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Re: Looking for the Best WooCommerce Host

Alvinarichard Alvinarichard schrieb am 20.08.2019 13:03:

Hello Everyone,

I have found some of the [url=""] [host WooCommerce] providers such as, Cloudways, Siteground, WPEngine, etc. and I personally like Cloudways.

Can any one please help me to migrate my WooCommerce website from shared to cloud?

Actually you're kind of lucky that you didn't get any responses until now. They would have been only about the fact that this is "a German Forum"… People usually react quite aggressive to others that try to speak English here. (I don't get this, but happens every time).

Also this is not the best place to seek for help with "real" projects. The Heise Forum is more a place everybody comes only to complain about something (or everything)! ;-)

To get a quick answer to a concrete question things like Gitter Chat are better suited.

To get something like above done on the other hand you likely need to consult some (commercial) professionals in that field. But you could of course ask here in the forums whether someone knows some people or company doing stuff like that. (Also I would suggest to do this as an off-topic question in a slightly related forum; the "topic" forums are rarely visited as you can see).

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