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Trump's decision on Jerusalem: What difference does it make?

If you asked my mother and most of her generation what difference Donald Trump's decision to move the US embassy to Jerusalem would make, the answer would be: "None whatsoever."

Whether in Tel Aviv or in Jerusalem, the US embassy would still be sitting on Palestinian land. This is a land that was invaded, usurped and occupied by Zionists who, many Palestinians still believe, don't belong where they happen to be living today.
My mother passed away 31 years ago still hoping that one day she would return to her birth place in Beersheba, or Bi'r Al-Sab', as it is known in Arabic. Since her parents and their children fled their house in 1948, she managed to visit the house she grew up in only once in 1974.

It had been turned into some offices. She stood at the door weeping and begging to be allowed in just to have a glance. "No chance," she was told.

Oslo revisited: Was the US ever the 'honest broker'?

'Israel did everything, but it was not able to break the will of the Palestinian people (during the Intifada). Oslo broke it'

Why is EU feeding croissants to war criminal Netanyahu?

Why has Netanyahu been invited to an “informal breakfast,” hosted by Federica Mogherini, the European Union’s foreign policy chief?

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