Selected SF Authors

Douglas Adams
Iain M. Banks
Pat Cadigan
Arthur C. Clarke
Samuel R. Delany
Philip K. Dick
William Gibson
Neal Stephenson
Bruce Sterling
Walter Jon Williams

Douglas Adams Page in Italy

Iain M. Banks
David Clayton's and Neil Scott's The Culture [Fanzine]
James Thin'sBanks page
Banks' A Few Notes on the Culture [HTML by Gidon Moont]
Die Welten des Iain Banks [German]
A Quick Chat with Iain M. Banks (Richmond Review)
Interview with Iain M. Banks [Amazon]
Interview with Iain M. Banks [The Quatermass Experiment]
Ross Burton's Webring

Pat Cadigan Chris Fowler's page
Shawn P. Wilbur: "Cyberpunks" to Synners: Toward a Feminist Posthumanism?

Arthur C. Clarke University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Samuel R. Delany Jay Schuster's page

Philip K. Dick The Philip Kindred Dick WWW FAQ (Joel Margot & Walter Flaschka)
PKD FAQ (J. Rowse)
Unofficical Homepage (
The God in the Trash: The fantastic life and oracular work of Philip K. Dick (Alexander Star, 1993)
Biography (Joel Margot, 1993)
Philip K. Dick: The Other Side (Paul Rydeen, 1993; from Crash Collusion Magazine, no. 5)
Interview (on Bladerunner)

William Gibson Home page
Martin Irvine's page at Georgetown Univ., VA
Interview (Salon 1999, October 1996 )
Interview (Playboy, Aug. 96)
Wendy Wahl's paper Bodies and Technologies: Dora, Neuromancer, and Strategies of Resistance (Postmodern Culture v.3 n.2; January, 1993)
Addicted to Noise article (Oct. 96)

Neal Stephenson The Great Simoleon Caper (story, Time Magazine, Spring 1995, vol 145, no. 12)
Spew (story, Wired, 2.10)
Michaela Rhea Drapes' page
Interview (Addicted to Noise, July 1995)

Bruce Sterling Texts on the Net & cetera
Bruce Sterling Online Index
Cyberpunk SF Collection Musts
Hacker Crackdown

Walter Jon Williams Official WJW homepage

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