "scalpel" trajectory, with 40 percent of shrapnel breaking apart in a perpendicular fashion to the initial trajectory of the missile - Malyshev

10:01 GMT:
The version of events that saw MH17 hit with a missile launched from the Snezhny district is full of inconsistencies - Malyshevsky

09:55 GMT:
Traces of Buk 9M38M1 missile fragments found on remains of MH17 Boeing - manufacturer.

09:49 GMT:
The character of the damage caused to the aircraft is consistent only with the BUK9M38 and BUK9M38-M1 missiles, if the BUK missiles are in question - Malyshevsky

09:46 GMT:
The BUK 9M317 missile type employed by the Russian Armed Forces is out of the question here, as the shape of the fragments does not match the damage caused to the aircraft - adviser to the head engineer Mikhail Malyshevsky

09:41 GMT:
Almaz-Antey showing what it claims to be evidence that Ukrainian Buk M1 downed #MH17. pic.twitter.com/pKLX9kDJud

09:35 GMT:
'The damage to MH17 allows us to identify the most likely type of missile': BUK missile maker at media conference now

09:33 GMT:
"The purpose of today’s conference is to prove our non-involvement in the MH-17 tragedy," Almaz-Antey to reporters.

09:33 GMT:
EU sanctions against the BUK missile manufacturer Almaz-Antey are motivated by its alleged complicity in the tragedy of the MH17 flight shot down over east Ukraine, CEO Yan Novikov told reporters.

09:31 GMT:
'We are suing EU for unjustified sanctions against us': missile manufacturer Almaz-Antey at media conference now

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