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Edgar Allan Poe in his time

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squarePoe's maternal grandparents, Henry Arnold and Elizabeth Smith, both actors at the Covent Garden Theatre (London), marry in June.

squareIn springtime their daughter Elizabeth Arnold (Poe's mother-to-be) is born in London.

squareApparently, Henry Arnold dies (his name is on the play bills no more).

squareElizabeth Arnold (Henry's widow) has continued to play at the Covent Garden Theatre, but in November she leaves London for the United States, with her daughter.

squareJanuary 3: Mother and daughter arrive in Boston on board the ship Outram.

squareOn January 19 Edgar Poe is born in Boston. At the time his parents are playing at the Federal State Theater.

squareDecember 8: Poe's mother Elizabeth dies. From now Poe on stays at the Allan family (John and Francis Allan).

squareJuly 28: arrival in Britain with the Allan family.

squarePoe attending school at Manour House, Stoke-Newington, near London.

squareJuly 21: back in New York. On August 2: the Allans and Poe stay with Charles Ellis (Allan's partner).

squareThe Allans including Poe, move to Fifth Street. Poe attends Clarke School (until December 1822).

squarePoe attends William Burke's School.

squareJune 28: the Allans purchase a house (Fifth and Main Street).

squareFebruary 14: Poe enters University of Virginia (Charlottesville).
squareDecember 15: Poe leaves University of Virginia.

squarePoe and John Allan have a serious row.
squareMarch 24: Poe leaves Richmond for Boston.
squareApril 7: arrival in Boston.
squareMay 26: Poe enlists in the US Army, under the name Edgar A. Perry. He is sent to Fort Independence (Boston Harbour). Tamerlane and other Poems (anonymously: "by a Bostonian") published.
squareNovember 8-18: Poe on his way to Fort Moultrie, Charleston, SC.

squareDecember 11-15: Poe on his way to Fortress Monroe, VA.

squareJanuary 1: Poe obtains rank of Seargent Major.
squareFebruary 29: Francis Allan dies.
squareApril 15: voluntary retirement from the army. Poe goes to Washington.
squareAutumn: Poe stays with his aunt Mrs. Maria Clemm and her daughter Virginia (Baltimore).
squareDecember, Al Aaraaf, Tamerlane and Minor Poems is published in Baltimore.

squareJune: Poe at the US Military Academy at West Point, NY.

squareFebruary 19: Poe leaves West Point.
squareIn April the second Edition of Poems by Edgar A. Poe is published in New York.
squareDuring the summer Poe stays again with the Clemms in Baltimore.

squareFive tales published by The Philadelphia Saturday Courier.

squareOctober 12: Poe wins the first prize in a competition in The Baltimore Saturday Visitor with MS. Found in a Bottle.

squareMarch 27: John Allan dies, leaving nothing to Poe.

squareFour tales published by The Southern Literary Messenger.
squareAugust: Poe leaves Baltimore for Richmond to become an Aassistant editor of The Southern Literary Messenger.
squareOctober 3: Mrs. Clemm and her daughter Virginia come to Richmond.

squareMay 16: Poe and Virginia (< 14) marry.

squareJanuary 3: Poe leaves the Messenger.
squareFebruary: He goes to New York (living first at Sixth Avenue and Beverly Place, then at 113 Carmine Street).

squareJuly: The Narrative of Arthur Gordon Pym published in New York.
squareSummer: Poe moves to Philadelphia.

squareThe Conchologist's First Book published in Philadelphia.
squareJune: Poe becomes assistant editor of Burton's Gentleman's Magazine.

squareTales from the Grotesque and Arabesque published in Philadelphia. Poe leaves Burton.

squareApril: Poe becomes editor of Graham's Magazine.
squareJuly: unsuccessful attempt of Poe's to become a clerk in the Treasury Department in Washington.

squareJanuary: Virginia breaks a blood vessel while singing.
squareMay: Poe leaves Graham's Magazine.

squareThe Prose Romances of Edgar A. Poe published in Philadelphia.

squareApril 7: Poe moves to New York.

squareJanuary 29: The Raven published by the Evening Mirror (New York), of which Poe is assistant editor.
squareMarch 8: Poe becomes one of the editors of The Broadway Journal.
squareMay: Poe moves to 195 East Boradway, New York.
squareOctober 24: He obtains the post of proprietor of The Broadway Journal.
squareNovember: The Raven and Other Poems published in New York.
squareWinter: removal to 85 Amity Street, New York.

squareJanuary 3: The Broadway Journal doesn't exist anymore.
squareMay: removal to a cottage in Fordham.

squareJanuary 30: Virginia dies.

squareFebruary 3: Poe reads Eureka at New York Society Library.
squareJune: Eureka published in New York. Poe proposes a book titled Literary America.
squareJune 10: Poe lectures at Lowell, MA, where he meets Mrs. Nancy Locke Heywood Richmod ("Annie").
squareJuly 17: Poe goes to Richmond. VA.
squareSeptember 21: Poe travels to Providence, RI, to meet Mrs. Sarah Helen Whitman to whom he makes a proposal of marriage.
squareNovember: another journey to Providence for the same reason, then proceeds to Boston where he tries to commit suicide.
squareDecember 20: Poe lectures in Providence.
squareDecember 22: a marriage agreement is drawn up, the wedding is to take place a few days later, but the engagement is broken off.

squareSpring: Poe attempts to get the support of E. H. N. Patterson of Oquawka to start a new magazine.
squareJune 30: Poe goes to Richmond.
squareJuly: He arrives at John Sartain's home in Philadelphia in a state of delirium.
squareJuly 13: He goes to Richmond and meets Sarah Elmira Royster, whom he hopes to marry.
squareAugust 17: He gives a lecture in Richmond on The Poetic Principle.
squareSeptember: Poe gives the same lecture again, in Norfolk and Richmond.
squareSeptember 27: Poe goes to New York.
squareOctober 3: Poe is discovered unconscious in Baltimore and taken to Washington College Hospital.
squareOctober 7: Poe dies at 5 am.

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