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ich empfehle, sich die Fragen zur Studie anzusehen.

die Befragung / Stude ist verlinkt, in der Befragung findet sich dann wieder ein Link zu den Fragen.
The questionnaire included behaviorally specific questions that assessed being a victim of sexual violence, stalking, and intimate partner violence over the respondent's lifetime and during the 12 months before interview. A list of the verbatim questions used in the 2011 survey can be found at http://stacks.cdc.gov/view/cdc/24726.

wer dem Link folgt, sollte tief einatmen und sich die Fragen einmal ansehen.
Sometimes unwanted sexual contact happens after a person is pressured in a nonphysical

How many people have you had vaginal, oral, or anal
sex with after they pressured you

doing things like telling you lies, making
promises about the future they knew were
untrue, threatening to end your relationship,
or threatening to spread rumors about you?

wearing you down by repeatedly asking for
sex, or showing they were unhappy

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