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revised 8/94

Journal of the performances and recordings of the band Primordial 
Undermind and associated Primordial productions.

Email to

Eric Arn


AIDS Book Review Journal

Reviews books, videos, journal titles, and other materials 
covering AIDS, safer sex, and sexually transmitted diseases.

Message listserv@uicvm.bitnet or, SUBSCRIBE 

Message listserv@uicvm.bitnet or, INDEX 

H. Robert Malinowsky


AM/FM Online Edition

A monthly compilation of news stories from the UK radio industry. 
It reports on current events and news on BBC National and Local 
Radio, Independent National and Local Radio and satellite radio 



Stephen Hebditch, or


American Mathematical Society Bulletin

The AMS mathematical journal distributed to all members as a 
privilege of membership.  A refereed paper journal with an 
Internet counterpart as of 1992.

All issues located on AMS gopher.  Gopher to:

David Rodgers



Science fiction (and SF fandom) news/gossip.


Ftp: cd /pub/Ansible

David Langford


Arachnet Electronic Journal on Virtual Culture

Fosters, encourages, advances, and communicates scholarly thought, 
including analysis, evaluation, and research, in multiple 
disciplines about virtual culture.

Message listserv@kentvm.bitnet or, 

Ftp:, cd  /pub/ejvc
Listserv:  listserv@kentvm.bitnet or

Ermel Stepp, Editor in Chief or M034050@MARSHALL


Architronic; The Electronic Journal of Architecture

Scholarly and critical ideas about architecture, broadly defined. 
Gathers and disseminates articles not only of occasional but also 
of permanent interest. It will be a platform for both presenting 
and reviewing research as a journal, while providing a forum for 
stimulating dialogue on emerging ideas.

Message or listserv@kentvm.bitnet, 

Ftp:, login: ARCHITECTURE;  password: ARCHIVES
get 00nd.txt (index of Architronic files)

arcitron@kentvm.bitnet, or


Arm The Spirit

An autonomist/anti-imperialist collective that disseminates 
information about liberation struggles in advanced capitalist 
countries and in the so-called  "Third World". Focus is on armed 
struggle and other forms of militant resistance, but not limited 
to this. Contains news on political prisoners in North America and 
Europe, information on the struggles of native peoples in the 
Americas, communiques from guerrilla groups, debate and discussion 
on armed struggle, and much more. Covers anti-colonial national 
liberation struggles in Kurdistan, Puerto Rico, Euskadi, and 
elsewhere. Perspective is anti-capitalist and anti-imperialist, 
but includes the struggle against patriarchy, racism, and 
homophobia. The development of a coherent revolutionary praxis is 
not rooted in dogmatic ideologies, but in an anti-authoritarian 
practice that draws upon many different strands of revolutionary 

Email:; header: ``ATS: e-mail request'' 
message: include email address; 

Ftp:, cd /poli/Arm.the.Spirit/


Armadillo Culture

A fanzine about happenings, concerts and events in the DC area 
with focus on the underground/indie/punk scene as well as articles 
and general info on cyberculture. Each issue features a couple 
short surrealistic fiction pieces or poetry as well as music and 
concert capsule reviews, interviews, and a general cataloging of 
the staffs' travels both in real life and on the Net.


Ftp:, cd /pub/zines/Armadillo.Culture

Steve Okay


Artificial Life Journal

Artificial Life is the primary forum for international scientific 
and engineering research in this new discipline.  The journal 
reports on synthetic biological work in such diverse media as the 
"wetware" of organic chemistry, the "hardware" of mobile robots, 
and the virtual "software" inside computers.  Covering topics from 
the origin of life, through self-reproduction, to evolution, 
growth and development, and animal behavior, all the way to the 
dynamics of whole ecosystems, its articles present synthetic 
approaches to the spectrum of biological phenomena.  Occasional 
special issues will focus explicitly on such topics as genetic 
algorithms, artificial cells, computer viruses, and the many 
social and philosophical issues that arise from the attempt to 
snythesize life artificially.

Telnet, gopher, www, ftp:

MIT Press

Astronomical Society of the Atlantic

See Electronic Journal of the Astronomical Society of the Atlantic


Bad Subjects: Political Education for Everyday Life

Bad Subjects is published monthly, to the extent our limited 
resources make possible.  Bad subjects is intended to promote 
radical thinking and public education about the political 
implications of everyday life.  We offer a forum for rethinking 
American "progressive" or "leftist" politics.

Gopher: 52374

Gopher: 52374
Ftp:, cd /Journals/Bad-Subjects

Joe Sartelle, Chief of Operations


Banks of the Boneyard

The Journal of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) at 
the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign  (student chapter 



Editor, Banks of the Boneyard


BEN;  Botanical Electronic News

BEN deals with botany and plant ecology of predominantly British 
Columbia and the Pacific Northwest (from California to Alaska) 
with broader references to planet Earth.

usenet: bionet.plants


Dr. Adolf Ceska


Body Electric

An edited literary journal consisting of the finest in fiction, 
poetry, nonfiction and literary criticism.

Gopher: under LSU Campus...Gopher and Information 


Dwain Zack


Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Timely and interesting reviews of current work in Greek and Roman 
studies. Responses to reviews and multiple reviews of the same 
book are encouraged.  Reviewers are drawn from a wide range of 
institutions. In 1991 and 1992 approximately 130 individual titles 
were reviewed each year. Published in paper and in electronic 
versions with a numbering of issues in both forms that facilitates 




James J. O'Donnell


Bryn Mawr Medieval Review

Bryn Mawr Medieval Review distributes reviews of current scholarly 
work in the field of medieval studies (widely understood:  when in 
doubt whether a topic is "medieval", we prefer to include), 
following the model of Bryn Mawr Classical Review.  BMMR began in 
summer 1993 and, unlike BMCR, has no paper distribution.  There is 
some overlap in coverage with BMCR and  those who wish to receive 
both journals without overlap should see the entry for Bryn Mawr 
Reviews. SUBSCRIBE BMMR-L Your Name



James J. O'Donnell


Bryn Mawr Reviews

Bryn Mawr Reviews is an umbrella title that comprises at present 
two e-journals supplying reviews of current scholarly literature 
in discrete fields of the humanities.  It is our hope that the 
umbrella will eventually encompass additional titles.  Each 
distinct journal distributes by e-mail book reviews of current 
work (by "current" we mean generally that books are reviewed 
within the calendar year of publication or the next year -- as of 
Feb. 1994, for example, we are not publishing reviews of 1992 work 
any longer).  We also ship a limited number of related items of 
interest (conference announcements, news bulletins, columns of 
comment related to the focus of the journal), and we encourage 
multiple reviews, responses to reviews by authors reviewed, and 
other innovative approaches.  Subscribers may elect BMCR alone or 
BMMR alone, but if they wish to receive both without duplication, 
they should subscribe to the BMR list. SUBSCRIBE BMR-L Your Name



James J. O'Donnell


Catalyst; The Community Services Catalyst

A refereed print journal serving community college educators for 
over twenty years, Catalyst is now also distributed electronically 
via the Scholarly Communications Project of the Virginia 
Polytechnic Institute. Catalyst is the second oldest continuously 
published journal in the community college field with 
practictioner-oriented articles on practices in continuing and 
community education as delivered by community colleges, including 
papers on research in the field. Currently distributed in print to
dues-paying members as a benefit of membership.  Electronic 
subscribers, in addition to having access to past issues of the 
journal, receive tables of contents as issues are published; 
subscribers then may order full texts by electronic mail from 
their own computers of any and all articles they wish to read.  
Catalyst is reviewed and indexed in the Current Index to Journals 
in Education (CIJE) and in ERIC, and is available in microfilm and 
microfiche from University Microfilms International. Initiated in 

Message listserv@vtvm1 or, SUBSCRIBE 
Ftp: cd /pub/CATALYST/
WAIS: catalyst.src
Access is provided to individual articles, but interested readers
may order all articles from an issue, on an individual basis.

Gail McMillan


Chaos Control

An interactive electronic magazine that focuses on electronic 
music.  The Hypercard version features extensive use of graphics, 
hypertext and sound.

Ftp:, cd /obi/zines/chaos.control
America Online: Hypercard forum
Full hypercard version by mail

Bob Gourley


Chess in the Press

An electronic journal devoted to publishing summaries of articles 
about the game of chess which appear in the general press (i.e., 
non-chess press).  Any articles of a scholarly, human interest, or 
light-hearted approach which may have originally appeared in any 
periodical or newspaper in any language at any point in history 
may be included.  Bibliographic citations for the source 
publication are provided.  Special issues on Chinese Chess in the 
Press appear sporadically.

usenet: rec,games.chess; Chinese Chess in the Press:

Ftp:, cd /pub/chess/texts/ChessInThePress

Stephen Leary, Editor


Chicago Journal of Theoretical Computer Science

The Chicago Journal is the first electronic publication to present 
peer-reviewed scholarship on theoretical computer science.  
Researchers in the field investigate mathematical foundations of 
computing, and CJTCS's articles will cover major areas of the 
discipline, including, but not limited to, complexity theory, 
algorithms, logics of programming, distributed and parallel 
algorithms, database theory, and computational geometry.

Contact MIT Press Journals Circulation Department
617-253-2889 (voice)
617-258-6779 (fax)

Janos Simon, Editor


CLIONET: an Electronic Journal of History

An electronic journal/network affiliated with H-Net, the 
International History Network.  It maintains a gopher site of 
scholarship and documents of relevance to historians of 
Australasia, and to publish new work in Australian and related 
historical fields. CLIONET is located with the Gopher site 
"Academic Departments" at James Cook University of North 
Queensland, on AARNet (Australian Academic Research Network).

Gopher: gopher:

Gopher: gopher: /JCU Academic Departments/ 

gopher:// 70

Dr. Paul Turnbull


Communication World Online; PRFORUM (discussion list)

CW Online contains articles appearing in the print edition of the 
award-winning monthly magazine Communication World, produced by 
the International Association of Business Communicators (IABC).  
It also features articles available only in the online edition, 
along with electronic addresses of many of the authors 
represented.  CW Online articles address various aspects of 
organizational communication such as communicating cultural 
issues, vision statements, international communications, 
technology's role in public relations, and communications 
research.  PRFORUM is a listserv discussion list that encourages 
communications professionals and academics to engage in 
discussions about various elements of public relations and 
communications, including ethics, copyright, and other issues.  
Additional discussions and information is available through 
CompuServe's PR & Marketing Forum, notably Section 8, 

Message listserv@indycms.iupui.edum SUBSCRIBE PRFORUM firstname 
then send this command to the listserv in a separate message
(CW Online is available once you subscribe to PRFORUM)

CompuServe's PR & Marketing Forum

Bill Lutholtz, PRFORUM listserv moderator


Complexity International

Complexity International is a refereed journal for scientific 
papers dealing with any area of complex systems research. subscribe ci "your name"
Gopher: /complex_systems/ci, cd  /pub/complex_systems/ci

Terry Bossomaier


Convergence; the New Media Journal

Devoted to entertaiment in the age of the information super-
highway.  It is not about the hardware of the information age but 
about the information itself:  film, laserdisc, audio CD, CD-ROM, 
online magazines, and other forms.  Contains reviews of any type 
of artistic endeavor that is accessible electronicaly, essays, 
profiles, and products.


Glenn Peters



An electronic literary journal with quality short fiction, poetry, 
and essays. It solicits works unique to electronic communications-
--such as an on-line interview or exceptional Usenet posting. CORE 
is never over 30k in size.


Ftp:, cd /pub/Zines/CORE_Zine

Rita Rouvalis,



Cropduster (est. 1992) appears periodically as a reaction to the 
kind of society that some of us live in.  It is a knee-jerk 
response to the fact that our world produces cultural under-
achievers.  Cropduster has so far produced various reviews and 
critiques of some of the lesser known aspects of people and places 
that teeter-totter on barely breaking even.  The zine is an 
overseer of this as well as a product of it, because the thing 
itself exhibits too many of the traits it condemns: lack of rigor, 
unfair attacks, vendettas, revisionism, stubbornness, spelling 
mistakes, and vulgarity.  What else can you expect from people who 
grew up in trailer parks and live on Kraft Dinner?

Ftp/gopher:, cd  /pub/Zines/Cropduster

Steven Meece


CTHEORY /Canadian Journal of Political and Social Theory

An international review focusing on theory, technology and culture 
from a critical perspective.  subscribe ctheory full name  get ctheory logyymm (where yy=the year 
(i.e. 1994) and mm=the month (i.e. 03) desired)

Arthur and Marilouise Kroker, Editors


Cult of the Dead Cow

A collection of telecommunicators who write text files. The files 
are numbered sequentially, but since they are often written by 
different people, they vary in style and content from issue to 
issue. Topics and form vary wildly, covering religion, defecation, 
cows, simulated and real capture files from BBSs, politics, very 
occasional hack/phreak articles, poetry, short stories, 
interviews, and mindless raving. The common themes running through 
all issues are dead cows and a focus on experimental mind control 
propaganda techniques.  The group is laying the footings for a 
global empire based on a desire to control and command those who 
would oppose them.

Carried on various computer bulletin boards, including Demon Roach 
Underground (806) 794-4362; email for inclusion on 
mailing list

Ftp:, cd /pub/cud/cdc/

Paul Leonard


Cyberspace Vanguard Magazine: News and Views of the Science 
Fiction and Fantasy Universe

A bi-monthly magazine of science fiction and fantasy related 
interviews, news, articles, reviews, and spoilers.

Paper version available from P.O. Box 25704, Garfield Hts., OH, 

Ftp:, cd pub/Zines/Cyberspace.Vanguard

T.J. Goldstein, Editor



An electronic magazine printing stories written for the Dargon 
Project, a shared-world anthology similar to (and inspired by) 
Robert Asprin's Thieves' World anthologies, created by David 
"Orny" Liscomb in his now retired magazine FSFNet. The Project 
centers around a medieval-style duchy called Dargon in the far 
reaches of the Kingdom of Baranur on the world named Makdiar, and 
as such contains stories with a fantasy fiction/sword and sorcery 
flavor. Currently there are no plans to publish anything other 
than Dargon Project stories.

Email: white@duvm.bitnet  message: Include full userid (logonid 
and node, or a valid Internet address); also full name and the 
file transfer format you prefer (DISK DUMP, PUNCH/MAIL, or 
SENDFILE/ NETDATA; non-Bitnet subscribers only have one option---

Ftp:, cd /pub/Zines/DargonZine

Dafydd, Editor


Dateline: Starfleet

An electronic fanzine providing news and analysis of the various 
Star Trek television series and motion pictures.

no subscription list for individuals, BBS Sysops can email 

America Online "Star Trek: The Club" forum library

Bill Mason


Depth Probe

A crystalized mixture of book reviews, music reviews, thoughts, 
and dreams geared towards exploration of modern culture, including 
Aristotle, Rousseau, Fellini, and Elvis.  *One of the first 
magazines created to take advantage of the World Wide Web's 
capacity to hyperlink.*

Alan Eyzaguirre


Didaskalia: Ancient Theater Today

Listings, reviews and features on Greek and Roman drama in 

Ftp:, cd /departments/classics/didaskalia
Gopher:   under: Publications

Sallie Goetsch


Digital Technical Journal

The Digital Technical Journal is a refereed journal published 
quarterly by the Digital Equipment Corporation.

Ftp:, cd /pub/Digital/info/DTJ
Be sure to look at README & index files

Russ Jones


Dogwood Blossoms

Dogwood Blossoms is an often-monthly publication of the Internet 
community.  The goal of this digest is to be a place where Haiku 
can be shared and discussed with other lovers of the art.  
Submissions are encouraged, both of original work and published 
work by other authors, and comments and critiques of works in 
previous issues.  Articles of short essay length are also welcome.

Email request to: glwarner@samford.bitnet

Gary Warner


Drain e-Zine

A forum dedicated to.. well, ANYTHING! A very LAX discussion Zine 
that deals in anything you want to hear.  

Email and insert in your message 
"Please add my name to The Drain e-Zine mailing list" and also 
include your email address

Gopher: /Zines/

Shaun Farrugia


Education Policy Analysis Archives

A peer-reviewed scholarly journal dealing with the analysis of 
education policy at all levels.


Gene V. Glass, Editor


Education Research & Perspectives

Academic journal covering all aspects of education.

contact editor by email

Assoc/Prof. Clive Whitehead, Editor



Articles, columns, and book reviews focused on information 
technology in higher education.

Educom gopher server:


John Gehl


EFFector Online (The Electronic Frontier Foundation, Inc.)

Formerly EFF News. Established to help civilize the electronic 
frontier; to make it truly useful and beneficial to everyone, not 
just an elite; and to do this in a way that is in keeping with our 
society's highest traditions of the free and open flow of 
information and communication. Presents news, information, and 
discussion about the world of computer-based communications media 
that constitute the electronic frontier. Covers issues such as 
freedom of speech in digital media, privacy rights, censorship, 
standards of responsibility for users and operators of computer 
systems, policy issues such as the development of national 
information infrastructure, and intellectual property.

Ftp:, cd /pub/EFF/newsletters/
Email: or USENET newsgroup
Gopher: gopher or part of the eff-documents WAIS 
source on

Stanton McCandlish



Implications of electronic documents and networks and the theory 
and praxis surrounding the creation, transmission, storage, 
interpretation, alteration and replication of electronic text. 
Scope includes broader social, psychological, literary, economic 
and pedagogical implications of computer-mediated networks.

Message listserv@albany or, SUSCRIBE EJRNL

Message listserv@albany, GET EJRNL CONTENTS

Ted Jennings, Editor
ejournal@albnyvms, or


Electronic Antiquity; Communicating the Classics

Articles, reviews, kite-flying pieces, information, job ads, 
requests for information pertaining to the ancient world.  
Emphasis on inter-disciplinary material (e.g. politics, sociology) 
and on discussions on an issue which may extend over two or more 

Email request to :

Ian Worthington


Electronic Journal of Analytic Philosophy

EJAP is a blind peer-reviewed electronic journal for the 
publication of articles and reviews (in English) relevant to 
analytic philosophy both as a historical movement and as a current 
research program.

Message   Subject line: ejap subscription

Ftp:, cd  /ejap

Tim Maletic, EJAP Technical Editor


Electronic Journal of Combinatorics

A refereed journal of discrete mathematics which welcomes 
submissions of papers in all branches of combinatorics, graph 
theory, discrete algorithms, etc.

Message with your name and email address

Herbert Wilf, Editor-in-Chief


Electronic Journal of Communication/La Revue Electronique de 
Communication (EJC/REC)

A bilingual (English and French) academic journal in the 
communication field devoted to the study of communication theory, 
research, practice, and policy.  EJC/REC is a benefit of 
membership or institutional affiliation with the Communication 
Institute for Online Scholarship.  Also available by subscription.

Message comserve@rpitsvm or, JOIN EJCREC

Message comserve@rpitsvm or, SEND EJCREC 

Teresa M. Harrison, Managing Editor


Electronic Journal of Differential Equations (EJDE)

The EJDE is dedicated to the rapid dissemination of high quality 
research in all aspects of differential and integral equations.  
Articles are submitted as TeX files, sent to referees 
electronically, and then disseminated electronically. Only 
original research of high quality will be accepted.  Each article 
will be subject to as rigid a peer review  process as is applied 
by the finest of today's printed journals.

telnet (login: ejde), gopher, ftp:

telnet (login: ejde); Gopher:
Ftp:, cd /ftp/pub/ejde


Alfonso Castro


Electronic Journal of Sociology

A refereed electronic journal published at, but independent of, 
the University of Alberta.  The EJS specializes in publishing 
articles and brief reports for those wishing to solicit rapid 
feedback about current or proposed projects, while retaining high 
standards of scholarly content. SUB ELECTRONIC-SOCIOLOGY-L [YOUR NAME]

Ftp:, cd /coombspapers

Mike Sosteric, Editor


Electronic Journal of Strategic Information Systems

SIS-EJOURNAL aims to encourage, advance, and communicate 
interdisciplinary thinking in the field of strategic information 
systems, by means of fast electronic publication.  Through its 
rapid publication, SIS-EJOURNAL offers workers in this field ready 
reference to one another's published ideas, online access, and 
easy retrieval of timely information.  Once contributions are 
accepted, SIS-EJOURNAL publishes them without delay.  Each 
contribution is published individually, sent out immediately after 
acceptance by the reviewers.  Every five contributions comprise 
one issue, and each year's issues comprise one volume. 

Message , Join SIS-EJOURNAL  OR 
Ftp:, cd /pub/sis-ejournal

Ftp:, cd  /pub/sis-ejournal

Luis Zeredo


Electronic Journal of the Astronomical Society of the Atlantic 

EJASA is dedicated to amateur and professional astronomy and space 
exploration, and to the social and educational needs of ASA 
members.  Provides a forum for writers of space science on the 
computer networks.

ASA membership application is open to all with an interest in 
astronomy and space exploration. The journal is available on 
USENET's sci.astro and newsgroups, as well as the ASA
BBS at 404-985-0408, 300/1200 Baud. Articles in EJASA may also
be published in the Journal of the ASA (JASA), a hardcopy
newsletter sent through the US mail. The EJASA is currently
available only through USENET and the ASA BB. However, Bitnet
requests will be fulfilled if possible.

Ftp: (

Larry Klaes, EJASA Editor


Electronic Letters Online

Electronic Letters Online contains short peer-reviewed articles 
that report the latest research results from around the world.  It 
covers the entire field of electronics, including electronic 
science and engineering, telecommunications, optoelectronics, and 
optical communication.  Nearly 1500 articles are added each year.  
Electronic Letters Online corresponds to the printed journals 
Electronic Letters, published by IEE, from volume 29, issue 18 
(September 2, 1993).  Features include: full text articles with 
figures, tables, equations, references, and hypertext links to 
bibliographic databases; comments about published articles and 
author's replies are linked to the original documents and brought 
to the attention of subsequent readers; hypertext links to INSPEC 
abstracts from 1966 to present are provided where applicable; 
automatic search results (SDIs) on custom searches, delivered to 
the subscriber's e-mail address; local printing and downloading at 
no charge.

(North and South America)
IEE/INSPEC Department
IEEE Service Center
445 Hoes Lane
P.O. Box 1331
Piscataway, NJ  08855-1331
(Europe and the rest of the world)
Publication Sales
The Institution of Electrical Engineers
Michael Faraday House
Six Hills Way
Stevenage, Herts.  SG1 2AY, UK
Phone:011 44 438 313311
Fax: 44 438 742849

A subscription includes all back issues to September 2, 1993.  
Before that, contact the publisher for more information.

Jim Ashling, or


Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis

An electronic journal for the publication of significant new and 
important developments in numerical analysis and scientific 
computing.  Papers of the highest quality that deal with the 
analysis of algorithms for the solution of continous models and 
numerical linear algebra are appropriate for ETNA, as are papers 
of similar quality that discuss implementation and performance of 
such algorithms.  New algorithms for current or new computer 
architectures are appropriate provided they are numerically sound.  
However, the focus of the publication should be on the algorithm 
rather than on the architecture.  The journal is published by the 
Kent State University Library in conjunction with the Institute of 
Computational Mathematics at Kent State University.  Mathematical 
Reviews will receive all papers accepted for publication in the 
journal and review them as appropriate.

L. Reichel


Emergency Management/Planning Newsletter

The journal is used to discuss events in the emergency management 
and planning community.  Past issues have focused on programs 
being used in various areas.  Also, the journal has an 
international distribution to many points, such as Japan, 
Australia, United States, Canada, Mexico, Norway, Czech Republic 
and Russia.

mail: self-addressed, stamped envelope (3 stamps - $0.87US) to:
David H. Kanecki, 4410 - 19th Ave.., Kenosha, WI  53140, USA

David H. Kanecki


End Process*

Magazine of visuals and impact. Gifs available monthly.  Mainly a 
print publication but offers a variety of image files for 


Ftp:, cd /docs/zines/endprocess/

Ed Stastny


Energy Ideas*

Use of energy efficient and renewable energy technologies in 
public sector facilities (including public schools, universities, 
police stations, city halls, etc.). The objective is to encourage 
government to procure these technologies, which will protect the 
environment, save taxpayer money and help these products permeate 
the market. The articles explain the available technologies and 
present case studies which describe installations, including cost 
information and the successes and failures. The articles also 
include a contact person for each case study. The last page 
provides a list of resources of information on the technologies
explained in the newsletter.

Subscribe to EcoNet and read the two conferences where it is
posted; or contact to be placed on mailing list

All issues are still posted on (EcoNet)

Jonathan Kleinman, Editor



Reviews of the latest books on French and Italian studies 
including: literary criticism, cultural studies, film studies, 
pedagogy, and software. Provides a forum for comments on 
previously published reviews in an effort to create an on-going 
dialogue on issues relevant to the field.

via Balzac-l:  Message  Include 
name, address, telephone and fax in message.
gopher:  (without a gopher client, telnet & 
login as "gopher")

Gopher:  (without a gopher client, telnet & 
login as "gopher")

Jonathan Walsh, Editor


Ethnomusicology Research Digest

News, articles, queries on professional ethnomusicology issues.

Ftp:, cd /inforM/Educational_Resources/Reading 
Telnet:  no password necessary

Dr. Karl Signell



See Electronic Transactions on Numerical Analysis.


Federal Communications Law Journal

The Journal has a long tradition of printing the highest quality 
articles and student notes on issues relating to communications 
law and policy and specifically the needs and interests of the 
communications bar.  *One of the first publications created to 
take advantage of the World Wide Web's capacity to hyperlink.*

Leslie Warren, Senior Managing Editor or


Financial Executive Journal

Nasdaq Financial Executive Journal is published quarterly by the 
Nasdaq Stock Market (SM) expressly for chief financial and 
investor relations officers of Nasdaq (R)-listed companies.  The 
views expressed do not necessarily represent the position of 
Nasdaq Stock Market.  The Journal aims to solicit views of 
responsible and prominent persons on all sides of major issues of 
concern to Nasdaq company executives to provide a framework for 
decision making.  *One of the first journals created to take 
advantage of the World Wide Web's capacity to hyperlink.*

Tom Bruce



Stories, jokes, poems, editorials, record reviews, gripes, etc.

Gopher/ftp:, cd  /Pub/Zines/Fingals



Flora Online

Publishes data-intensive text and MS-DOS computer programs on the 
subject of systematic botany.

Ftp:, cd /pub/newsletters/
Issues are also available free online by dialing 716-896-7581
(8-N-1).  Also available on MS-DOS formatted diskettes at $7.50
each. Twelve diskettes cover the 28 issues published to date.
Write Clinton Herbarium, Buffalo Museum of Science, 1020 Humboldt
Parkway, Buffalo, NY 14211.

Ftp:, cd /pub/newsletters  file:

Richard H. Zander or visbms@ubvms.bitnet


Frog Farm

The purpose of the Frog Farm is to discuss issues which involve a 
free people and their public servants and how to deal with the 
problems that can arise between a free person who exercises and 
demands rights and errant public servants who exceed the scope of 
their powers.  Topics covered include the rights of man and 
subsequent obligations, the nature of the contract for government, 
the Federal and State Constitutions of the United States and their 
amendments, various types of jurisdiction, the Common Law in 
general and defending rights in the courtroom.  In short, the Frog 
Farm is a clearinghouse for all information regarding defending 
one's rights as an individual, within the geographical boundaries 
of America.  With the recent expansions of the Internet's size and 
scope, and the millions of participants now discovering its vast, 
untapped potential which is even now struggling to throw off the 
last vestiges of its governmental umbilical cords, it is hoped 
that this information will find an appreciative audience.

The title derives from a tale attributed by most to Mark Twain, of 
how to cook a frog.  Dropped in boiling water, the story goes, 
he'll jump right back out.  But if you put him in a pot of cold 
water and slowly heat it up, he'll stay there until it's too late.  
The tale is sually mentioned inthe context of gradualism, or the 
tendencey of government always to increase its power at the 
expense of the governed. body of message: ADD 

Ftp/gopher: /pub/Legal/FrogFarm


Funhouse!  The Cyberzine of Degenerate Pop Culture

A collection of non-fiction articles giving detailed and 
referenced accounts of subjects on the fringes of the 
entertainment field.  This includes horror, action, and 
exploitation films, especially foreign productions; garage, punk, 
instrumental, surf, and underground rock; underground literature, 
zines, and journals, and authors with a non-traditional bent; and 
occasionally journalistic accounts of current events and 
happenings that aren't covered by mainstream media.

Ftp: or

email (last three issues)
Ftp:, cd pub/ZinesFunhouse, cd pub/e-serials/alphabetic/f/funhouse

Jeff Dove



An electronic journal serving the global Buddhist community.  It 
is intended to promote and support dialogue between monks, nuns, 
lay teachers, laypractitioners, scholars, and students.  It is 
open to all schools and traditions of Buddhism.

Ftp:, cd /pub/dharma/Gassho
Ftp/gopher:, cd  /coombspapers/otherarchives/ 
Ftp/gopher:, cd /Religious.Texts/ 
Ftp/www:, cd  /pub/mirroors/dharma
Ftpmail: email: message: GET ALLFILES.LST
bbs: dial-up BODY DHARMA ONLINE, 1-510-836-4717
hardcopy: GASSHO, P.O. Box 4951, Berkeley, CA  94704-4951 USA

Barry Kapke


Georgetown Gonzo

Georgetown University's unsanctioned, underground, untasteful, 
unboring satire/humor/culture publication.  *One of the first 
publications created to take advantage of the World Wide Web's 
capacity to hyperlink.*

Richard Diefenbeck, Editor-in-Chief


Global Network Navigator

Explores the rich resources of information on the Internet through 
a number of online areas including three publications:  GNN 
NetNews, GNN Magazine, and the Whole Internet Catalog.  GNN 
NetNews is a weekly publication that reports on the news of the 
network.  It announces new information resources and covers 
interesting developments relating to the Internet.  GNN Magazine, 
ISSN 1072-0413, is a quarterly magazine that contains feature 
articles, a Go Find Out section that contains reviews of Net 
resources, and a Net Heads section that contains advice and 
commentary.  The Whole Internet Catalog, ISSN 1072-043X, contains 
a listing of the most useful Net resources and services with live 
links to those resources.  It is updated weekly.  Subscribers have 
access to all publications and resources through the GNN Home 
Page.  Subscriptions are free.  *One of the first sets of 
publications created to take advantage of the World Wide Web's 
capacity to hyperlink.*

Use URL or message requesting a subscription.

Joan Callahan, Managing Editor


GNET; Global Networking

An archive/journal for documents pertaining to the effort to bring 
the Net to lesser-developed nations and the poorer parts of 
developed nations. (Net access is better in many ``third world'' 
schools than in South-Central Los Angeles). GNET consists of two 
parts, an archive directory and a moderated discussion.


Ftp: (, cd /global_net/

Larry Press


GNN Magazine

See Global Network Navigator


GNN NetNews

See Global Network Navigator.


Grist On-line

Network Journal of Language Arts.  Poetry, prose, essays, 
mail/email art news, reviews.  Contributors include well-known and 
widely published poets such as David Ignatow, Jerome Rothenberg, 
Ron Silliman, Carol Berge, Charlie Plymell, Jim McCrary, Clayton 
Eshleman, Jackson Mac Low, Armand Schwerner.

Message request to:

Ftp:, cd /pub/Poetry/Grist
Gopher:  dir: /pub/Poetry/Grist

John Fowler, Editor & Publisher, or


Grochz Kapusta

Magazine of news summaries on political, social and cultural life 
in Poland with a humorous commentary.


Ftp:, cd /pub/polish/dir_groch/

Marian Kuras



Electronic journal for cyberbeatniks.  This is a Zine. No further 
information available.

Available through the Well


High Weirdness by Email

A publication of bizarre literature. Note: This document is 
updated regularly.

Ftp:, cd /zines/weirdness/
Ftp:, cd /pub/weirdness/
On USENET newsgroups: alt.slack and alt.discordia back issues are
superseded by each subsequent edition


Holy Temple of Mass Consumption

Rantings, ravings, news, and latest adventures of yet another 
tentacle of the Church of the SubGenius.  May include any 
combination of social commentary and analysis, comic/record/zine 
reviews, complete scifi/fantasy convention listings, rave 
listings, plus literally anything that happens to turn us on the 

Email requests to:
Hardcopy available free from address below

Ftp:, cd /pub/Journals/HToMC

Rev. E. Coli


ICS Electrozine: Information, Control, Supply

An electrozine with many and varying topics for varying tastes. 
The content ranges across stories, articles, editorials, letters, 
etc. Topics from the unknown, internet, society, philosophy, 
music, role playing games, science, news, etc.

Email request to:, SUBSCRIBE firmstname 

Ftp:, cd. pub/Zines/ICS
Email:, INDEX

George Sibley


Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies

The Indiana Journal of Global Legal Studies is a faculty-edited, 
peer-reviewed interdisciplinary journal focusing on the 
intersections of global and domestic legal regimes, markets, 
politics, technologies, and cultures. *One of the first 
publications to take advantage of the World Wide Web's capacity to 


Information Technology and Disabilities

A refereed journal devoted to the practical and theoretical issues 
surrounding the development and effective use of new and emerging 
technologies by computer users with disablities.  Founded by EASI 
(Equal Access to Software and Information), Information Technology 
and Disabilities will feature articles on issues affecting 
educators (K through college), librarians, adaptive technology 
trainers, rehabilitation counselors, human resources 
professionals, and developers of adaptive computer hardware and 
software products.  In addition to refereed, in-depth feature 
articles on issues of concern to our target audience, Information 
Technology and Disabilities will feature a number of regular 
departments, each edited by an expert in the field.

Message, subscribe itd-toc or subscribe 

Listserv, gopher

Tom McNulty, Editor



Produced by HUB Press at the University at Albany as an effort to 
provide an "open" forum for the publication and distribution of 
creative texts.  We are open to and urge you to send comments, 
suggestions, and creative contributions.  Inter\face is a 
publication of poetry, and what we take that to be in relationship 
to our investment in the fact that the word is not so much written 
down as it is down loaded or it exists momentarily between cursors 
late in the night's impermanent cybermind.  Cyberspace has been 
termed a new "frontier" by many, a new space that needs to be 
explored and mapped.  We offer a collection of perspectives on 
this viewpoint, a way to look at the net, at life, incorporating 
technology and humanity. 


Ftp: (, cd /pub/Zines/ 

Benjamin Henry


International Journal of Continuing Education Practice

International refereed journal of the highest standard.  Welcomes 
orginal program descriptions and assessments, innovative 
administrative practices in program planning and implementation, 
methodological discussions, original or applied research, and 
conceptual practice.  Addresses all topics relevant to the broad 
field of adult and continuing education.

Message, SUBSCRIBED conted,  firstname 

Sandra D. Pearce


International Philosophical Preprint Exchange

Preprint exchange for those interested in current academic 

Gopher: /Science Studies, or
Ftp: /etext/ippe, or Phil-Preprints.L.Chiba-

access IPPE in any of the above ways

Carolyn L. Burke or


International Teletimes

A general interest magazine which has a different theme each month 
(anything from education to travel or history) as well as many 
regular columns such as Cuisine, Keepers of the Light 
(photography) and the Wine Enthusiast.

Request to: or, include email 
address, computer type and country of residence

Ftp:, cd info-mac/per  (Macintosh) or



An online supplement to the Online User's Encyclopedia. *One of 
the first magazines created to take advantage of the World Wide 
Web's capacity to hyperlink.*   

Ftp:, cd  /pub/mailcom/internaut/

Vint Cerf, CNRI


Internet Advertising Review

Examines cultural issues surrounding Internet-facilitated 
advertising, explain advertising tools, techniques, and trends, 
and review the variety of advertising that appears on the 
Internet.  The intention behind this free column is to inform the 
Internet business community of the responsible and effective use 
of the Internet as an advertising vehicle.


Michael Strangelove


Internet Business Journal

A monthly publication which is dedicated to keeping its readers 
updated on new business opportunities and resources available on 
the Internet.

Contact Strangelove Internet Enterprises Inc.


Michael Strangelove, Publisher


Interpersonal Computing and Technology; An Electronic Journal for 
the 21st Century

There are currently several barriers to the use of electronic 
journals as outlets for scholarly research. These include: 
copyright, the problem of coordinating with print publication, and 
especially the validation of the electronic journal as a 
legitimate outlet for dissemination of scholarly studies suitable 
for credit toward promotion and tenure. IPCT addresses these 
concerns. Each journal issue will be the equivalent of 64 print 
pages. Coordinated with and issued through the IPCT-L, a list 
operated at Georgetown University, which will serve as the initial 
readership. Subscribers to the list will be considered charter 
subscribers. No charge for the service for the first year. 
Subscribers will be urged to comment extensively on content and 
format of the journal. After an experimental year, IPCTJ will 
commence library collaboration and may find it necessary to charge 
for the service.

Gopher: 70
Ftp:  (  login: IPCT-J 
password: guest  

Gopher: 70

Zane L. Berge, Ph.D., Publisher



A free, on-line bimonthly fiction magazine.  It  publishes 
material  ranging from mainstream stories to fantasy to horror to 
science fiction to humor.  It reaches over 1400 readers on six 

Message Specify ASCII, PostScript, or FTP 
notification. (The ASCII version runs approximately 150K per 
issue; the PostScript version runs approximately 500K and is 
usually mailed out compressed and uuencoded; FTP-notification 
subscribers will receive a note telling them when an issue has 
been released and is available.)

Ftp:, cd /intertext OR, cd 
CompuServe:  GO EFFSIG   /Zines from the Net


Jason Snell



The serial electronic publication of IOUDAIOS@YORKVM1, the 
international electronic forum for scholarship on Early Judaism 
and Christian Origins.  A review journal, it uses the electronic 
medium to provide thorough peer reviews quickly. A simplified SGML 
system facilitates electronic distribution.

Message to listserv@yorkvm1 or, SUBSCRIBE 

Message to listserv@yorkvm1 or, INDEX 

David Reimer, Wilfrid Laurier University


Issues In Science and Technology Librarianship

Provides short substantial articles on timely and important topics 
in science and technology librarianship as well as conference and 
workshop reports and short correspondences. Special columns are in 
the process of being developed to address service issues and hot 
topics. Does not intend to duplicate other electronic publications 
but intends to cover areas not currently available in electronic 

Send a message to

Search on Internet through Veronica

Harry Llull, Editor


Jewish Studies

World's largest journal devoted to on-going research and current 
events in Jewish Studies.

Email: or

gopher, ftp (no address given)

A. J. Hyman


Journal of American Underground Computing

Communications, conspiracy, technology, and security.

Ftp:, cd  /pub/Zines/JUAC

Scott Davis,


Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR)

The Journal of Artificial Intelligence Research (JAIR) is a 
refereed publication, covering all areas of artificial 
intelligence (AI).

Message; subject: autorespond; message: help
Ftp:, cd /usr/jair/pub
www: gopher://


Steven Minton


Journal of Extension

The Journal is published by the Cooperative Extension System. It 
expands and updates the research and knowledge base for Extension 
professionals and other adult educators to improve their 
effectiveness. In addition, the Journal serves as a forum for 
emerging and contemporary issues affecting Extension education. 
Written and edited by Extension professionals, sharing with their 
colleagues successful educational applications, original and 
applied research findings, scholarly opinions, educational 
resources, and challenges on issues of critical importance to 
Extension educators.

Message, subscribe joe
WAIS: joe.src at
Ftp: joe

To receive articles, sections, tables of contents, and entire 
issues starting with Winter 1987 through Winter 1993:  Message, SEND TOC (issue) (year)


Mike Lambur, Editor


Journal of Financial Abstracts

Electronic abstracts of interesting, unpublished manuscripts.  
Areas of interest include current research on topics of finance or 
economics and a reasonable chance for publication in a reputable 
academic journal.

Message the editor

John Trimble


Journal of Fluids Engineering

Authors who believe that they have significant data -- 
experimental or numerical, to share with the readership submit 
that data on a disk, together with their manuscript.  Or, editors 
invite authors who submit papers to supplement their publication 
with data.  These data are reviewed together with the manuscripts 
and, if accepted, the data are included in the data bank of the 
Journal mantained electronically by the Scholarly Communications 
Project of Virginia Tech.  The purpose is to better document and 
disseminate high quality scientific information of interest to the 
fluids engineering community.

Ftp:  cd /pub/JFE


Gail McMillan, Director, Scholarly Communications Project


Journal of Political Ecology

The Journal of Political Ecology is intended to fill a gap in the 
social sciences by bringing together researchers from many 
disciplines with a common interest in links between political and 
economic systems, on the one hand, and local populations and 
ecosystems, on the other.  JPE hopes to promote interdisciplinary 
dialogue and research on the ionterface between political economy 
and ecology.

Telnet:  login: sabio

Ftp:, cd /pub/peso (postscript viewers 
are available)

Dr. James B. Greenberg


Journal of Statistics Education

JSE is a rigorously-refereed electronic journal on postsecondary 
statistics education.  JSE publishes high-quality articles on a 
variety of topics related to the teaching of statistics, for 
instance, results of controlled experiements on pedagogical 
methods, case studies and anecdotal reports, review and opinion 
articles, and discussion of the impact of new technologies and new 
methods of assessment on statistics education.  Articles that make 
innovative use of the electronic medium are encouraged.

Message, SUBSCRIBE jse-announce

Ftp:, cd /jse/v1n1/contents;


E. Jacquelin Dietz


Journal of Technology Education

Scholarly discussion on topics relating to technology education. 
Technology education is that school subject which  teaches 
children ABOUT technology rather than just WITH technology.  
Articles focus on research, philosophy, theory, or practice. In 
addition, this journal publishes book reviews, guest articles, 
comprehensive literature analyses, and reactions to previously 
published articles.

Email:  message: subscribe jte-l
Ftp:, cd /pub/JTE/
WAIS: jte.src

Email:  message: index jte-l
Ftp:, cd /pub/JTE/
also, hardcopy for $5/issue

Dr. Mark Sanders, Editor


Journal of the International Academy of Hospitality Research

Published by The Scholarly Communications Project of Virginia
Polytechnic Institute, JIAHR covers basic and applied research in 
all aspects of hospitality and tourism. Distributed via Bitnet and 
the Internet to all subscribers, including members of the Academy, 
faculty, staff and students in hospitality/tourism research and 
educational programs, and libraries. An issue is sent out whenever 
an article is judged of sufficient quality for distribution; eight 
issues have appeared to date.

Ftp:, cd  /pub/JIAHR
WAIS: jiahr.src

Dr. Eliza C. Tse


Journal of Undergraduate Research

Original undergraduate research including all liberal art and 
humanities subjects. Distributed nationally by undergraduate 
editors. Accepts international research. Published in English.

Ftp:, cd /spot/usr/ftp/eforum/honors/journal_ugr/


Ric Holt


Journal of World Anthropology

An electronic journal dedicated to scholarship in all fields of 
anthropology.  Publishes articles on academic research, matters of 
theory and methodology, and the education of the public, as well 
as book, software and film reviews.  sub jwa firstname lastname

Ftp: /jwa



Ezra B. W. Zubrow, Editor



A Cyberpoet's Guide to Virtual Culture Journal. Why kibble you may 
ask? A logical question.  Phillip K. Dick fans will have already 
grep'd that "kibble" is a word used in his famous tome "Do 
Androids Dream of Electric Sheep", which later was made into a 
movie we know as Blade Runner.  Kibble then, is the extraneous 
stuff lying around.  The things society has cast off to the 
junkyards and backyards everywhere.  But more specifically, the 
refuge that has overflown the borders of the junkyards and that 
has begun to clutter up our streets, our minds, our friendships 
and our politics.  Yes, there seems to be alot of kibble around 
these days.

Ftp:, cd /pub/net_info/cyberpoet.gvc
Ftp:, cd /pub/Zines/Cyberpoet
Ftp:, cd /pub/tribe/publications

John Frost


Law and Politics Book Review

Seeks to comprehensively review books of interest to political 
scientists studying law, the courts, and the judicial process, 
within six months of publication. Reviews are commissioned by the 
editor and published within a week of receipt.  Organized into 12 
monthly issues for each annual volume. Length of reviews varies 
from 750 to 2500 words.
Gopher: /Northwestern University Information


Herbert Jacob


Leonardo Electronic Almanac

Since September 1993, the MIT Press has been publishing Leonardo 
Electronic Almanac (LEA), a monthly electronic newsletter that 
chronicles current worldwide applications of science and 
technology in the arts.  Via the Internet, MIT Press publishes and 
distributes the Almanac to international artists, scientists, and 
other subscribers interested in high-tech arts.  Founded in 1991 
by Leonardo/The International Society for the Arts, Sciences and 
Technology (ISAST), LEA is similar in editorial scope to 
Leonardo/SAST's scholarly paper journal, Leonardo.  Published 
bimonthly by the MIT Press since 1993, Leonard has documented 
international art-science-technology interaction for over 25 

Each month, LEA features artists' words on their own work, 
profiles of media arts facilities and art-science-technology 
theoretical and technical perspectives.  Additionally, the 
Almanac's Leonardo Digital Reviews section critiques major art-
science-technology events and major art-science-technology print 
and electronic publications.   LEA also has current high-tech arts 
news, Leonardo Call for Papers announcements, and notices from 
subscribers and readers.

Message or contact. (617) 253-2889

Craig Harris



Library and Information Science Research Electronic Conference is 
designed to foster library and information science research and 
support the development of our knowledge base. It shares ideas, 
solutions and experiences and includes discussions of research in 
progress, reviews of research, queries and responses from 
participants, and conference announcements. All editors are 
volunteers on the LIBRES Project.

Message listserv@kentvmd.bitnet or, 

Gopher: port 70

Diane Kovacs, Editor-in-Chief


Line Noiz

Line Noiz is a cyberpunk-related e-zine featuring articles on 
cyberpunk, cyberpunk science-fiction, the internet, and other 
associated themes.

Message, Subscription LineNoiz your 

Message, subject: "BACK ISSUES"
or request from Billy Biggs at

Billy Biggs



An interactive hypertext zine that originally comemmorated the 
50th anniversary of the accidental discovery of LSD with fiction, 
archive and testimonials submitted from all over the net.

Ftp:, cd /pubs/bobby_rabyd

Bobby Rabyd


LYTX (Lian/ Yi\ Tong- Xun\)

A comprehensive Chinese journal published by the Ottawa Chinese 
Students and Scholars Association (LYH) in the capital region of 
Canada.  It is at present a monthly publication with email and 
hardcopy versions.  The email version is sent to subscribers and 
readers worldwide.  The hardcopies are distributed locally.  LYTX 
is calling for originally written, unpublished Chinese articles on 
literature, poems, science and technology, topics of general 
interest and things related to CSSP (Chinese Students, Scholars 
and Professionals).

Email:  message: sub lytx   
Email:  message: subscribe cssads-l  (HZ)
Email: (BIG5)
Ftp: (, cd /pub/fcssc/cm/lytx 
(GB,HZ,BIG5,PS); OR (, cd  
/pub/organizations/LYTX (GB,BIG5,HZ,PS)
Ftp: (, cd /org/lytx  (GB - recent issues 
Ftp: (, cd /pub/chinese/lytx 



Matrix Maps Quarterly (MMQ)

A publication for maps of computer networks.  The purpose of MMQ 
is to show in maps features of networks that are difficult to 
present with text or numbers alone.  Color makes direct 
comparisons between networks or sizes easy to see.  Also includes 
tables, graphs, figures and text, and often the underlying numbers 
and names.  MMQ will show and describe network sizes and 
locations, in hosts, servers, users, and other units, correlated 
by population, personal income, and other factors relevant to 
geographic, economic, and demographic analysis and graphical 
presentation of computer networks.  Subscription to MMQ includes a 
subscription to the Matrix News.



MC Journal: The Journal of Academic Media Librarianship

An electronic journal encompassing all aspects of academic 
audiovisual librarianship.  Includes cataloging, reference, 
collection development, equipment, and administration.  
Mediagraphies, bibliographies, and issues related to media library 
education are also accepted.  Columns include Inter-Media, a 
column on Internet resources for media professional; and  
Technology Watch, on important media technologies.  Primary 
audience is audiovisual professionals in higher education.

Message listserv@ubvm.bitnet or, 

Ftp:, cd /MCJRNL
email: listserv@ubvm.bitnet, or
Gopher:, or

Lori Widzinski



An electronic service offered through Meckler's Electronic 
Publishing Division. Issues include an editorial, late breaking 
news, a feature article reprinted from one of Meckler's 
periodicals, and other features.

Message, SUBSCRIBE meckjournal
Gopher:, look under "publications" menu
Telnet:  login: nicol   select MC(2)

Tony Abbott


Media West Magazine

Media West is Western Canada's leading multi-media trade 
publication.  *One of the first magazines created to take 
advantage of the World Wide Web's capacity to hyperlink.*

Lori Shyba, Publisher, Electronic Version



Yiddish literature and language.

Message, sub mendele firstname 
lastname, cd /pub/mendele/files




A monthly electronic magazine that covers issues of particular 
interest to the net community, including, but not limited to, 
cryptography, electronic publishing, free software development, 
intellectual property, internet commercialization, privacy and 
virtual communities., cd  /pub/mlinksva

Mike Linksvayer



An on-line magazine covering less mainstream topics than are 
typically found in Macintosh-orientated publications.  It is 
composed equally of serious-informative articles, and of ironic-
satirical articles.

Ftp:, cd  /info-mac/per or request from 

Michael Bradshaw


Mini-Journal of Irreproducible Results

Articles and news about overly stimulating research and ideas.  
Specifically: (A) Haphazardly selected superficial (but advanced!) 
extracts of research news and satire from the Journal of 
Irreproducible Results (JIR).  (B) News about  the annual Ig Nobel 
Prize ceremony.  Ig Nobel Prizes honor "achievements that cannot 
or should not be reproduced."  A public ceremony is held at MIT, 
in Cambridge Massachusetts, every autumn.  The ceremony is 
sponsered jointly by JIR and by the MIT Museum.  (C) News about 
other science humor activities conducted by the MIT Museum and 

Message, or listserv@mitvma.bitnet. 

Message, or listserv@mitvma.bitnet. INDEX 
MINI-JIR,  then GET MINI-JIR issue number

Marc Abrahams, Editor


Modal Analysis; The International Journal of Analytical and 
Experimental Modal Analysis

Free distribution of the abstracts of the papers, prior to their 
print publication. Abstracts are sent electronically, on an 
individual basis, as each paper is accepted for publication in the 
print journal, to electronic subscribers. When a determination is 
made of what papers are to be published in a particular issue of 
the print journal, a table of contents will also be sent. 
Published by the Scholarly Communications Project of Virginia 
Polytechnic Institute Tech. Formerly known as The International 
Journal of Analytical and Experimental Modal Analysis. The 
abstract service is the first step in a plan to offer an 
electronic edition of the entire journal.

Message, Subscribe modal-l 

contact Gail McMillan for hard copies

Gail McMillan, Director


Morpo Review

What kind of work do we wnat? How about Sonnets to Captain 
Kangaroo, free-verse ruminations comparing plastic lawn ornaments 
to Love Boat or nearly anything with cows in it.  No, not cute, 
Smurfy little "ha ha" ditties--back reality into a corner and 

Gopher: /Zines
Ftp:, cd /pub/Zines/Morpo.Review
email with a subject of Moo! (or 
some variation therof)

Robert Fulkerson, Co-Editor


Mother Jones Magazine

A magazine of investigation and ideas for independent thinkers.  
Features provocative and unexpected articles that inspire action 
toward positive social change.  It is a project of the Foundation 
for National Progress, a nonprofit activist organization dedicated 
to advancing progressive causes throughout media.  The e-version 
does not represent the full text of the paper magazine.

Message, SUBSCRIBE motherjones-list 

Ftp, gopher, and WAIS (


Murdoch University Electronic Journal of Law

Includes contributions in three principal formats:
1.  materials of current interest such as reports and comments on 
developments in the law, including significant recent cases; 2.  
materials reporting on scholarly work in progress or calling for 
comments such as research notes and excerpts from unfinished 
larger works; 3.  completed papers which may incorporate, refer 
to, or be accompanied by materials generated by previous 
publication of a version of the finished work in E Law as a 
category 2 piece; these submissions are subject to external peer 

Gopher: 70 /Electronic Library/Electronic 
Journals/E Law
Ftp:, cd  /pub/subj/law/elaw


Archie Zariski


Music Theory Online (MTO)

Articles and reviews, on a professional level, in the area of 
music theory and related disciplines; discussion threads on past 
articles; new dissertation listings; job postings; general 


Ftp:, cd /pub/smt/mto


Nekuda E-Journal*

An Israeli journal of academic articles on the subject of the 
Jewish settlements in Judea, Samari, and Gaza (The West Bank) and 
the Arab-Israeli conflict.

Email:, with small intro about yourself 
and/or where you are from is requested but NOT required

Zvi Lando


New Horizons in Adult Education

This publication, founded in 1987, is an electronic journal focused on
current research and ideas in adult education.  It is a refereed journal
that is published two or three times each year.  The journal provides
graduate students, researchers, and adult education practitioners with a
means for publishing their thoughts and studies within adult education and
related fields.  The journal is transmitted to subscribers around the
world at no fee through the electronic network of AEDNET.  The contents of
the journal are indexed in the Educational Resources Information Center
(ERIC) database.  Articles may be submitted to New Horizons in Adult
Education in a variety of disk formats through regular mail or
electronically through AEDNET.  The editorial staff also will accept
conventional paper copies for review, so that important contributions to
adult education may be published.


Message, INDEX horizons

New Horizons in Adult Education


New York Journal of Mathematics

A refereed mathematics journal from the State University of New 
York (SUNY) at Albany.  Broadly based in subject matter, covering 
algebra, modern analysis, and geometry/topology.  Papers presented 
via TeX.  The reader must have a printer driver for TeX in order 
to print out the .dvi files.

For the abstracts for all papers, message: 
listserv@alvnyvm1.bitnet,JSUBSCRIBE nyjmth-A Yourfullname
The archives will contain the abstract, full text, and a .dvi file 
for each paper

Ftp:, cd /pub/nyjm

Mark Steinberger, Editor-in-Chief



A publication devoted to free expression and the distribution of 
artistic ideas.  *One of the first magazines created to take 
advantage of the World Wide Web's capacity to hyperlink.*

Elizabeth Fischer


Obscure Electric

A zine that profiles the people in this publishing subculture.  
The more in-depth print version is also available.

Message the editor, Jim Rosenesko, at

James P Romenesko


Online Journal of Current Clinical Trials

Publishes research reports, meta-analyses, methodological papers, 
and editorials on trials or therapies, procedures, and other 
interventions relevant to care in all fields:  medicine, dental 
medicine, dermatology, gynecology, neurology, obstetrics, 
pediatrics, psychiatry, and other fields associated with these 
main clinical areas.  Clinical alerts from research groups, 
consensus programs, professional societies, and pharmaceutical 
firms are published as soon as available.  Letters to editors and 
other commentaries are linked to the original documents.  Features 
include:  full text articles with figures, tables, equations, 
references, and hypertext links to bibliographical databases; 
hypertext links to Medline abstracts; automatic search results on 
custom searches; local printing and downloading at no charge.

Contact the Subscription Department
Online Journal of Current Clinical Trials
1333 H Street, NW, Room 1155
Washington, DC  20005  USA

Dr. Patricia Morgan, Managing Editor
1333 H Street, NW
Room 1155
Washington, DC 20005
Attention: AAAS Subscription Department


Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing

The Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing publishes 
critical reviews of research literature to guide nursing practice 
and research.  The reviews include a statement of the practice 
problem, a summary of research, annotated critical references, 
practice implications, research needed, search strategies, and 
references.  Features include:  full text articles with figures, 
tables, equations, references, and hypertext links to 
bibliographic databases; comments about published articles and 
author's replies are linked to the original documents and brought 
to the attention of subsequent readers; continuous publication as 
new articles are approved for publication; Hypertext links to 
MEDLINE and CINAHL are provided where applicable; automatic search 
results (SDIs) on custom searches, delivered to the subscriber's 
e-mail address; local printing and downloading at no charge.

Contact Managing Editor
The Online Journal of Knowledge Synthesis for Nursing
Sigma Theta Tau International
550 W. North Street
Indianapolis, IN  46202

A subscription includes all back issues from the beginning of 
publication (December, 1993)

Les Galbraith, Managing Editor


Online Modern History Review

The editors welcome scholarly articles on any historical subject 
(European, Asian, North and South American, African, etc.).  In 
addition, the editors welcome book reviews, open forum articles, 
primary & secondary historical dcouments in electronic form, 
images (gif, pcx, tiff, bmp), M.A. and Ph.D. dissertations, notice 
of academic positions and appointments, publications and grants.

telnet:  login: guest

Marijan Salopek, Editor


Organized Thoughts

A journal of libertarian socialism.

Email:  (journal only)
GEnie: contact m.lepore

Ftp:, cd /pub/Politics/Organized.Thoughts

Mike Lepore



See Public Access Computer Systems Review.



Some call us humorous.  Some call us bizarre.  Some call us Ted, 
which is a little strange.  We are Parthenogenesis, the zine 
dedicated to...well...whatever happens to be on our minds at any 
given moment.  Our mantras are Chicken; Ninja; and Punk.  Why?  
You may never know unless you read this zine.

Ftp:, cd /pub/Zines/Parthenogenesis
FIDOnet FREQ: FREQ from 1:306/55 (magic name: PARTH)
BBS: Pentagon BBS  303-498-0864, 14.4kbps, file area #14

Ftp:, cd /pub/Zines/Parthenogenesis

Dan Herrick


PBEM - Play by E-mail

A fanzine for free computer-moderated play-by-electronic mail 
wargames.  PBEM's main function is to provide advertising for 
various free play-by-email wargames available over the Internet.  
It also contains occasional reviews of games, strategy articles 
and information about finding information about games.

Ftp:, cd /pub/pbm/magazines

Greg Lindahl



An electronic magazine published for and by the international 
computer underground.  Its articles deal with operating systems 
and their weaknesses, emerging technologies, telecommuniations 
systems, computer security and public interest stories about the 
events and personalities in our community.

Message to request subscription

Ftp:, cd /pub/phrack
mail: send blank diskette (IBM, Apple, Amiga) to address below

Chris Goggans, Editor



Occasional magazine of news and humor relating to Poland and 
Polish issues, particularly Poland's democratic evolution and its 
expansion of computer networking internally and to the West. 
Written in English for audiences both in the West and in Poland.

North America: Message Dave Phillips,
Oceania:  Marek Samoc,
Europe, Africa:  Marek Zielinski,
Ftp: galaxy;;;;
Directory:  /pub/pigulki
Email:  message: send index from pigulki
Gopher: galaxy;;;;

Ftp:;;;;; and  Directory: cd /poland/
Message, send index from pigulki
Gopher: gopher, or

Dave Phillips


Postmodern Culture

Ranges from analytical essays and reviews to video scripts and 
other new literary forms, opening discussion of postmodernism to a 
wide audience and to new and different participants, encouraging 
reconsideration of the forms and practices of academic writing, 
and experimenting with departures from the traditional idea of 
published texts as immutable and monologic.

Message  mesage, SUBSCRIBE pmc-list 

Ftp:, cd /pub/ncsu/pmc
Also available on microfiche and on disk (DOS-format 3.5'' or 
5.25''double-sided, low-density disks, and Macintosh-format 3.5'' 
double-sided, low-density disks). Contact Oxford University Press 
for disk or fiche subscription:
Journals Department
Oxford University Press
2001 Evans Road
Cary, NC 27513
Fax: 919-677-1714
Phone: 800-852-7323

Message  mesage, INDEX pmc-list 
Ftp:, cd /pub/ncsu/pmc

The Editors


PowderKeg Magazine

Literary publication of poetry, prose (fiction and non-fiction), 
as well as essays. 

Ftp, Compuserve, BBS systems

Ftp: epas.utoronto.c, cd /pub/powderkeg
The PowderKeg BBS 416-492-5756

Ian Firla


Power to the People Mover

A journal of cultural delicacies viewed through the optic of mass 
transit, with a special emphasis on BusKulture.


Ftp:, cd /pub/Zines/People.Mover

Erik Knutzen


Practical Anarchy Online

The practical aspects of anarchy. Each issue includes 
international anarchist news and analysis, e-zine reviews, updates 
on anarchist projects, and suggestions for practical anarchy. A 
publication of Spunk Press, an electronic publisher and archiver 
of underground literature and radical, progressive and anarchist 
materials.  Refer to Spunk Press Editorial Collective, spunk-


Ftp:, cd /pub/Politics/Spunk/
Gopher: 70

Chuck Munson, Editor


PSYCHE; An Interdisciplinary Journal of Research on Consciousness

PSYCHE is a refereed electronic journal dedicated to supporting 
the interdisciplinary exploration of the nature of consciousness 
and its relation to the brain. PSYCHE publishes material relevant 
to that exploration from the perspectives afforded by the 
disciplines of Cognitive Science, Philosophy, Psychology, 
Neuroscience, Artificial Intelligence and Anthropology. 
Interdisciplinary discussions are particularly encouraged.

Message listserv@nki.bitnet, SUBSCRIBE PSYCHE-L

Message listserv@nki.bitnet, INDEX PSYCHE-L
Ftp:, cd:/psyche; or, cd  

Patrick Wilken


Psychology Graduate Student Journal: The PSYCGRAD Journal (PSYGRD-

Publishes professional-level papers in the field of psychology 
from the graduate student perspective. Compiled and produced by a 
team of 18 editors covering 17 broad topic areas in the field of 
psychology. All editors are graduate students in or directly 
associated with the field of psychology. The journal is open for 
public subscription and is targeted to anyone interested in 

Message listserv@uottawa.bitnet or, 
Gopher: 4010

Matthew Simpson


PSYCOLOQUY; A Refereed Journal of Peer Commentary in Psychology, 
Neuroscience and Cognitive Science

Publishes brief reports of new ideas and findings on which the 
author wishes to solicit rapid peer feedback, international and 
interdisciplinary (``Scholarly Skywriting''), in all areas of 
psychology and its related fields (biobehavioral, cognitive, 
neural, social, etc.). Also publishes multiple reviews of books in 
any of the above fields; these should normally be the same length 
as commentaries, but longer reviews will be considered as well. 
Authors of accepted manuscripts assign to PSYCOLOQUY the right to 
publish and distribute their text electronically and to archive 
and make it permanently retrievable electronically, but they 
retain the copyright. Please submit all material for publication 
to: psyc@pucc.bitnet or

Message listserv@pucc.bitnet or, 
SUBSCRIBE PSYC firstname lastname
OR via the USENET newsgroup sci.psychology.digest
Ftp: (, cd /pub/harnad/
OR Message listserv@pucc.bitnet, GET PSYC FILELIST

Stevan Harnad, Editor


Pure Bullocks Online

This diskmag is underground--please be dishonest!

Gopher: /Zines/

request from


Purple Thunderbolt of Spode (PURPS)

Official e-mail magazine of the OTISian faith (a small but growing 
cult worshiping Otis, the ancient Sumerian God(dess) of life) 
carrying news, fiction, poetry, humor, and the pure, unadulterated 
secrets of the universe to its subscribers.

Message requesting a subscription

Ftp: quartz.rutgers, cd /pub/purps/

Pope Jephe


QUANTA; Science, Fact, and Fiction

Magazine of science fiction and fantasy publishing work of amateur 
and professional authors from all corners of the net. Produced in 
two formats: ASCII text for reading on-line and PostScript for 
PostScript laser-printers.

Message (No interactive messages or files, please) one of the
following addresses, depending on which version is desired:
Bitnet subscribers will receive the magazine as a file.  Internet 
subscribers will be sent a series of mail messages.
By request, readers may be put on the FTP list which notifies of
new issues and instructions for retrieving them.

Ftp: (, cd /pub/quanta/
Ftp: (, cd /journals/Quanta/
Europe: Ftp: (, cd /documents/Quanta/
Gopher server at (port 70)
Available on CompuServe in ``zines from the net'' area of the
EFF Forum (accessed by typing ``GO EFFSIG'')

Daniel Appelquist


Radio Free Europe

See RFE/RL Research Bulletin.


Random Access Humor (RAH)

The electronic humor magazine.


Ftp: (, cd pub/rah
Listserv:,  Message in body: send rahfiles
Gopher:, dir: pub/Zines/RAH
Ftp: (, cd pub/Zines/RAH, or (, cd pub/rah

Dave Bealer, Editor


RD; Graduate Research in the Arts*

Publishes the work of graduate scholars in the Arts. Its mandate 
is to provide an appropriate forum for their scholarly work and a 
collective voice for their issues and interests.

e-mail request to

Stephen N. Matsuba


Red Politics

A journal for the discussion of revolutionary ideas.  Red Politics 
aims to (1) assist in the development of revolutionary theory and 
analysis; (2) raise the level of discussion and debate on issues 
relevant to revolutionaries; and (3) defend the Russian and 
Chinese revolutions.  Acts as a vehicle for discussion and debate 
rather than simply propaganda. The first and only issue to date 
has included articles critiquing the prevailing 'left' view of the 
Gulf War, imperialism and environmental issues; an article 
welcoming the overthrow of state capitalism by liberal capitalism 
in the former Soviet Union; and an article defending Stalin.

Write to postal address
Ftp/gopher:, cd /pub/Politics/Red.Politics 
where latest issue is posted

Ftp and gopher, cd /pub/Politics/ 


Research & Reflection: A Journal of Educational Praxis

An educational journal with an equal emphasis on practice and 

Message R&

George Perreault, Editor-in-Chief


RFE/RL; Research Institute Research Bulletin
(See REF/RL; Daily Report)

Disseminates the results of research on successor states to the 
USSR, the Baltic countries, and East Central and South Eastern 
Europe. Published by FRF/RL Research Institute. Each week the 
articles are posted on Sovset (a commercial network), where they 
remain available for two weeks. There is no archive of back 

Message listserv@ubvm, or, SUBSCRIBE 
Also available by fax and postal mail

Brian Reed


Rhetnet; A Cyberjournal for Rhetoric and Writing

An effort to adapt the functions of academic print journals to the 
new environment.  Journals simultaneously serve as the medium of 
conversation and the repository for knowledge. RHETNET serves 
those purposes but takes the shape of its native environment:  
cyberspace.  This project is both radical and conservative. 
RHETNET provides rhetoric and Internet students and scholars with 
the means of capturing, contextualizing, searching, and retrieving 
some of the intriguing and valuable conversations that occur on 
various parts of the Net, but which currently lie scattered and 
forgotten in dusty corners of the virtual world.  It provides a 
repository of netscholarship on rhetoric and writing.  We envision 
it as a decentered organic repository for all the stuff of the Net 
that is of interest to the rhetoric and writing community, while 
also including space for various traditional types of scholarly 

Email:  listserv@mizzou1.bitnet or, 
leave subject line blank, SUB RHETNT-L YourName
Telnet: 8888 (Hypertext Hotel)

Eric Crump



An electronic space for new poetry, prose, and poetics.


Kenneth Sherwood


Sand River Journal

Sand River Journal is a collection of poems gathered from the 
newsgroup rec.arts.poems; it is posted monthly in ASCII and \TeX\ 
formats to r.a.p. and related newsgroups.  The archive includes 
PostScript versions of the formatted journal, which is publication 
quality and may be printed on most laser printers.  Poems appear 
by authors' permission and constitute copyrighted material.  Free 
transmission of this document (electronic or otherwise) is 
permitted only in its entire and unaltered form; to inquire about 
individual poems contact the authors by their email addresses.  
The editor takes no responsibility for the fate of this document, 
nor does he claim ownership to any of the contents herein.

Ftp:, cd /pub/Poetry/Sand.River.Journal
USENET rec.arts.poems

Erik Asphaug



Sarko is a journal of literary works-in-progress.

Email;  put "sarko-request" in the 
subject and anything you want in the body of the message.

Brad Collins


Satellite Journal International

A fortnightly satellite news journal for satellite professionals 
and enthusiasts.  SJI provides readers with current news and 
information provided by a network of corespondents around the 

Email, BBS, Compuserve, usenet

Ftp:, cd /pub/satellite/sj

Gary Torrens, Publisher


Scream Baby

Exploration of the community of online alternative culture and its 
implications on art, film, music, literature, and life.


Ftp or gopher:, cd /pub/ezines/ScreamBaby
BBS: Cyberspace Community Center 512-478-1199

David Smith


Sense of Place

Environmentalist magazine produced in HyperCard, incorporating 
graphics, text, and sound in an easy-to-use format to present 
information about environmental concerns significant to the 
College community and others.

Ftp:, cd /pub/SOP/



See Electronic Journal of Strategic Information Systems.


Sixteenth Century Journal

Literature and culture of the 16th century.  A refereed paper 
journal with abstracts of forthcoming articles on the Internet, as 
well as a bibliography of all articles since the inception of the 
journal.  Prepub articles of the Sixteenth Century Conference.  
All online abstracts and articles are removed when the formal 
print publication appears.


Paula Presley, Associate Editor



Ezine with topics of Marxian analysis, postmodernism, feminism, 
anarchism and cyber-culture.

$10.00 for 4 issues to Snail-mail address

John (Jack) Meeks


SOLSTICE: An Electronic Journal of Geography and Mathematics

The purpose of Solstice is to promote interaction between 
geography and mathematics.  Articles in which elements of one 
discipline are used to shed light on the other are particularly 
sought.  Also welcome are original contributions that are purely 
geographical or purely mathematical.  These may be prefaced (by 
editor or author) with commentary suggesting directions that might 
lead toward the desired interaction.  Contributed articles will be 
refereed by geographers and/or mathematicians.  Invited articles 
will be screened by suitable members of the editorial board.  
IMaGe is open to having authors suggest, and furnish material for 
new regular features.


Ftp:, cd/IEVG

Dr. Sandra L. Arlinghaus



A zine for creative people.


Jim Esch



Magazine covering chiefly but not exclusively various aspects of 
Polish culture, history, politics, etc.


Ftp:, cd /pub/polish/publications/Spojrzenia

Jurek Krzystek


Stream of Consciousness

Visual imagery, poetry and text.

www, see above

Jon Van Oast



Interdisciplinary electronic journal in the humanities and social 
sciences and an open international forum oriented towards 
reorganization of knowledge in the humanities. The growth of 
interdisciplinary study in the humanities and the emergence of new 
areas of inquiry has reached a point that calls into question both 
traditional thematic comparisons and the pretensions of any one 
theoretical approach to delimit and dominate a field of study. 
Publication currently in English and French with further languages 
added as need warrants, particularly Spanish, Portuguese and

Surfaces offers: immediate publication upon acceptance; 
opportunity for subsequent revision of articles; articles not 
limited by length; continuous availability of issues; multilingual 
publication of essays over time; letters, comments and polemics. 
The forthcoming ``Noticeboard'' will allow speedy announcements 
and inclusion of reports and reviews on intellectual events such 
as conferences and seminars around the world.

Surfaces allows the reader to reproduce, on screen, the format of 
a printed page. A technical brochure, sent to every subscriber, 
offers instructions on how to get access to the various services 
offered by Surfaces. Visual images, film and TV stills can be 
published at no extra cost. A full range of diacritical marks can 
be included.

Ftp:, cd /Surfaces/Articles/Macintosh (or MS-DOS 
or Ascii)

Jean-Claude Guedon


SURFPUNK Technical Journal

A dangerous multinational hacker zine originating near BARRNET in 
the fashionable western arm of the northern California matrix. 
Quantum Californians appear in one of two states, spin surf or 
spin punk. Undetected, we are both, or might be neither.


Ftp:, cd  /pub/surfpunk
Ftp:, cd /pub/Publications/CuD/Surfpunk/

Henry Strickland


Temptation of Saint Anthony

Mixed bag of weirdness, humor, fiction, and observation.

OR send $10 for a paper subscription for which four or five issues
will be mailed first class each month. We also accept exchanges of
other zines or artwork, or stamps, in lieu of cash, for paper

$.50 per five issues. Send a SASE to MBCS as above, or e-mail to for a catalog of back issues and other
MBCS offerings.

Mark-Jason Dominus


TESL-EJ; Teaching English as a Second or Foreign Language: An 
Electronic Journal

TESL-EJ publishes peer-reviewed articles in English as a Second or 
Foreign Language research and pedagogy, second language 
acquisition, including psycho- and sociolinguistics, and language 
policy and planning.  Invited columns and discussion are included 
in a regular "Forum" feature.  It also presents reviews of books 
and non-print media of interest to ESL/second language 
professionals, as well as a comprehensive listing of conference 
sub teslej-l firstname lastname, message GET
Ftp/gopher, cd /celia-ftp/english/teslej

Maggi Sokolik



Magazine for users of the TeX typesetting systsem.

Message, or listserv@uicvm.bitnet, 
SUBSCRIBE TEXMAG-L; CDNnet users send a note to list- asking to receive TeXMag.  JANET users send 
a note to Peter Abbott, requesting TeXMaG

Also ftp:, cd pub/texmag.  Or send a mail 
message to with the form:  
path A_Mail_PATH_FROM_CLARKSON_TO_YOU, get texmag texmag.v.nn.

Neil Burleson


The Public-Access Computer Systems Review

The Public-Access Computer Systems Review (PACS Review) publishes 
papers on topics such as campus-wide information systems, CD-ROM 
LANs, document delivery systems, electronic publishing, expert 
hypermedia and multimedia systems, locally-mounted databases, 
network-based information resources and tools, and online 


Gopher: 70 


Charles W. Bailey, Jr., Editor-in-Chief



The Alternative News Collective is a non-profit student 
organization dedicated to maintaining and evolving a newspaper 
wherein the progressive and creative minds of MIT and the 
surrounding community can share their work.  We hope to tap into 
and display the well of creative talent at MIT that remains 
largely unexposed.  We would also like to explore the abyss of 
undiscussed and unjustified decisionmaking that exists at MIT and 
in the world.  Finally, we wish to discuss the alternative futures 
that we can work towards.  _One of the first publications created 
to take advantage of the World Wide Web's capacity to hyperlink._

Archon Fung or


Toxic Custard Workshop Files

Written humour, parody, and various other mumblings.

Email request to:

Ftp:, cd /pub/doc/humour/ToxicCustard

Daniel Bowen


TRANSMISSIONS; The Electronic Journal of Thee Temple ov Psychick 
Youth, North America

The public workings of Temple ov Psychick Youth (TOPY), a stream 
of consciousness depiction of the topics that are of interest to 
some in the Temple on a month-by-month basis.  The first step on 
the long journey, TRANSMISSIONS is the companion journal to the 
discussion on the TOPY-allies mailing list.


Ftp:, cd /pub/alamut/topy/transmissions

Max Delysid or


Trincoll Journal

A student run multimedia production at Trinity College in 
Hartford, Connecticut.  All design, programming, contributions and 
artwork is created by people from around the World.  

Message:  subject:  subscribe journal



A quarterly electronic magazine, written by young and rising 
writers, all in their 20s.

Ftp:, cd /andrel.931/magw93a.exe

Thomas Colthurst


Twilight World

Twilight World is an all-format on-line magazine aimed at 
everybody who is interested in any sort of fiction, although it 
usually tends to concentrate on fantasy and science fiction.  One 
of its sources is an Atari ST/TT/Falcon disk magazine by the name 
of ST News which publishes computer-related articles as well as 
fiction.  Twilight World principally consists of the best fiction 
featured in ST NEWS so far, with additions submitted by dedicated 
Twilight World readers.


Ftp:, or to

Richard Karsmakers


Ulam Quarterly

Dedicated to the universal character of Stanislaw Ulam's 
scientific interests, which led him to make contributions in 
logic, set theory, measure theory, probability theory, computer 
science, topology, dynamical systems, number theory, algebra, 
algebraic and arithmetic geometry, mathematical
biology, control theory, mathematical economics, and mathematical 
physics, as well as scientific interests in peaceful applications 
of space exploration and fusion. In this spirit the Ulam Quarterly 
is devoted to the publication of original research and open 
problems in all areas of

Ftp:, cd /pub/ulam/



Intellectual analysis of the currents beneath current events.  
Interdisciplinary, accessible, applied, and focused  on the 
obscured in the present.  Aims to provide a bridge between the 
arcane specialties of academic theory and the generally educated 


Erick Heroux


Undiscovered Country

Creative writing zine focusing on poetry, short stories, prose, 
rants, raves, life, art, philosophy, etc.

Message or

Ftp or gopher: /pub/zines/ 
Ftp or gopher /Library/Zines/Undiscov
Or email from editors at addresses above

S.R. Prozak


Unit Circle

Eclectic music, politics and art magazine.  B&W art, poetry, 
prose, reviews and commentary.


Ftp:, cd /pub/Zines/UnitCircle, or  
dir: /pub
Email (issue #1 only):

Kevin Goldsmith


uXu; Underground eXperts United

Swedish-based series written in English, containing, but not 
limited to, anything ranging from fiction and bizarre experiences 
to how-to descriptions.  Contributors are welcome to send their 
own work.

Message, Subject: subscribe
Automated mailing list:
Plus 40 BBS's in different countries

Email: with issue numbers in body 
of msg.
Ftp:, cd /pub/texts/uxu
Ftp:, cd /pub/uxu
Ftp:, cd /pub/Zines/UXU  (+ Gopher)
BBS: All currently listed distribution sites have all issues 

Erik Soderstrom


Verbiage Magazine

A short fiction magazine, published on the World Wide Web which 
pays (modestly) for material.  _One of the first publications 
created to take advantage of the World Wide Web's capacity to 

Thomas Boutell


Voices from the Net

An electronic magazine filled with interviews and essays 
presenting the "voices" of folks from a wide variety of online 
environments.  Its purpose is to be both entertaining and useful - 
net-literature and net-ethnography combined.  The editors are 
committed to an exploitation of as many of the odd corners of 
"cyberspace" as they can access, and they welcome readers to join 
them for the ride., Subject: Voices, Message: subscribe

Ftp:, cd /pub/Zines/Voices_From_the_Net
Ftp:, cd /pub/Zines/Voices
Ftp:, cd /Library/Zines.  
Gopher: Bowling Green State University and look under 
Mindvox subscribers look in the Archives under the directory 



An electronic literary magazine striving for the very best in 
contemporary fiction, poetry, and essays.

Message to with subject: subscribe whirlwind
and nothing in the body of the message.

Gopher:, or

Sung J. Woo


Whole Internet Catalog

See Global Network Navigator.


Windows Programmer's Journal

A resource for beginning, intermediate, and advanced Windows 
programmers, offering various programming solutions and ideas.

Compuserve:  BCPPWIN, BPASCAL, WINSDK, MSWIN32 forums
GEnie: Windows and Borland forums
America Online: PC software forum
Ftp:, cd  /pub/pc/win3/programr, or wsmr-, cd 

Compuserve:  BCPPWIN, BPASCAL, WINSDK, MSWIN32 forums
GEnie: Windows and Borland forums
America Online: PC software forum
Ftp:, cd  /pub/pc/win3/programr

Pete Davis, Editor



According to the Editor's note in Volume 1, No. 1, "There are a 
lot of magazines about technology.  Wired is NOT one of them. 
Wired is about the most powerful people on the planet today -- the 
Digital Generation.  These are the people who not only foresaw how 
the merger of computers, telecommunications and the media is 
transforming life at the cusp of the new millennium, they are the 
people making it happen."  Wired's premiere issue hit the 
newsstands 1/26/03 and its patron saint is Marshall McLuhan.

call 1-800-SO-WIRED (Out of U.S., call 415-904-0660) for 

Message; No subject; message: get index
Gopher: (automated response)