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World Holocaust Forum at Yad Vashem: Hijacking the Shoah, Whitewashing Nakba

Nadav Frankovich published the account of Umar al-Ghubari on his Facebook timeline. Frankovich translated it from Arabic. This is my translation of his Hebrew version:

To the Leaders of the World Holocaust Forum:

After concluding your festival at the Israeli Yad Vashem museum–preserving the memory of the Shoah, which took place in Europe, and which was founded upon [the Palestinian village of] Hirbat al-Hamama nearby the expelled village of Ein Karem–go out on the museum’s porch which offers a northern view. Look out to the hill that stands opposite you and ask your guests what occurred there 72 years ago, a mere three years following the Shoah and Auschwitz.

Ask about Deir Yassin and its residents. Ask about the slaughter, about the village erased from the earth in a single day, during which it was attacked before sunrise by terrorists of our land . They butchered more than 120 residents of the village and expelled more than 500 others in a clear act of ethnic cleansing on that dark Friday, April 9 1948.

After the slaughter, they desecrated the victims’ bodies and drove the horror-sricken surviving women and children in a procession through the Jewish neighborhoods of Jerusalem, cheering, celebrating and waving their arms in victory. Then they dumped them at the Jaffa Gate [East Jerusalem]. Afterward they looted all their possessions, took over their homes and olive orchards and ransacked them. There has never been a return to Deir Yassin.

Then look to the southeast and ask about Ayn Karem, which was said to be the native village of the prophet Zecharia and John the Baptist. There Muslims and Christians lived in harmony for hundreds of years until racist colonialism arrived from your Europe when the colonialist forces arrived here in 1948, at the place you are now standing. That was Hirbat al-Hamama and nearby Mt. A-Shurafa, which later became Mt. Herzl. They shelled the village and expelled all its residents while under heavy fire. They were uprooted and became refugees who continue to seek to return to their homes. Even to this day.

Just like Deir Yassin and Ayn Karem. there are hundreds of such Palestinian towns and villages which suffered ethnic cleansing, and more than 7-million Palestinian refugees. Most of the [remaining ]Palestinian people live under apartheid, a racist regime of dispossession, siege and conquest. What are you doing on their behalf?

The exterminaton and expulsion of the Jews happened in your own Europe–so from our point of view you resolved it [your crime] on our lands making us pay your bill. The Jews of Europe are your victims. Today’s Israeli Jews are our opressive colonial attackers.

Your support of them is a collaboration in the attack on Palestine and its ongoing Nakba.

As these European gentlemen/ women discuss weighty subjects of genocide and ethnic cleansing in their native countries, they ought not to lose sight of Israeli Nakba and ethnic cleansing. Because as the Jewish people recovered from the suffering of the Holocaust in Eretz Yisrael, the new state founded on its ashes repeated a similar crime against the Palestinian people. To paraphrase an old saying: one crime does not deserve another.


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