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Replacing 3.7V 18650s with 3.6V

Hopefully this'll be an easy one, I don't know much about rechargeable batteries.

I'm fixing a radio for someone and one of the cells in the battery pack is duff (0.18V) and the radio just won't work when the battery pack is plugged in. The pack is 3 18650s in series with what looks like a battery banacer system on a chip (it has some extra wires going to the batteries so I'm guessing it's for individual cell checks?). The chip has had all the details ground off so can't look up datasheet info.

The cells say "ICR18650 2000mah 3.7V", the pack said 11.1V total. I have access to some Samsung 2000mah 3.6 V ones.

I've measured the charging voltage as 12.6V from the radio pins. Would the balance board be setup for 3.7Vs or could it handle 3.6V fine?

thanks for viewing. Was told to post here instead.

Note: I am replacing them all at the same time as the radio is several years old. The old cells are Lithium-Cobalt and the ones that I want to replace it with are Lithium manganese nickel (vape batteries).

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