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Sorry, aber die "Erpresser" haben wohl ein Datenproblem

Lustigerweise ist bei mir ebenfalls so eine Mail eingetrudelt.
Nur doof, dass das genannte Passwort definitiv von mir nie benutzt wurde. KeePass generiert so schräges Zeug, das war eindeutig nicht dabei.

Ein mit "Klarnamen" Hailee Danielsson schrieb mir:

I know vuhosysa one of your password. Lets get right to the purpose. Absolutely no one has paid me to investigate about you. You may not know me and you are most likely thinking why you are getting this mail?

In fact, I installed a software on the xxx vids (porn material) site and there's more, you visited this site to experience fun (you know what I mean). When you were viewing video clips, your web browser initiated functioning as a Remote Desktop that has a key logger which provided me with access to your display screen and also cam. after that, my software program collected your complete contacts from your Messenger, FB, as well as emailaccount. And then I created a video. First part shows the video you were watching (you have a fine taste haha), and next part displays the view of your webcam, yea its you.

You have two different possibilities. We are going to study the possibilities in aspects:

First option is to disregard this e-mail. In this instance, I will send out your very own video to all of your personal contacts and think about regarding the humiliation you feel. Or should you be in a relationship, how this will affect?

2nd option should be to pay me $3000. We are going to think of it as a donation. As a result, I will instantaneously remove your video. You can continue on with your life like this never took place and you would never hear back again from me.

You'll make the payment through Bitcoin (if you do not know this, search "how to buy bitcoin" in Google).

BTC Address: 156PbRApSvHnsJPVaGnFmNAy34G9Bzpctv
[CASE SENSITIVE so copy and paste it]

If you have been looking at going to the cops, okay, this message cannot be traced back to me. I have taken care of my steps. I am also not looking to ask you for money a lot, I just want to be rewarded. I've a special pixel in this email, and now I know that you have read through this e-mail. You have one day in order to make the payment. If I do not receive the BitCoins, I definitely will send out your video to all of your contacts including relatives, colleagues, and so forth. Having said that, if I receive the payment, I will erase the recording immidiately. It is a non:negotiable offer and so do not waste my time and yours by replying to this mail. If you want to have proof, reply with Yup! & I will certainly send out your video recording to your 14 friends.=

Nö, sowas beklopptes wie "vuhosysa" würde ich nie als Passwort nehmen.
Sind das jetzt Trittbrettfahrer, oder haben die einfach "mailadresse" und "password" verdaddelt?

Naja, ein "special pixel" war da auch nicht drin. Wäre heutzutage eh vergebliche Liebesmüh...

Ich hab ja nix dagegen, wenn ich intelligent verarscht werde. Aber das hier ist nichtmal "müdes lächeln"...

Der Taschentux

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